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JR Supporter will provide you with the following:

  • A supporter rank
  • No advertisements on the website
  • Supporter rank in discord
  • Additional Website Features (Unlimited Upload Space (For photos, blogs and forum attachments), Additional Forums, bigger private message inbox and more message participants)
  • Priority client support
  • Thanks from Jamie for your support


€7.99 per month

Premium Membership gives you the best of JR

  • JR Premium Contests and prizes
  • Access to coupon codes first
  • Beta access to any new JR Service first
  • Premium rank on discord, website and supported gameservers
  • All features from Minecraft Donator / JR Supporter Subscriptions
  • Extra features in supported game servers (coming soon)

Free website hosting package, purchasable for free after purchase of premium here


Support JR and get Minecraft Donator

  • Opens up access to premium rank in minecraft game only
  • Worldedit plots in creative server (Most WE commands apart from /butcher and /limit)
  • Use colored chat
  • Flying speed (/flyspeed 1-10)
  • Create up to 99 homes (/sethome nameofhome)
  • Unlimited God Mode (/god) (Disables in war and mobarenas)
  • Unlimited Creation of Warps (/setwarp nameofwarp)
  • Full TP access apart from ./tpo
  • Heal (/heal)
  • Access to create ingame Nickname (/nick newnick)