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  1. Hey Man. It's me, don't know if you remember me, I was with JR almost from the beginning. I just have a question, don't mean to come off as rude... But where is everyone? Where is the JR that used to be insanely busy. It's disheartening...

  2. They brought GP back? *JELLY*
  3. Maybe try to submit this to your local news station. I am so sorry about this, wish there was something that I could do. I'll try for you? Any local stations with suggestion lines?
  4. I was here when you came...(You pieman and I's skype calls) and now I am here to see you go. I didn't see you much as an admin... but I am positive you were a damn fine one. There is no better reason I can think of to leave JR than to serve your country, god bless Tim. ______Slightly funny part______ You'll have to turn in your gun and badge son.
  5. Hi all, So I felt like updating this community of random strangers on why I had been gone for so long. So starting from when I left which was June 29th to be exact. I went to camp. That's where I was up until august 20th. Then I went to my fathers vacation home for 2 weeks without my computer. I went on JR a couple of times. But not that often. Why... Because I wasn't able to play minecraft and I was on an Ipad. Which I hate. So then I returned home to NYC. I had started to move away from Minecraft and into Borderlands 2. I had just gotten my new PC, and I was so thrilled I played about 200 hours of borderlands. Then in about November I started playing a kind of minecraft server called Minecraft Survival Games. Which are Hunger Games based servers.(Won't give out the site info here) Then I started really getting into PC gaming, and I still am now. So I split my time between Steam and Minecraft. I also wasn't around this weekend because of some various activites with friends. So yea that about brings it up to date. Going to write some other blogs soon. There fun to write.
  6. Just realized... I had the idea for paid unbans a looooong time ago

  7. It does disable in MA... Thank god. But definitely disable books. I have like 500 written books in all of my chests.
  8. Must. Achieve. Helper. :) No but seriously I have been around for a while and hope I get it! :P

  9. RPG loot plugin. It is very annoying to collect drop items via a GUI. And if you don't take the items from there you don't get them at all.
  10. Now I've been gone for awhile and I just returned recently... but I remember you as helper, Grief Police, then Mod... I like you then and I like you know. I'll miss you.
  11. 000100001000

    The New JR

    Good lord, Its been a long time. But I gotta say, you've done an amazing job....
  12. Ohh I love buycraft... But people may forget. So you should have a auto announcer message reminding people. But I LOVE the price cuts!.
  13. Hey... Anyone who wants to play borderlands on PC let me know!

  14. Hey guys so after a long stint at summer camp immmmmm back! Ready to rock they new JR!