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  1. It'd be nothing like mob arena. More like a stronghold (exactly like the dungeons Catacombs plugin generates).
  2. So yesterday I got an idea: Players must fight their way through a huge dungeon filled with traps. At the end of each floor of the dungeon they'll face a "boss" of some sort (probably like, regular mobs with good armor and stuff). If a player dies, he's/she's out of the game. The player(s) who defeat the final boss win the event. What do you think?
  3. Same here! I have no idea what's going on.
  4. I have no idea what causes my Avast! to go nuts but it warns me everytime I visit the main page... kinda weird. :/ (And yes, I didn't click any ads)
  5. I dunno is this serious but I decided to inform you just in case.
  6. Yeah, I was bored. Garry's Mod - A game where you can do anything (like LBP but in 3D) Come on everyone, I know ya' wanna share your gaming experience.
  7. I couldn't find a topic like this (well at least an active one what-so-ever) so I decided to make one. So basically here you can post some nice screenshots from any video game. Here's mine: Garry's Mod
  8. I've been building my PVP arena, The Temple for a loong while right now (Well I've been really lazy so yeah) and I want to share some of my ideas. The arena is in the creative world at the moment, as well. So here's how the battle goes: Each player will get an enchanted Iron Sword and a full set of Diamond Armor. The enchantments are pretty much random, so luck has a pretty big role in the game. However, the player will also get an enchanted Bow with 20 arrows as well as two Steaks, a potion of Healing and two Cobwebs which can be used to slow the player down if placed "perfectly". But that's not all: the both players will get their own Pig and a Carrot on a Stick. It'll be hopefully pretty funny to see two players with enchanted diamond armor riding Pigs and fighting each other. There will be lots of soul sand in the arena as well. Opinions? Any ideas?
  9. Hehe, thanks. I pretty much copied the style from other game reviews. This I agree with. I think the game modes are pretty self-explanatory though (No Death Mode -> one death and game over, time trial is basically trying to get the best time w/ all trinkets and no deaths)
  10. I finally managed to write my first game review, you can read it here :D

  11. Fun fact: this is my very first review. I have no idea how it turned out. Hopefully well. This is going to be a short one. By the way, Peter gave me inspiration to do this Oh and there might be a few mistakes in grammar because I wrote this at 9pm. VVVVVV is an indie game created by Jerry Cavanagh. The game is based on gravity flipping and exploration. The storyline is pretty simple, as well. The player has to find all the missing crewmates from the huge dimension, VVVVVV. The game starts with simple gravity flipping. But as the game progresses, the player will face moving and crumbling platforms, gravity lines, which make the player flip the gravity upon contact, warp tokens, (they teleport the player to an another room) and much more. Not the whole single player game takes place on the Dimension VVVVVV, however. After saving a crewmate, if you have bad luck you'll get teleported to The Polar Dimension instead of an another place in VVVVVV (well this actually happens three times). Like I said, VVVVVV is huge. There's 438 rooms to explore. The map is very Metroid-like as well. There are about 5 areas to clear and a very big overworld. After finishing the game for the first time, you can try to collect all the trinkents to unlock songs you can listen to in the ship's Jukebox. There are many different game modes, too. Time Trial, Intermissions (The Polar Dimension sections), No Death Mode... there's quite a lot to do. I think I forgot to mention the fact the game is pretty hard-as-nails. There is a chance that you'll die about 600+ times in a single playthrough. The map of Dimension VVVVVV. The image is from the VVVVVV Wiki (because I'm too lazy to explore the whole dimension myself) And that's not all. Oh no, not at all. There's a very simple-to-use level editor if that's not enough! With it, you can create your own dimension with max 400 rooms. (20x20 is the limit, but you can edit the map size manually by editing the level file.) If you want, you can also use the scripting system to create cutscenes and much more. There's also more than ten levels created by pretty-well known guys like Notch. The game costs only 5 dollars. Pretty cheap, isn't it? VVVVVV is also available for 3DS without the level editor. (There's probably going to be one according to the company who ported and published the game on 3DS) A screenshot from one of The Laboratory's rooms. Captain Viridian looks quite messed up in the picture. Overall Pros • There's nothing stopping you from exploring the whole dimension without beating certain places first. • The difficulty is well balanced • There are many game modes • Level Editor Cons • Movement is pretty sloppy. Viridian can easily slip into spikes, making rooms that require nearly perfect precision pretty annoying. 9.4/10 Hell, this indie game is good. I couldn't give it ten out of ten, though. Well, that basically wraps it up. Like I said in the beginning of the review this is my first one and is pretty short. But hey, at least I tried my best!
  12. I wanna play JRCraft 1.4 now :'(

  13. I wanna play JRCraft 1.4 now '(

  14. Welp. VVVVVV is an indie game created by Terry Cavanagh. It's available in Steam for 4.99$, and believe me, It's worth every penny. All you do is basically flipping gravity and exploring the huge dimension. And the best thing is that you can create your own dimension by using the pretty simple level editor. I'm pretty sure noone here has played it though
  15. My connection got a bit better