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Found 66 results

  1. Hey I've been having this problem recently where I click on my game once in a while and it will come up with an error message saying "Could not create the java virtual machine, Java will now exit" This is extremely annoying and happens without answer or warning Halp, pls, liek, rite nao.
  2. Added Follow command for users like World of warcraft follow /follow (user) use /follow stop to stop following users. Added Nicknames for gold + /nick Added noise notification when you say someone's real minecraft username to alert you Added breaking of glass when you smash through it or fire an arrow through it, Don't worry it will regenerate after a period of time. Gold members only! Updated war arenas to fix some glitches with inventories etc. Added invisibility to members of staff. Disabled xray prevention in creative to stop lag. Allowance of 100 block blockdoors for creative users Removal of the spamguard issue causing spamguard to freak when you say avo inside words. Hope you enjoy the new additions at JR - Jamie
  3. Jamie

    A hidden door

    From the album: Test for JR Photo's!

  4. From the album: Test for JR Photo's!

    Way more awesome
  5. Jamie


    From the album: Test for JR Photo's!

    Alex's Colleseum in the dark
  6. Guest

    Website for College Course

    For my Web Authoring module in my Computer Studies course I need to make a website using html but extra marks are given for CSS (CSS is not needed, but I want to do it anyway)... I don't have to put it up online for the course but since I'll be doing a lot of the work I might as well. What I was thinking was a website that revolves around our minecraft server. It will show projects, skins, How to's and servers connected to ours and will also have a news section where we can post updates on the server along with any competitions and such. Everything would only be about the JR server and servers staff members and trusted members (those who have been with us at least 6 months) have themselves. I have a basic design drawn out but I think it be nice to have a little input from the people who make the server what it is today So what do you think would be a good addition to the website?
  7. Guest

    Removal of the VIP World

    Hey Guys, I'd like only current VIP's to vote upon this. Do you need the VIP world? We are thinking of removing it to stop the amount of things the server has to load up at once
  8. Guest

    The Maze.

    Hey guys, Ok so i was thinking, what does JR not have on minecraft. Then it came to me a Maze ! So how about getting some staff or other together, and building a massive maze. (Massive!) This could then be made into a competition. Like : 1st to finish gets 10 000 Jr cash 2cnd 5000 and so on.. (as an example) This could be done just by using a random Maze generator and then turning it all into blocks. What do you guys think ?
  9. Guest


    I found this plugin while I was looking for a "fun" plugin we could dedicate to our VIPs. It requires the 1.2.3-R0.3 dev build which may be out-dated compared to the build JR uses (I may be wrong) but I just wanted to share this with you guys and see what you guys think about this plugin. This plugin allows you to move blocks such as chests, furnaces and dispensers with pistons. However, I am unsure if the sticky pistons work the same way, but this plugin will allow us to create much more inconspicuous rooms! The poll is above so vote away! I'm not suggesting that we have this plugin installed as soon as possible, but I am merely putting the the plugin out there. Post what you think below
  10. Guest

    Minecraft music fun?

    Hey guys, i'm sure iv made a topic About this awhile back but i'm doing it again . Ever find yourself playin MC an Getting Bored of the Music it has? MC has cool music and i'd never say otherwise but I know i always find myself Turning on my Ipod or Pandora an playin my own tunes. I'm makin this topic because i'm sick of my own tunes and want something else to listen to. I want somthing to listen to! List all of your music here. I'll do tha same.
  11. Planet minecraft are having a Mythological Creature skin contest the post is quoted below and link at the bottom. Be sure to share any skins you create with us Source:
  12. Guest

    Support JR's Minecraft Server

    Hey guys, Firstly, I'd like to say, we are lag free woo! I won't be doing much more big things to change the server on JR now, We may do some tweaking but at the moment we are working on the Minecraft Wiki. (Peter and Flaw, I got some stuff to do to) We are growing huge in fact, we have over 2500 Registered Minecraft players but we need your help, help us grow faster just by simple up voting us at the following: MinecraftServers PlanetMinecraft MCServerList <--- Vote us here to get 300 free cash on the server! Minestatus <--- Vote us here to get 300 free cash on the server! Minecraft Forum Also, want a good signature to support us? Use the following: [url=][img=][/url] [url]][img]][/url] Want VIP? Yes VIP really actually does help us, It provides the server with the funds we need to be able to run, Plus its only 10 dollars a month! (Get it for 7.50 dollars By Entering, SantaClaus as a coupon code)* If you want more commands then do this! Click here to choose a subscription! *This coupon code expires on the 1st of January 2012, Purchase before too late!
  13. Well, I just joined, spent some time going through all the registering steps and went to the hardcore world because I wanted a bit of excitement. To begin I ran a small distance away and found a cave. After slowly killing trees with my bare fists I spent a good few minutes gathering some coal I found near the surface before I ventured deeper. Next, I began to venture down, gathering some iron but mostly coal. I went quite deep and began lighting the place up, when suddenly I was killed in two seconds by a "helper"... Not only could he fly, which I'm guessing he was allowed to, but he claimed he "saw me though the world" due to lag... Now, that's just bulls***, or he needs to get better internet. Either way, hardcore sucks, and if you give flying to VIPs/Helpers then it's way overbalanced and messed up. Needless to say, I'm not going to be trying hardcore again (or at least on this server). -iCamasHD
  14. Guest

    Minecraft Lego

    So Mojang has begun work on Minecraft Lego.. What do you think of this? Thanks for the link
  15. Guest

    Minecraft folder on a Mac.

