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  1. Today, I got killed by a warp again. It's really stupid you can actually get killed by a warp. Ridiculous. I lost everything.. again. :/ I don't think I will gather everything again.. I think someone has to do something. Getting killed by a warp and losing all your stuff does not make sense, at all. Well, I guess that was it.
  2. Well, I do agree that you really don't have to know all the commands when you get promoted. I was thinking about that if the other grief polices+ will tell you how to use them. And about working too hard: I think "too hard" was a little too much. But I've been a mod in a classic server and got "bored". Sad.
  3. You know, this question is pretty well-known: "How do I get promoted to [insert your rank here boi]?" Well, once you ask that you might get the same answer: "Get trust", or something like that. Maybe "Be trusted". If you really do want to get promoted to, for example, Grief Police, think twice. Maybe thrice if necessary. Think about these questions: 1) Am I helpful and friendly, do I really deserve getting promoted? 2) Do I know how to use for example, Logblock and many other commands? People may ask you questions, and you can't just say "I don't know, really. Ask another moderator." (If you're grief police, you don't need to know the moderation commands for example, /tempban. This is pretty obvious.) 3) Am I well-known? I cannot just go "Hey I just recently joined now can I get promoted I am helpful!!!". 4) Do I have to work too hard in my opinion, will I engage to protect the server from trolls/griefers etc.? Ok, this is my opinion about getting promoted. Opinion, got it? Discuss about it. I think I did forgot some important questions.

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