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  1. Hello MineDr, how are you?

  2. MineDr

    Beamng Drive

    BeamNG.Drive Genre: Realistic Driving Simulator System Requirements: http://wiki.beamng.com/Requirements Beamng.drive is a new driving game that is currently in early access stage of development but for this game all that means is currently there aren't specific objectives that you need to be doing to complete the game. Beamng.drive is a driving simulator like none other, it uses physics to accurately depict crashes like no other game that i've seen. Now because its using science to do these things no 2 crashes look alike and you can spend endless hours just driving cars around and crashing them into other cars that you can spawn in, trees, the environment. The graphics are pretty amazing and the sounds will soon be getting an upgrade. Another thing that I really enjoy about this game and the community around it is the tremendous modding support behind it. When you buy the game you are let into the member only forums where you can find maps, vehicles, and new paint schemes for your favorite cars in the game. Pros: Amazing physics like I've never seen in a game Open world driving game with support for controllers and racing wheels already built in. Tremendous community behind the game that is designing new levels and vehicles for the game. I would put the graphics up near battlefield 4 and hardline level Only $15 US and like Minecraft buy it now own it for life Cons: Sounds aren't as good as they will be for final release (I hope) No objectives so if you need something to do to enjoy a game this may not be the best buy for you now Pretty Graphically intensive Game Website: http://www.beamng.com/content/
  3. My current budget is somewhere around $1,100 I'm going into meteorology and news broadcast so i'll be video editing green screen work radar etc.
  4. I'm not sure if this is where this belongs so if it belongs elsewhere someone may move it. Now onto my topic. As the title say i'm looking to purchase a laptop for college. I have some ideas as to what I want the laptop to do but I don't know what good prices are and what I should look at to get what i want out of it. So now for what i'd like it to be able to do Full-sized keyboard (Backlit) would be a plus Windows or Mac? largish screen Some sort of gaming capability CD drive Webcam Things that it doesn't need to have HDMI port Microsoft work (I get a free copy from school) If you have any comments or helpful tips to give me about where to shop/what i should spend for certain Computers they would be much appreciated
  5. I was thinking about having an area of prebuilt stalls in a group for people who would not want to build but i do want to promote people building their own places.
  6. Lately in JR craft i have been working on the community market. So far i have a main building to spawn in and a few roads that plots could be placed on. This is a thread to give me some of your suggestions that you may have on this build. what i already have planned more freeform area Not just the generic squared off like last map new updated admin shop higher prices here to promote use of the actual market ​ If you guys have any ideas throw them at me here, and i'm exited to hear what you have in mind!!!
  7. yeah anything else you could give specific theme colors features.. etc.
  8. a fortress built out of the crushed ice spike material >
  9. I'm not going to speak for everyone on the server. But in my opinion i don't think that we can justify this large of a change to the server by adding this niche mod. And plus if we ad this one mod then everyone will want to add their favorite mod to the server.
  10. Why can't senior year and all of this small town drama just end we've cooperated for 12 years of school together but it seems #13 was the breaking point...

  11. I do and well lets just say the title of my favorite mixes are not quite appropriate... but if your ever looking for new songs come check out http://plug.dj/iijeriichoii/ most people are on friday-sunday but its mostly drum and bass/ dubstep.
  12. MineDr


    Outlast is a new game that is in the Adventure Horror genre. In this game you are a reporter that is going to investigate an insane asylum . The game starts off well with some pretty good jump scares but as it goes on it turns into you just repeatedly triggering the enemies A.I. to chase you so you can lure it towards you hide have it walk the other way and you sneak out behind it. You use your portable camcorder with an infrared lens on it to see short distances in the dark while collecting batteries scattered around inside. That and the whole you can't attack the enemy just hide likens this game to a modern version of amnesia. Despite this though it is still an entertaining game that will scare you when played with the lights out. pros. decently long storyline many good scares keeps your heart pumping for basically the whole game The camera idea is a good take on the amnesia mechanic decent price only $19.99 Good graphics cons. Can get repetitive A.I. is pretty easy to fool although it will get you every once in a while. System requirements 2GB of ram Windows xp 32 or higher Directx 9 To see the rest go here: http://www.game-debate.com/games/index.php?g_id=5575&game=Outlast Developers website: http://redbarrelsgames.com/
  13. MineDr

    Big Project

    Hey i'm currently out of building ideas and have the paitience to dig for hours leveling and digging down e.t.c soooo just let me know where you need me
  14. For anyone on the JRcraft Server that would like a custom skin pack reply to this post with the theme and anything else you want to describe what you want and i will try to help. No payment needed, you just have to let me upload them to Planet Minecraft... etc. But any tips will be greatly accepted. Below are some examples of 2 skin's i have designed