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Found 66 results

  1. Guest

    Needs a project

    I'm kind of bored, because all of my projects are done so far I was tempted to try building on Qu's World Tree but I know I can't because I know he has world guard on it XD so yeah anyone have any suggestions for a project I could do, as long as it doesn't involve complex redstone working >.>
  2. MINECRAFT IS RELEASED ON FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG ... I'm exited.
  3. Guest

    My WorkBench is 'Locked'

    Today when I logged in to JR, I find myself not being able to use my workbench. It says 'This Workbench is locked with a magical spell'. Interested I created another block and used /cprivate and that didn't work. Can you please help me with this problem.
  4. Guest

    hi everyone!!! :)

    Hi everyone!!! I'm a girl and I haven't been playing minecraft for very long. (but I think I'm pretty good at it!) I like building mostly but I enjoy all aspects of minecraft. I joined J.R network when my friend, KathKat, recommended it to me. I have been obsessed since! See you on the server!!!
  5. Guest

    Minecraft is down

    Hi guys, Just a quick post to explain why no-one can log into minecraft. The minecraft login server is currently being attacked. A group of bots are DDOSing it. They are all logging in at the same time from many different locations to overload the Login server. Im sure notch and mollstam are working to fix it as we speak. In the meantime single player will still work so you can still get your minecraft fix!
  6. Yep, Bethesda, Developers of both Elder Scrolls, Fallout and Brink, are taking Mojang to court over the name of Mojangs game "Scrolls" which they are currently working on. Zenimax (owners of Bethesda) claim they have no choice in the matter because they beleave "Scrolls" infringes on their The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim trademark. Notch seem somewhat excited about the case when he announced it on Twitter yesterday. "The Scrolls case is going to court! Weee! " - Notch I have no doubt that anyone with half a brain can tell this case is a load of horse s***. Notch however I taking this case very seriously. He even challanged Bethesda to a game of Quake 3 to settle this. “I challenge Bethesda to a game of Quake 3. Three of our best warriors against three of your best warriors,” Notch writes. “We select one level, your select the other, we randomize the order. 20 minute matches, highest total frag count per team across both levels wins. If we win, you drop the lawsuit. If you win, we will change the name of Scrolls to something you’re fine with. I am serious, by the way,” There is only one Notch! Anyway, I do not see why Bethesda are continuing with this case. Their lawyers must be swimming in money at this stage. Bethesda have no right to claim copyright over the English language if one word just happens to be in one of their games, even if they think that the word "Scrolls" will cause confusion. Not like anyone ever called an Elder Scrolls game by its full name. The last word is the important one. Anyone else ever call Elder Scrolls games anything other that Oblivion, Morrowind, Skyrim, etc? If anyone does get confused between the titles, they would clearly be idiots. "Scrolls" Is a collectible card game while "Elder Scrolls" is an open world 3D rpg. Only for ONE word the games are similar in no way. Look at FortressCraft. Extremely similar game and name to Minecraft. Did Mojang sue? Of course not. Notch even Congratulated the FC creator for the games success. Notch has my FULL support in this case. I may be a fan of Bethesda's work, but I'm also a fan of Kanye West. And we all know he's an arsehole.
  7. Hey guys! New Event! This Event is too make a pixel art that represents a game you like! e.g Halo, Call of Duty, Final Fantasy etc. The pixel art can be anything that represents the game. Rules and Prizes follow as the last event. Click here to view the last event. Here are the rules and prizes: Rules: Teams of two max Griefing means banning These must be impressive tourist attractions. The more imaginative the better., Prizes: First prize is VIP (or extensions to existing VIP) for 3 months and £100,000 (split between winning team) Second prize is VIP (or extensions to existing VIP) for 1 months and £30,000 (split between winning team) Third prize VIP (or extensions to existing VIP) for 2 weeks and £10,000 (split between winning team) We will put a stargate to the area when the event begins, hopefully it will begin at around 5-6pm GMT Thanks!
  8. Right as of now a turn of events. We can not allow the shop exploits to continue. So we have reduced the price of bowls and some other items which allowed many users to get a lot of money. This has got out of hand and everyone is taking advantage of the exploit. It's time to remember this is not freebuild its a survival server with a big amount of projects, we are not going to stop you getting money to build projects with but we are finding a better way than using exploits which allow you to get millions within 10 minutes. Awww come on, I need the money... Don't worry we have some cool stuff in mind Well 1 the user based shops are changing to chest shops in the next hour more info will be added on the wiki. We are not, stopping you make money but at the moment the cat is out of the bag with the exploited bowls. We are going to look in to the jobs system and make it better so you can make some money We are installing a lottery system soon so you can put some money towards a big wad of cash Me, tawny and Dcrown have come up with a fantastic idea that you may like (kept secret till we talk to the staff about it) Whats happening with the server? Well we at JR Network think that its a bit unfair that people can make millions in a couple of minutes. But we do want to encourage growth of the server and be reasonable to users. We want to help with your projects we are just coming up with a controlled method that will be easy to understand and easy to get help with We do not ever, want to take away your fun, We just want everyone to have fun with out using exploited items. Will I get punished if I used the Bowl or other exploits? No, we are not going to punish you guys since we were made aware of it, but we will as we have said be finding ways that are more inventive than just exploiting a shop *bug* as such. This will make it more fun and more entertaining in the long run. We are here for you guys, not for our profit. We actually don't have any profit from what we do. We fund it back into the website. Our aim in our website is to have the best community we have. That's why we want to hear how you feel, if you have ideas etc. As for the updates I have been updating a lot of the plugins as there has been major changes with them We will be updating craftbukkit to a fixed version for the chests today, hopefully normal chests will work properly again, If they do we will be putting a price on virtual chests now. Hope you understand why we have had to change this. Regards, Your friendly neighborhood Jamie
  9. Hey guys!! Finally! The winners of the Texture pack and Event! Thanks for everybody who took part in both competitions! Lets start off with the winner to the Texture pack! Posted by mr.infinity~ (dduon14) Download Here Congratulations dduon14, you will have: 1 - the texture pack featured as the official JR Network texture pack. 2 - 6 months of free VIP 3 - 10,000 pounds for the shop! To view the other texture packs that have been entered, go here Now for the Event Winners! In first place: k3v_o & txmanofgod2006 with The Lighthouse Of Alexandria In second place: Kayread & Wolves1117274 with The Zoo In third place: Qudubz with The Opera House Prizes for Events First prize - is VIP (or extensions to existing VIP) for 3 months and £100,000 (split between winning team) Second prize - is VIP (or extensions to existing VIP) for 1 months and £30,000 (split between winning team) Third prize - VIP (or extensions to existing VIP) for 2 weeks and £10,000 (split between winning team) Prizes will be given at some point tomorrow (probably when I wake up ) If you do not have any need for VIP, you may request to give it to someone else who is on the server. Thanks again to everybody who took part!
  10. Guest

