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Found 23 results

  1. Hey guys, So a lot of work was put in for this release, the staff team have been working with me on this for around a month. We want to know, was it worth it? Please leave a vote in the poll and a comment on what you think. -- There will be more to come, but some side features are disabled while we still continue to develop them! Hope you enjoy the new site, Regards, Jamie
  2. So you may ask, what's different. Well a lot. We have become way more simple, way more user friendly and less buggy. My personal aim while creating JR V16 was to show the world what a great community and website we have. In old and recent times we have had a nice website, but it's been complicated to understand, complicated to navigate and quite annoying at times. So I have personally redesigned JR from the ground up, building from the base which is Invision Power board and re modded everything from scratch, coded the design manually and really brought out the guns. Things d
  3. What are we doing to resolve the issue's that happened today and to improve how we run JR? We have renewed and re-installed the old server that was been used for JRCraft originally. We are moving all the steam servers to this server currently. This will remove load off our website server meaning that if we have a steam server issue it won't have an impact on the website as well. We are changing our http daemon to nginx from apache which is better in terms of security and stability. - DONE We are checking our servers for any security flaws and patching anything that looks out of the ordin
  4. Enjoy, Jamie
  5. Software JR will be re configuring it's server software for the new server so we run way better, I have never released much information on our software but I will today! Since JR is a big server and requires most of it's RAM and CPU for Minecraft so we run a custom based linux distro which is partially based upon Debian, since Debian is one of the lightest and stable operating systems. JR will be running of course the latest Java 7 build. We can't release much more information about our server setup for minecraft but at least you know partially . Map and Server Backups
  6. Added Follow command for users like World of warcraft follow /follow (user) use /follow stop to stop following users. Added Nicknames for gold + /nick Added noise notification when you say someone's real minecraft username to alert you Added breaking of glass when you smash through it or fire an arrow through it, Don't worry it will regenerate after a period of time. Gold members only! Updated war arenas to fix some glitches with inventories etc. Added invisibility to members of staff. Disabled xray prevention in creative to stop lag. Allowance of 100 block blockdoors for creativ
  7. Hi Guys, I'm always looking for room for improvement and I like to hear about my work and see if you guys like it, After all I do it for you, not me So Anyway please fill out the poll so I can get a rough estimate. Also if you have any ideas on the JR website, Add them below || || || \ / \ / v
  8. Guest

    Refferal System!

    Did you know? We do have a refferal system, as found below. Please use it around different forums etc to help us gain some members http://jrnetwork.net...s#axzz1XuuRROjh
  9. Guest

    VIP Membership now paid

    Hi guys, We are not allowing users to get free VIP via 400 - 1000 posts etc. anymore. Why is it paid now? For one, we need the money to sustain and support JR. Two, it would filter our abusive users that don't give a s*** and only want to spam compared with our great users that are willing to pay to help JR and enjoy their experience by making it better for everybody. Can I get a trial? You can get VIP for 7 days (one time only though) if you bring a friend, this is mean't to be a trial. But I want VIP and have no money? I'm sorry but this won't work. If you don't hav
  10. Guest


    Hey Guys, JR Network is sponsoring quizcraft an upcoming Minecraft quiz kinda thingy Well yeah I'll let this video explain it more: http://youtu.be/fMPJ0waEOT4
  11. Guest

    VIP Changing

    Hey guys, As you know VIP membership allows you to do more things around JR. We are changing it slightly so you can only get perm membership when you get 1000 posts. (don't worry current VIP membership members who got it with 400 posts still can keep it!) Why's this happening? We are getting to many abusers spamming the forums to get 400 posts and as well its too easy to get. You can get a trial of 7 days VIP for Minecraft if you bring a person to the server but this is only valid once. After that you must purchase it (to help us fund the expenses for the server). Also
  12. Guest

    JR Network on Steam!

