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Found 4 results

  1. JRCraft (JR's MInecraft offering) has been a long time feature at JR. It's gone through a lot and still it remains. I want to hear what everyone thinks we should do / add / change @ JRCraft. Even if it's a small suggestion it's welcomed. We want to hear what the players think. Without you guys JR would not be where it is today, you make JR what it is. If you post a suggestion longer than 3 lines you will receive a month premium for free. (This offer is only till the 20th of this month!)
  2. Hi guys, I'm always looking to improve the services we run. Whether adding more servers or working with the community to better our existing ones. I'd like to know a few things from you guys. We have a lot of members come and also go, which is saddening as sometimes after members leave I find out that they leave because either something is not on our server (s) or something is not working right. Instead of notifying me users are just leaving and that really is bad for a growing community like JR. I need to know if something is wrong, if something needs to change. I always work with the community to make things work better, just talk to me We always have a place for suggesting ideas and you can do so here @ https://suggest.jrnetwork.net/ We always have a place for getting help too: https://jrnetwork.net/help/help-center/ Either way, please spend a few minutes to help us answer these questions. You can use the template below if wanted. What would make JR Better? What do you feel is wasted at JR? What servers do you use? What servers do you want? Any other thoughts you may have?
  3. So when i was about 6 or 7 i played this game called MapleStory. Yesterday i got my little brother and sister to play this game (i also started playing it again) ... it is a Gr8 game and all but the Global MapleStory server (run by the owners of the game) limits the gameplay so much by making it so that you have to pay for most things. So there are these things called MapleStory privet servers. They make it able to get stuff you would normally have to pay for by means of earning them. They also have "donator stuff" (purchase) that is almost like on JR-craft where it is a nice command or a "rare" item(s) that are very hard to get. I have searched through many private servers for MapleStory and i am not able to find one that has a good community or good staff. Running a MapleStory private server would not need constant updates (unless you want to) because you can take a version of the game that runs best (or is cracked for private servers) and keep it at that. It wouldn't take much staff to "ban" and "jail" and watch over the server (if you need help i will be willing). it might take a few people that know the game and how they work just to help out new members. MapleStory is a 2D platform game with many classes, skills, buffs, items, quests, bosses, party quests, and gr8 game play. ~please take time to check out this game and maybe some of the MapleStory private servers before posting below~ i think it would be cool for JR to make a MapleStory private server because i know the staff can get it done right, and make it fair for all players. (vide that goes over the basics) most of the "problems" he talks about are either fixed by Nexon updates or private servers. such as the hit box fix, and also that once you get in game you can customize the hair, eyes, hair color, eye color, and cloths.
  4. Guest

    /lvl and /jobs

    So the level part is more of a rant but I don't like having levels higher then 30 because unless I'm mistaken, a level higher then 30 is just bragging rights and some people like bragging rights. But in this case I think its just annoying. I'd say cap it at 30 but some people like it how it is so that one could go either way. With levels I've noticed there is a /lvl notify that lets you know when and how much experience you get but this isn't the same for /jobs and it might be that the mods were made differently. It would be very nice to know when you're making money instead of having to type /jobs info every time. It would be more convenient to have a /jobs notify that lets you know how much you make when you place a block. Yes i know its probably a mods thing and it would have to be fixed on the mods side but its just something I would like to see happen.

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