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Found 4 results

  1. Hey everyone, just curious to see what kinds of awesome builds everyone is either in the process of making or have built recently! I'm currently in the middle of re-creating Silver Millennium from Sailor Moon (pictured below). Leave pictures!
  2. Hello everyone! Its time for another event on Jrnetwork! It will be a "Photography" event inside minecraft! To participate in this event, you must build something inside minecraft, and take a SCREENSHOT of it! The player with the best screenshot will be the winner! This event will last for 7 days! Ending the 9th January! Prizes: 1: 5day VIP, 5000 Ingame Cash. 2: 5000 Ingame Cash. 3: 2500 Ingame Cash. RULES: - You can build the project exactly where you want to! (Use creative for free materials, you can go here by using /warp Creative ) -It must be a NEW project. Any old will NOT be considered! -You are only allowed to have ONE screenshot for your projects! If you give us more than one then ONLY the first screenshot will be considered! So don't bother giving us more than one! -ANY edited pictures (Paint/photoshop/gimp etc) will NOT be considered! Other than that you are free to do as you wish! (Using a texturepack is a good idea, its the photograph ONLY that will be considered, NOT the ingame project!) I got a screenshot! How do i give it to you!? 1: Go to http://www.mediafire.com/ 2: Find your screenshot, and drag it into the "Drag files here to start uploading". 3: After finishing the upload, press "Copy link" and send it to me in a private message! (Click HERE to go to my profile) -Admin Qudubz
  3. Guest

    Builder's Guild

    Hey guy's, Iv relized how good the Mining Guild is going and it encourages me to make a builder's Guild. I'v been busy helping with other big projects on MC, For example, Alexandra's Huge house(which btw if you'd like a Realistic/Replica of your room just msg her in-game or on JR) and another project me and mike are currently working on. Haven't decided where im gunna put the Guild hall/house but if i'll have a place soon. If you wanna join leave a post . Once i get the Guild running I'll be leaving a list here of new projects i'd like the Guild to get working on. I rly have high hopes for this Guild and I've no doubt we'll leave massive structures in our wake.
  4. Alexandria, and i along with those who are Volunteering to help build This INSAINLY big house along with the other things on this list. Decided to make a thread of this cause we've had SO many ideas of what to build I thot why not share em. If any1 has good ideas of what things to build ur more than welcome to msg/email me or alex with ur ideas/suggestions. Building Priority's. (1):Making Electronics--Microwave, Oven, Lights, Televison(On/Off Power button) through-out the House. (2):Need to Wire Door bell Through-out the House. (3):Interior Pluming---Sinks, Bathtubs, ect. (4):Interior Fruniture. (5):Basement Excavation.(Building Movie Theater In basement) .........More to come Also, those who would like payment in assisting Building anything on this list msg Me(joey) or Alexandra.

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