    I have seen that many of you have issues finding the minecraft folder on a mac, so here it is. First of all you will need to know what version/software you are using. Click the apple logo (top left) -> About this mac -> More info... (it will be at the bottom). For OSX Snow Leopard : Finder -> User -> Library -> Application Support -> Minecraft. For OSX Lion : 1) Click anywhere on your screensaver (so the top bar says finder beside the apple) 2) Go to the top bar and click on "Go" 3) Scroll down and click on "Go to Folder..." 4) Once the text box has appeared type this in it : ~/Library/Application Support/ From there just scroll down till you find the minecraft folder. If you can't open you minecraft.jar just rename it to, then double click and a normal minecraft.jar folder will appear. If you wish to permanently Un-hide the Library, check out lttf's topic on the following link. Hope this helps you guys out
  16. Guest

    Ciao! :) - Hi from Italy!

    Hello, everyone! I'm a 17 years old girl. I found JrNetwork's beautiful Minecraft server and decided to sign up. Since I liked how this community looked, too, here I am with this presentation. Uhm, what can I say... Well. I love foreign languages, reading, drawing, spending time playing on my Mac and my PC (sometimes on my NDS, but I've got other consoles too), surfing the net, playing my guitars and listening to music; I especially love listening to heavy metal, punk rock and similars. Not that any of you care about this, but a presentation is a presentation. I hope you'll forgive some grammar mistakes, as I'm Italian. Feel free to make me notice them, I don't mind at all. I think I've read somewhere that the server is French or something... Am I correct? Cause I'd love a chance to improve my French, if anyone here speaks it. Great job with the community, keep it up. Ciao!
  17. Guest

    Fun Minecraft pictures

    Well lately there have been many fun things in minecraft, what's a funny image you've seen? here's one I like, it's pretty awesome in my opinion =p
  18. Guest

    A Few Minecraft Skins

    Hey guys, I bored over the past few days, so I made a few skins (I know they're not really great xD) There's this one. And this one. And this one. And this one.
  19. Guest

    Buying in-game Minecraft cash

    As you probably know, we have money and chest shops on our Minecraft server. Many players do not know how to get money. Recently I came up with the idea to give players the oppurtunity to buy in-game money with real money. All of the money spent on the in-game cash would go to help fund the server, just like VIP does. If this is decided to go through (by you, the readers) we would have to reset the money on the server. Please remember that the money would not go to a bad cause, it will help JR's servers alive, and hopefully help make JR get further!
  20. IgbarX

    Super Steve Racing!

    Alright, I had a great idea a while ago, and I'm finally putting it into action! Using the zepplin mod, you can blimps and planes right? You can also make ships and elevators, correct? Why not a car? Or a bike? Or an ATV? Well, this custom map is a racing map! With tons of tracks and vechiles, you can race with your friends, time yourself, and have loads of fun! I only have 1 track so far, an NPC village. I also have an opening to the whole place, and thanks to the new super flat world option, I can make it more easily! This is all I have so far.
  21. Guest

    JR Bank

    Name: JR Bank Description: I am just building a classic style bank out of Stone, Stone Bricks, Nether Fence and glass. The building is in VIP so only VIP+ can see it. At the moment I have just finished the structure of the building. The is no interior inside the building at all. Pictures: Warp: /warp bank
  22. Hi guys, My name is Craft and I like minecraft. Please check my minecraft youtube if you have time. Please sub and like my videos if you like them. Thanks! Anson Li 12/24/2011
  23. Guest

    VIP Membership now paid

    Hi guys, We are not allowing users to get free VIP via 400 - 1000 posts etc. anymore. Why is it paid now? For one, we need the money to sustain and support JR. Two, it would filter our abusive users that don't give a s*** and only want to spam compared with our great users that are willing to pay to help JR and enjoy their experience by making it better for everybody. Can I get a trial? You can get VIP for 7 days (one time only though) if you bring a friend, this is mean't to be a trial. But I want VIP and have no money? I'm sorry but this won't work. If you don't have the money you can't get VIP; there is never any free VIP membership given out except for month memberships that may be given out in events. I'd prefer if you didn't reply with a hate reply saying that it's unfair. It's only to support our running costs (over 80 euro per month for each server... Just a note to say, we have 2 servers now..) I hope you understand this is to help JR. Regards, Jamie