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Found 9 results

  1. azura0611

    JR Labs

    If there's one thing I enjoy building (and am pretty good at) it's laboratories. I build a LOT of them :3 I was working on a smaller one when I thought: Why not make an official one for JRCraft? However, I didn't just want to build the "Official" Laboratory of JR without, y'know, asking someone I guess. So, (Staff, this is more directed towards you), are you guys okay with it? Could I build the Official Lab of JR? Thanks, and get back to me as soon as you can ~Azura
  2. Jamie


    Techihub is a one stop website for all your tech news, we find an article we post it, or you contribute it and we approve it. Please take 2 minutes to have a look at the next JR Network team website, we hope you will like it and keep following it Regards, Jamie
  3. That's it! Enjoy your free premium Jamie
  4. If you do share private information using JR Network please use this following guide: Use private messages, never submit private information in to a public chat, forum, comment. If you are sharing images that are private, upload them to our image gallery and use the privacy options to select who you actually want to view the images, Please remember that images have to follow the rules. Always be cautious, people on the internet will submit fake details, if you think this guy / gal is too good to be true then they probably are not. If another member starts to harass you for personal information, images etc, Contact a member of staff immediately. You can find details to contact a staff member here. If this is done within a private message, just click on the report symbol or forward it to the account Jamie If you have given away your email address and a JR member is causing you issues contact jamie@jrnetwork.net to try to help sort out the issue, sanctions will be taken to the account of the member who is causing you issues. We at JR are committed to keeping you, your children and others safe. Please do not feel annoyed if a staff member private messages you if they notice something out of the ordinary within our logs. We want to keep our community fun, but safe. Thanks for reading this little announcement, we hope something good will come from it. Regards, Jamie Tees & The JR Staff Team
  5. Hey guys, I'd just like to advise you all that NLTekkit has been fully removed. This decision was made around 3 weeks ago by most of the admin team and as a majority vote we have fully removed the service. Some people may ask why? - It's a waste of resources, time and man power - It's buggy, in so many respects it just not worth the time +1 to my first statement. - There is no point developing tekkit plugins as Tekkit is still running on 1.2.5 .... 1.2.5, it's out of date and most of the plugins in it have just been thrown together. - We have never supported client modified server, unless minecraft can download the specific mod on it's own and install it (Wait for the mod api) we will never have a client side modified server. It's just too much hell to deal with. - JRCraft is more stable, less resource hungry and works way better than Tekkit will ever. - JRCraft has never had as many issues as Tekkit has because we have our own developers. Tekkit while yes we can have our own plugin developers.. Let's just say the Tekkit dev team are arseholes. (Mind my bad language here) They don't seem to support users, even when you try to get support and they seem to push bugs to one side and not bother fixing them. (As far as we have seen) - Tekkit never had many players really join. Apart from when we first released it and due to tekkits incompatibly with everything we were griefied and screwed up the arse. Simple as. Feed the beast possibility? Currently no. We still stand by our 4th statement above: - We have never supported client modified server, unless minecraft can download the specific mod on it's own and install it (Wait for the mod api) we will never have a client side modified server. It's just too much hell to deal with. As soon as the mod API comes out, we will be developing our own ingame blocks and game structure and be creating something more unique. We hope if you are a tekkit user you will understand why we have undertook the decision to close the tekkit server.
  6. - Slot limit toned down to 50 slots, will open up the taps when we see a need. (our max is 1000) - Herobrine will be around *You can kill him but beware, he is hard* - Giants spawn in different places around the map - New users will get a first join kit - Premium members get to have kits with /kk command - Using MCBans now due to the needed protection - mcMMO is back, all users can use abilites and skills (apart from tourists) (Only in RPG world) - Users can't just farm mobs for easy level upgrades any more. You have to do that yourself now. - Online users board at spawn - Huge new world - Lottery is back - Minecraft update Coming soon, unlocks every day / week: - More quests every day are added to follow on, more information will be posted shortly about where to find quests - Weekly events for different things - More areas that are built by the building team containing quests - Dragon travel areas to new quest locations - More prizes such as games on steam, Xbox, PS3 and more! - More features for our RPG world and more Also just because we are beast and you read this all, post a comment with your minecraft username below and you will get 5 diamonds (once only) (tonight only) Also we are about to have a fireworks show! Come on and join us.
  7. I will be working on the website today and tomorrow, simplifying somethings as well as adding a better staff page for users to see the staff team. Have a good day, Jamie
  8. Jamie

    JR Updates

    Planned changes - Top menu redesign and menu update, it's horribly out of date and needs a lot of tweaking to get it as dynamic as I want it. It wont take long but during this process the site will go down as the dynamic menu controls the whole site and users won't be able to browse well - A table to show differences between platinum and other ranks Updated Changes On the Minecraft server today! - Re coded some permissions to make the server run better - Generated the PlatinumWorld Creative (Gold + Platinum + Members only) - Added plugins for platinum use only - Fixed some small bugs Platinum Membership Ok what the hell is it? Don't worry ! It's only another membership, with a ton of additional features, this membership is to show you the real elite JR Members! And is $15 $10 a month (10$ Lifetime price if your purchase this week) -> Till next week. THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN AGAIN! LAUNCH PRICE ONLY. So what's so special We have done website hosting so we sat down and said, why don't we make something awesome that users will use to show off their skills and maybe even to learn some more! So now when you purchase platinum you also get a FFFFREEE clan website in the plan! OMG ! You got a clan at JR? Say the bronys, SWAG? Well now if you get platinum you also get setup a website specially for you. It's an automated process that creates a clone of our default *Really Simple* clan website which you can edit to your hearts content!!!! You can also edit and change the site software! Users currently get 150 MB diskspace (Currently) but this will be upgraded in the future. All users get 1 SQL database and unlimited bandwidth and if your a geek that is pretty awesome to get Especially since JR runs on the best dedicated servers money can buy! ---- This is a beta service, if bugs occur please visit support within your client area. ----- You also can get a couple of additional features within Minecraft: - Platinum Creative World Access - All Gold Features - Mobile Chest - Mobile Workbench Platinum members also get BETA access a week before public release when available to our: - Tekkit Server - RPG map - Anything new we release Also a big thank you from @xemnes for taking his time to do the new JR Medals that represent platinum and gold memberships We are so happy to be providing a new service and to be feeding you the community with amazing additions to JR, JR Craft and all of our other services! --- Regards, The Rebel Jamie
  9. Hey Guys! Just what you wanted: a competition. Win an Xbox 360 Wireless PC Receiver (worth €20), and a chance to become a new member of the reviews team at JR and a one month Live Membership Code! (Item may slightly differ from image) What do you have to do? We want to bring in more reviews and news, So, we need some quality reviews. If you want to have a chance to win this, all you have to do is create reviews and upload news; that's it. We are looking for quality, but not quantity. A good review must include good content, at least the cover of the game/product you are reviewing, a score and a price tag. The winner will be announced on the 1st of October. Good luck!

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