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  1. i decided with doing an air cooled system its a little less complicated (loud though) and a water cooled system would only be needed if i was running a server that would be facing large quantities of people and attacks. this is only going to be doing gaming and rendering (alot of rendering)
  2. looking at 2-4 tb of hdd as much ram as the motherboard will handle yes i know ill need a power supply probably 1200 watt or more yes i will have at least two cd drives one burner yes there will be some gaming yes we will get key board mouse headset and sound system i beleive we will be getting 2-3 32inch 1080p tvs for it yes there will be a lot of multi tasking right now im just trying to get the parts together before i start buying any thing and show him a list of parts
  3. i am designing a computer for a friend and his buddies to do a lot of multi tasking and video rendering, im planning on a high end graphics card and a quad core intel processor with at least 4.0GHz and an atx full case and a asus mother board with at least 4 sata ports and an hdmi port and the whole nine yards. this build will come out to be around $5,000 and i need help getting the specific parts together. with the details i have shown above give me your ideas of what ill need. this is also going to be an air cooled system
  4. i have been offline for a wile and i come back to find out i cant use half my tools, i think the skill ranks is useless, it takes too much just to be able to use a stone pick axe. and i know im not the only one who thinks this. so i propose we get rid of the skill ranks or at least make it a little easier to get the ranks
  5. As some of you know they added a mod pack called voltz to the tekkit launcher, well i was thinking that we have a PVP survival style world that runs with voltz, people build their own bases and then launch missiles at each other and try and take each other out, a giant military style war map. http://www.technicpack.net/voltz/ check it out and let me know what you think
  6. I am part of a class at my high school called 600 Studios, we are a work in progress and are continually growing with our media output. currently no one in our class (including me) have the skills for animation or CGI video editing, and nor do we have the funding to learn how or get software for it. That is why i am here. i am calling on the talents of the JR community to help us out. i am looking for a person that can design us a youtube intro scene that we can put at the beginning of each of our videos when we upload them to youtube. here i have listed 2 links that have examples of our class. we also have a classic logo i would like to incorporate into the video. but kind of a revamped version of the classic logo. something new but looks like the original. https://www.facebook.com/600Studios https://www.youtube.com/600studios we would greatly appreciate it if you could help us out also here are some other pictures as well i would like if i could get @System in on this, i know he does alot of stuff like this
  7. ing: warhawk2002 cant wait to play when i get home
  8. cant wait for the update tomorrow

  9. yes if some one could pleas post the link to the old world pleas do
  10. not just for the first problems i was talking about compiling a list not just having the first few
  11. you're not going to see much in a few months it will take at least 1-2 years to start compiling a good list of problems
  12. ill definitely take a look at them, i also need one with a few IDE ports along with about 4 SATA ports
  13. did you just say "vista is boss", do you live under a rock, you cant run any old stuff on it, it tries to commit suicide. and windows 8 is only decent on tablets or that half tablet have computer intel has. other than that its absolute crap, im waiting to see how many problems its going to have
  14. I'm mainly looking for the mother board I'll match the processor with the mother board when I get it Here is my computer so far, nothing much but she'll be better once I Finnish her. (My work bench is a little bit if a mess sorry)
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