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  1. There Is Costs For Each Mob Types Also I Am Not Sure About The Hostile Problem
  2. I See It Thanks I Hope Someone Votes
  3. Yes Where Is The Poll? I Added A Poll
  4. Thanks Admin And How Do I Add The Poll Im New At This?
  5. Ha FrostBlast But You Still Need Wheat For Breeding And You Still Have To Lure Ocelots Before You Catch Them I Think
  6. Thanks Guys Im Not Really Sure About How Servers Work But Maybe When Player Catches Mob It Says It In Chat So People Know Or Something Like That But Thanks For Awesome Replies
  7. Dear Admins Of JrCraft I Would Like To Suggest The Mobcatcher Plugin For The Minecraft Server Here Is The URL http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/mobcatcher/ This Plugin Allows Players To Capture Mobs And Get Spawn Eggs It Is Very Useful If Players Want To Trade Mobs With Each Other Or Transport Them Safely Thank You For Reading Admins From MarkMax13
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