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  1. teamTJB


    Hello guys! For the ones that haven't noticed yet, I'm back on the server and will keep regularly playing:) So, this morning (new year's day) I saw this fireworks seller which had a Facebook page, since the Fb page was created, the seller had about 15% more costumers! And well, I thought, what about Jr? Does it have a Facebook page? So there I went, looking for a JrFacebook, but no. No JrFacebook yet! I think this is a great way to advertise for the server and pull more visitors over a longer period of time. I am very willing to start a JrFacebook together with possibly some other Jr-people. Please respond and tell me what you think and if you are in for helping. I will chose some people to help me that get editing rights on the page and thus are like JrFacebook Moderators or whatever. Okay, so please tell me what you guys think and have an amazing 2014!
  2. Omg, look at Jr, what happened.. At some places animals spawned like CRAZY, my mooshroom island has increased in mooshroom population in the HUNDREDS, there used to be like 80-100 and now they are EVERYWHERE! What is going on this is madness!
  3. Will there be xBox controllers with USB aswell?? (For Pc?) Or is this included in the 'more types'??
  4. Jamie, in the spoiler you can see that you get loads of Exp from beacons.... Don't you think people will abuse this lol?
  5. There is no way of keeping players out of your region, only in creative (/plotme deny <name>) but nothing in RPG with /region. Also just report this since i can imagine this being really annoying.....
  6. Looks really nice, your profile picture is genious
  7. Guys, i had this absolutely crazy idea, because i wanted to make something 'impossible' on Jr, and i came up with the JRWall, it will be a wall straight through all of Jr, oceans, jungles, taigas. I want to make a lot of gates so Jr isnt blocked (i know fly over) and make the availability for settlements and people adding things to the wall to make it beautiful and made by players, fully legit and just something typically Jr because everyone can build on it. Please tell me what you think/suggest things/support?? -Team
  8. teamTJB

    High School

    Just make sure you have some friends, and make friends in the beginning of the year, don't be shy. Just enjoy, it will be the best time of your life that way. I am at fourth year right now and i have to do 5 tests per week, but just FOCUS, ENJOY and be serious. Don't waste time if you have to do something, just do it and you will be rewarded
  9. That looks... Well, ehm... NIIICE! make something like this on Jr, or design a warzone
  10. Just wait for admins to have a look, and griefing basically is editing/removing works without permission... So you could consider this griefing if it was yours
  11. looks pretty nice Please post some more works?

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