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TeamSpeak 3

Server Description

TeamSpeak 3 offers the ideal tool for online gaming, education and training, internal business communication, and staying in touch with friends and family.

How To

Okay, so you want to join and use our TeamSpeak 3 Voice Server, you've come to the right place. But before you go further lets make sure you have the software you need.

You do NOT require a microphone to use our voice servers, but it is of course highly recommended. You can still connect to our servers and LISTEN, and then of course you can still just use text chat on it!

If you don't already have TeamSpeak 3 installed you can download the client HERE (for x86/x64 versions of Linux/Mac/Windows/Android/etc). Install this if not already, and lets continue.

Right, so you've got the software, but don't know how to connect. Thats easy enough. Just follow the steps below and you'll be sorted in no time.

  • Launch your TeamSpeak 3 Client. <- Goes without question, 3.gif If you've never used it before, or never connected to anything, it may bring up a wizard popup. If so run through that, following its instructions.
  • If it asks you, via a popup window, for connect information (Server Address, Nickname, etc) our servers address is: pnx.jrnetwork.net:9987
  • If it does not, then simply click the "Connections" menu and select "Connect" (or press CTRL+S, default keys) and fill the information in there.
  • It'll connect you to our server, but in order to make that easier in the future click the "Bookmarks" menu option and add to your favorites list (NOTE: Give it a name/label so you know what it is). You can optionally tell it to automatically connect to our server whenever you start TeamSpeak 3, simply click "More" then tick the "Connect on Startup" option.
  • To connect via a bookmark, you just click the "Bookmarks" menu option then select whichever server in your list you want and it'll connect.
  • Alternatively to manual connection, you can simply click HERE (if you have TeamSpeak 3 installed that is!) and it will automatically connect/join the server for you.

Moving about the rooms is very easy, just double-click on any room you want to enter and you'll go there (as long as its not password protected or private/admin/etc).

Talking on the servers is dependent on what you've got your setup as, whether its push-to-talk (if so you hold whatever button you have setup as that then talk), or voice activation (just talk and it'll get sent). You may need to tweak an try various settings to get your setup exactly right. Mostly the generic setup should work but its up to you. If all else fails you can use the Setup Wizard via the "Settings" menu, or go more indepth via the "Settings" menu and selecting Options (or press ALT+P).

Just remember, the rules we have apply to all our sites, and servers including our voice servers.

Enjoy, 1.gif

Click here to join our Teamspeak server

Please note, If you want the ability to have your own private chat room, you can avail of our premium service.


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