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UploadGFX last won the day on June 6 2013

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  1. f*** JR

    1. Robbie
    2. Jamie


      He got banned due to the fact he started calling all the staff on facebook gay to chris who reported everything to us, We have physical evidence of the ban if needed also :)

  2. Wow, that is extremely good! My only thing i noticed is add some color!!
  3. Semms like i cool challenge! You need lots of cobble
  4. True, i will consider it, and Luke, If i got the time ill hook you up
  5. Yea From scratch, i used Cinema 4d for the Letters and Photoshop for color correction and other effetcs!
  6. So here is one of my rather well done backrounds, ive made around 200, each one getting batter and better, Hope you enjoy!
  7. KInda excited to see what comes in the future! The music dics in minecraft are really kinda creepy, LOL i dont know about you guys but i rather listen to seprate radio music other then most of the disc's!
  8. I will when i get the time Cap'n!
  9. UploadGFX


    June 21st, you guys are ALL lucky!
  10. I got some diamond blocks to help the cause a little
  11. Me, Harsol, and IgbarX have made a HUGE TNT made cave, the floor is all bedrock of course, ask me to come see it, and try to make on just as bigger, make it even bigger! Good Luck

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