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Found 28 results

  1. We are making some major changes to our ARK servers, please understand what we have done is for the best of our servers and to bring new users in to JR. The Island has now changed to Valguero Structures Plus has been removed as 90% of the functionality is now in Vanilla ARK Because of the change with Structures Plus the maps have auto reset, we can not do anything about this Structures Plus was the cause of map resets from what we can see so we have removed it to ensure that this doesn't happen again A script has been handcoded by myself to Auto recover if the map resets due to the mod updater (generally again caused be S+) this will be in place and will monitor our map files to ensure nothing will be lost. We have increased difficulty on all servers The following mods are now installed on all servers: We understand that some of these changes will upset really old players but we need to bring activity back to our ARK servers and we are working hard at this. We are now advertising on sites to bring more users to JR and hopefully with all the changes we have just made it'll create a fun environment back to JR. We will be actively playing and monitoring servers. If you have other suggestions please go to Any issues please post them at or at #gameserverhelp in our discord channel
  2. Conan has been growing and attracting new players, which we are very happy about. A couple of things have come up and we need to outline a few rules about the server. Just a note in relation to the server game type, we are making the server PVE. We did have PVE Conflict but we have agreed for the mean time to make it just PVE. In the future when the server grows we might have conflict days where we fight against each other as a community. Have you played on our server yet? If not join us here: All rules / guidelines specific to Conan will be located here and will be available soon: Please note all JR rules apply to every service we run, you can find these rules here:
  3. Hi Guys, As of this post: We have chatted with the community and we have been working to create a better server. (AS frosty says, tirelessly through the night) - at this moment we are chatting on discord. A few things to note about the new servers: Clustering - Is in beta but working, Please note if when you transfer and your survivor doesn't show right away give it 30 seconds and try and download again. We have installed the following mods to begin with, we will add mod's through suggestions as previously, BUT we will be going through all bug reports and will be checking better to see if any conflicts exist so we do not have an issue with the map as previously. Structures Plus Death Recovery Mod Taming Sedative Backpack We have also updated our mod pack - Stacking Mod - We have left this out currently due to the fact we can not find a mod without any issues reported. If you can help find a working / better mod let us know Classic Flyers - WE HAVE NOT INSTALLED THIS YET. Due to the following bug reports: If the community still wants to go ahead and install classic flyers please say below, we just don't want to cause any issues to dinos by installing the mod. Please read the bug reports to see if installing it will affect your game experience. Levelling - Is standard currently, a few reasons to this, I do not want to copy our badly designed level structure, if we are editing levels we need to make the levelling structure better and more balanced than before. Dino Levels - Are standard currently due to the fact normal levelling is in place. I'm sure this will change in time GAIA - For the next week or so this is disabled till I can properly review this. We may continue it, we may remove it. Depends what people want. It's a hefty weight to our server resources but I do not mind keeping it but we will be doing the same but adding GAIA on as well as the other mods chosen. SERVER MAINTENANCE & REBOOT - This has now been changed to run at 12 at night and also 12 midday to ensure the servers update mods and have a good restart when necessary We want to provide the most stable experience in ARK and we really hope you understand why we have only selected certain mods to begin with. We will be adding more but at the same time we want to ensure that it doesn't cause us another issue like before.
  4. As you guys know our ARK servers are constantly resetting after reboots. This seems to be due to a corrupt ARK map and on update / restart it resets the map randomly. I need ideas on how to resolve this issue with you guys, I do not want to reset the map or take off mods but to stop all this happening it may have to be the case. The main problem we have is that the map highly revolves around Structures Plus and Small Resource Stacks. If we remove these mods a lot of structures will be lost and all items will be lost due to the way the small resource stacks works. I have a funny feeling that something is conflicting. I can't diagnose or find this out due to the following: ARK has crap linux support All our servers are linux, we can not afford more servers ARK has no logging for linux servers in any way. I feel that the best plan of action is the following: Remove all mods, entirely. Reset all maps, clean out game save files to ensure nothing corrupted stays Have a huge supply drop for our members that have stayed at JR to compensate. The drop will be the same to ensure that people will start at the same level. Gift 5 dinos to each player that has played on our ARK servers for more than 2 hours (we can check due to our JR Website logs) Add one mod a week to see if it causes a problem, we will only use tried and tested mods with a high rating. While I have this plan it may or may not take place, I want your view. The community. How would you feel starting again? It would mean that everyone would be able to find new land, it may draw more players on to the server, resources would be once more balanced and we would all be happier with a stable server. I hate that our server is stable all day but then when it updates due to the corruption it resets the map and peoples things get lost and we look like the bad party. We want to do the best for you guys at JR. If you have any other ideas please let me know, don't be quite. SPEAK UP! I want everyones view as this is a huge decision and while I understand some members will be upset at the thought of loosing everything. It's something I do not want to have to do but I feel that this resetting bug has gone on long enough. We just want our community happy in the long run. We can't keep patching over problems, I'm not going to lie, I don't have another solution that I can think of right now, this would 100% sort the issue I'm sure. Again let me know what you think, please!
  5. JR has jumped ahead of the curve and setup a rend server. Due to current server flaws with the REND server we can not query a REND server for our server list or give an IP to connect as you can not direct connect! Well how do I connect? Easy! Search [EU] JR-Network in the server browser. If you have any queries please go to our discord at and post in #gameserverhelp
  6. Haven't got JC3 yet and want to play our multiplayer ?! Check out this link: N.B. To join our JC3 Server you need to also install the MP app: Please note the offer expires 6 days from this news post date.
  7. Hi Guys, Please fill out the following poll in relation to our ARK servers, your views and thoughts are all counted and considered on changes that we make on our ARK servers. This poll will decide mods we will install. These were suggested in this topic:
  8. We like to carry out a community review in relation to our ARK servers. We have decided to keep the current mods installed. Due to this review: We have decided to keep the current mods installed. We have decided to install the following mods due to this topic: Pimp My Dino - Saddle Emporium - The Costume Shop - MR Rad Tools Inc - Craftable Apex Drops - To stop recent server crashes we have disabled dino pick ups of Rockdrakes. All these changes will take effect in the next hour after this post. The servers are currently restarting to apply these changes.
  9. Hi Guys, Please fill out the following poll in relation to our ARK servers, your views and thoughts are all counted and considered on changes that we make on our ARK servers. This poll will decide mods we will keep going forward. There is another poll in relation to new mods to install please fill this poll out from here: We hope we continue to make JR a enjoyable experience for everyone
  10. Hi guys, We are starting to only add plugins with community input. This means that any plugin we want to install will be discussed by the community first. So to begin! Check out these plugins and please vote in the poll, if you'd like to discuss please do so below! This was a community suggestion, You can find the suggestion here: This is an anonymous poll so please be honest on what you feel in your opinion is the right thing. Thanks #JRCommunity
  11. Flaw