    Todays Event Starts Soon

    A new event starts at midnight. Build the best tourist attraction in the events world and win fantastic prizes and the awe of your minecraft comrades! Rules: Teams of two max Griefing means banning These must be impressive tourist attractions. The more imaginative the better. Event starts at 12pm GMT +0 on 31/07/11 and finishes at 9pm GMT +0 on 01/08/2011 Prizes: First prize is VIP (or extensions to existing VIP) for 3 months and £100,000 (split between winning team) Second prize is VIP (or extensions to existing VIP) for 1 months and £30,000 (split between winning team) Third prize VIP (or extensions to existing VIP) for 2 weeks and £10,000 (split between winning team) When the event starts there will be a stargate warp to it, go to /warp warphut, build anywhere on the grass by the spawnpoint. The avenues between the grass walls will become roads, so bear that in mind when designing.
  11. Guest

    Builder's Guild

    Hey guy's, Iv relized how good the Mining Guild is going and it encourages me to make a builder's Guild. I'v been busy helping with other big projects on MC, For example, Alexandra's Huge house(which btw if you'd like a Realistic/Replica of your room just msg her in-game or on JR) and another project me and mike are currently working on. Haven't decided where im gunna put the Guild hall/house but if i'll have a place soon. If you wanna join leave a post . Once i get the Guild running I'll be leaving a list here of new projects i'd like the Guild to get working on. I rly have high hopes for this Guild and I've no doubt we'll leave massive structures in our wake.
  12. Hey guys, Since Minecraft has a bug with chests we have installed something called Virtual Chests. The commands below are for the chests so you can easily store things so they won't EVER go missing like signs and chests do. Hope the commands below will really help, There is a 10 Chest limit for citizens and there is a 30 chest limit for VIP's (Chest limit only for Virtual Chests). Please be aware we do not support and will not help users anymore if they store items in a normal chest, please be aware these chests are to replace them for the meantime till they work properly and the bug is fixed. Please be aware the signs are also misfunctioning at times and we are trying to find a way to fix this also, Regards, Jamie /gp ? 1,2 or 3 - to see the help's page (1,2 or 3) /gp c (|ChestName) - open the chest ChestName. If no ChestName provided, use the default chest. (by default your first chest) /gp s (PlayerName) - send the content of your default chest to the PlayerName /gp e (ChestName) - empty your default chest or the ChestName. /gp b (large OR normal) ChestName - buy a new chest with the type and the name choosen /gp u (|ChestName) - Upgrade the default chest if no ChestName is provided and if it's a normal chest./gp set ChestName (default OR send) - Set the ChestName as default chest or as send/receive chest for "gifts" /gp l - List all your chests /gp r oldName newName - Rename the chest oldName to newName /gp rm <chest> - DESTROY the <chest> forever !
  13. Lord of the Rings fan? Minecraft fan? Both? Never seen Lord of the Rings? Well watch this video anyways... it is inspiring.
  14. Alexandria, and i along with those who are Volunteering to help build This INSAINLY big house along with the other things on this list. Decided to make a thread of this cause we've had SO many ideas of what to build I thot why not share em. If any1 has good ideas of what things to build ur more than welcome to msg/email me or alex with ur ideas/suggestions. Building Priority's. (1):Making Electronics--Microwave, Oven, Lights, Televison(On/Off Power button) through-out the House. (2):Need to Wire Door bell Through-out the House. (3):Interior Pluming---Sinks, Bathtubs, ect. (4):Interior Fruniture. (5):Basement Excavation.(Building Movie Theater In basement) .........More to come Also, those who would like payment in assisting Building anything on this list msg Me(joey) or Alexandra.
  15. The server is experiencing a 503 issue due to the minecraft servers from mojhang not been able to handle login requests. Please be aware this is not our issue. This is Mojang
  16. Guest

    Coming Soon: EasyBukkit

    Coming Soon: * EasyBukkit Public Alpha 4 Requires minimum Windows Vista/Windows 7 or Linux running Mono (Untested!) Please see our thread on the Bukkit Forums! Easily Install (and in the future, manage) Bukkit! I created this program when I got millions of requests per day for help installing and setting up a Bukkit server. I went crazy. But then I decided it would be easier to write a program to do this than try to explain it every time a noob asks me about it. This is also my first real try at learning C#. Don't expect very clean code. (Will be going open source once I feel the code is ready) Features Implemented Implemented in next release In Progress Putting it off Download Bukkit Configure Bukkit Install Plugins Maintain database of installed servers Plugin Repository Server Wrapper Changelog Old Releases Alpha 3: Added Downloader. * Better logo coming soon.