    Hey guys, JR Network is now on steam, please join us if you use steam http://steamcommunity.com/groups/JRNetwork Thanks, Jamie
  13. Hey guys, I'm sorry I haven't done a lot of development to the site recently but I have been doing a lot today. Whats been done? Well I have been working on making the map, stats and wiki integrated in to the site so it looks better. I have also fixed the issue with group colors on the site. Hopefully I will get more done soon, Regards, Jamie
  14. Right as of now a turn of events. We can not allow the shop exploits to continue. So we have reduced the price of bowls and some other items which allowed many users to get a lot of money. This has got out of hand and everyone is taking advantage of the exploit. It's time to remember this is not freebuild its a survival server with a big amount of projects, we are not going to stop you getting money to build projects with but we are finding a better way than using exploits which allow you to get millions within 10 minutes. Awww come on, I need the money... Don't worry we have some
  15. Hey Guys, Since we are growing we are changing some accounts that we host over to a new server that we own. This is to keep the main server stable with other things. If your account has been moved you shouldn't need to change anything as our DNS is clustered. The new JR Nameservers for the new server are: ns1.jrnetwork.info ns2.jrnetwork.info Regards, Jamie
  16. Guest

    In the Dark

    Hey guys, As you may have noticed I have not been around the website for a while, or minecraft. So whats going on? basically, I have bought in to feale IT I own a 5% share of the buisness and I have been busy with my full time job there. Since they had websites that needed to be administrated I am transfering over100% of all the websites. Eg why I have been so busy. This is just to inform you I will be active like I was half a month ago when the website transfers are complete. Regards, Jamie
  17. Guest

    The Helper Group

    Hi Guys, I will be bringing in a new global group for the forum and minecraft etc, It's mean't for users wanting moderator rights, I will select helpers out for their helpfulness on the server. If you ask for it you will never get a chance. Whats the benefits and what do you need to do? Well #1 the benefits would include: 1) Get access to a small forum on the staff board dedicated to you so you can discuss users and get help from other helpers, moderators and admins. 2) You represent JR and will receive an email address that has @jrnetwork.net 3) Get on to moderato
  18. Hey guys, We are slowly bringing points back in to the forum, they will be used for many different things. There will be another announcement with updates of what it will do etc. Soon. Also the arcade for the forum will be back soon too! Regards, Jamie
  19. Guest

    News Announcements

    Since we have a nice website we are working on we are going to start posting news announcement at the site as well as the forum, This is to make things look better and we may only post forum news in the forum etc. We are looking to improve JR the best we can, any suggestions give us a bell at info@jrnetwork.net
  20. Guest

    Improvements on front end

    Hey guys, I have been changing something's in our main site and I have also added an affiliates area to the portal. I will update all the toolbar tomorrow. I will also work upon the new upcoming blog for the JR staff, also a new blog will be hosted elsewhere than our servers so we can alert you if we have any server issues or otherwise problems. I hope you enjoy some of the upcoming changes. Regards, Jamie (sidenote: sorry peter, I will get you deathclock's details soon, have to find them out)
  21. Guest

    SEO and Additions

    Hey guys. As you can see alongside the right I have included a whois online module which neatly shows people online on every page of JR. To improve JR's SEO Rating and to show users where content is copied from we have installed a special script which tracks copied data from JR and shows where it was pasted to us. This will also leave a linkback to the page it was taken from We are looking at more performance improvements server side but so far everything is playing out well. As you may have realised we are getting a lot more traffic. Hopefully the box at the side will verify th
  22. Guest

    Lag fixes and updates!

    Hey guys, We have fixed the lag and memory issues with the server. We have gone through all the plugins and fine tuned them as well as changing essentials chat to hero chat. Allowing more functionality and a less laggy chat. The bukkit build was again updated to build 1000 and we have changed group manager to permissions! If you are shown as a tourist if you have registered already, please relogin ! Logging in should also now be way quicker and easier for all! As for hero chat commands look here: https://github.com
  23. Welcome guys! This is the newest update to JR, As you can see there is a lot of new features to the site! We will post an update log about things changed and updated. Please note: while the new site it up and has been released we are still working on it, We hope though you won't come across many bugs!
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