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  1. Agreing With Armdys that seems pretty cool
  2. I remember the old colored chat worked by typing &(number) and then the text. I have tried this and no color apears Is the new colored chat only fr gold and above? I would really enjoy having back the colored chat for citizens... If anyone knows how i can get it or how this works please tell me Colored Chat was a lot of fun
  3. From the little I know of you, you seem nice and helpful. Keep at it
  4. Actually the one you like seems very provocative. I've never eaten at Subway but maybe i'll try it out one day and ask for the same thing you ordered but smaller
  5. I actually enjoy it. 1. Some are funny 2. Learn from other people's mistakes 3. Like bullseye said "I always do. That way I can evict the banned people from my city, then sell the plots again."
  6. Hunter_God

    Forum Additions

    I Might sound like a huge n00b but i'm new so i'll ask 1. Where is The Forum 2. Is the Blog the Forum 3. What helps you become a citizen+ 4. I Don't want to be like some people that ask many questions and sound annoying but I can't become a C+ if I don't know how to do it...
  7. So what does? (Sorry for my Ignorance, as I stated i am new)
  8. The one you like seems pretty tasty
  9. It has happened to me and my friends so many times! lol
  10. I have been playing in JR Craft for 2-3 Weeks now and I have to say it is definately one of the best servers I have played on... Probably the best one. I Really Like the Flying, The Cash, The Shops, The Lottery, I even made my own Village (/warp Crawford). Questions 1. I really liked the colored chat is there any chance it can come back? 2. Does comenting count as a post for the Citizen+? 3. Does Adding a new build in builds count as a post for the Citizen+? I Really Want to be citizen+, to rank up, create a clan and have more fun. I created this blog for 1. Getting the Citizen+ (just being honest here) and 2. Because I think it's a great idea and a great way to have fun!
  11. https://jrnetwork.net/uploads/%0A%3Cp%3E0%3C/p%3E%0A
  12. Cool House!... I have a question though... is this the forum?
  13. https://jrnetwork.net/uploads/%0A%3Cp%3E0%3C/p%3E%0A
  14. https://jrnetwork.net/uploads/%0A%3Cp%3E0%3C/p%3E%0A
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