    Plans for JR?

    Most of the staff seems to be inactive and the server (we all know server means Minecraft) was last updated a year ago (according to Planet Minecraft). I was contemplating coming back and helping out, but was wondering if there are any serious plans on a revival? I understand people can be busy with lots of 'life' things, as I am myself. However, I am starting to play Minecraft a bit again and was hoping JR Craft would be the place to be! So, yes, on a serious note, is JR heading anywhere in the immediate future?
  12. I have made a review for JRcraft at the famous site to support the server, it's best if you diamond this review as much as possible so we can increase in traffic! Also post a nice comment and share on facebook and twitter! If you don't have a PMC account, MAKE ONE! It takes moments and a few seconds to verify! Thanks, -Math
  13. How awesome do you think JrCraft server is?
  14. As the topic states the server is horrible, it keeps crashing. I don't know what else to say, i'm no geek at these server stuff. No idea what may causing them.
  15. Hello everyone! Chris here, I was thinking, and I thought of something really cool we could do which would involve all of JR. Now, either the JR staff agrees, in which case, it will be a lot easier, or they don't in which case we can do this as a smaller-scale project. Now, what I was thinking, was a JRNetwork Minecraft, AND Tekkit server community show-off. Basically, what it will be is everyone who is participating makes a 10-second video clip of their house, or something which THEY BUILT and of which they are proud. If they are unable to film due to bad computer (It happens!), then they can just take a screenshot (or multiple, maximum 10). I will then put it all together into a 3-4 minute clip, bringing together the pride of the JRNetwork community. Please take the time to read this topic, and see what you think! Please mention any improvements, Sincerely, -Chris
  16. Hey guys this vote is a vote against that diamond mining timer for citizen + and premium because recently i found two veins of diamonds but i couldnt mine the second vein so i left and when i came back they were gone Max aka alan4998
  17. I think the server should give new player book of how to claim a region just a suggestion
  18. liltizzle

    Lava Survival

    ok so i know this will never be accepted but what the heck, so the basics of lava survival is everyone has a time limit say 5 minutes, and everyone gets say a iron pic and shovel then they get resources and build a house before the lava comes and kills (probably make a building max perimeter so people dont just do 1 * 1 towers) it would lag i know but it would be awesome and the best part is there isnt one server that has it yet (i life) and for people who have played the classic multiplayer on (thats not counted as advertising) you know what i mean about lava survival and how fun it is =) also after say 5 minutes the round ends and people who survived win prize cash, for real survival, and i dont know if theres a mod for this so hopefully someone will make one =) =) =) =) hopefully this is accepted....and i know it will create lag, but its amazing!!!!!!!!!
  19. Flaw


    The idea is to have a notice-board for JR Craft where members can mail staff (in-game) to put up notices on their behalf. If a notice readers feels he can help the person, he/she could mail them in-turn. Examples: What do you think? The warp could be added to the as well
  20. teamTJB

    More Ranks

    hey JRcrafters!i thought it would be a cool idea to have more ranks than we now have likeguest, trusted, member, member+, cool, VIP, gold/JRP, helper, grief police, admin, owner can u guys come up with more ranks?that'll be great!
  21. so i was thinking when its players birthday (for those who celbrate them) i was thinking that they could get a ig present of some sort, would this be possible?
  22. Hi guys I know this sounds like a sucky game from the title but can get very random as me and my friend did a similar thing on another server. Example I post; I want lockette bob posts I ban chris as lockette is worse than LWC I want regios I post: I ban bob as regios is worse than world guard and i want ..... You can post singleplayer mods multiplayer mods and plugins. Thanks CR24
  23. Guest

    Server Money

    Hey guys, I have reset every ones money for the following reasons: 1) There was a major exploit with users selling stuff in creative, this was really exploited and made people have thousands upon thousands of pounds. 2) All the prices in the shop are really cheap and you don't need millions. If your going to rage and get angry about it, All I can say is grow up and leave because its a bit of play money after all. The last time we did this we got a couple of horrible emails. If people are going to exploit things we have to fix it. This is fixing the recent exploits. Plus there will be a couple of new things added to the money system soon We hope you understand why we have done this, Regards, Jamie
  24. Guest

    Server is down again..

    The server just went down 4 minutes ago ....just wanted someone to know.