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Found 2 results

  1. Flaw

    Random Chat

    Since no one seems to be on the Chat, thought we might be better off with a forum chat that everyone can talk on regardless of timezone and activity. This is sort of a fork of Random Thoughts, except it's more about talking. I'll start: Cleaned up Chromium on Mint and wow, it launches in under a second. Blazing fast compared to Chrome on Windows 10 (5+ seconds).
  2. Guest

    Custom Skins For Server.

    Im Going To Be Making Custom Skins Specificaly For The Server. If You Want Me To Make You A Skin I Need 1) What U Want It To Look Like (maybe add a referance EG videogame character picture) 2) What Colours Do I Make It. The Skin Will Take Between 1-5 Hours To Make. I Will Try My Best To Make It As Good As Possible. Im Not A Pro But I Am An Expert Please No Naked Skins I Got A Thing Against Nudity [Completed Skins] http://www.minecraft...46608/skitties/ http://www.minecraft...in/44794/daisy/ http://www.minecraft...355/woodcuttah/ http://www.minecraft...ucking-mexican/ http://www.minecraft...in/35811/woody/ http://www.minecraft...ardcore-rocker/ http://www.minecraft...16180/rochelle/ http://www.minecraft...ce-springsteen/ http://www.minecraft...oly-shitadroni/ http://www.minecraft...sssssssssssseh/ http://www.minecraft.../majestic-ermo/ http://www.minecraft...n/12172/bikine/ http://www.minecraftskins.com/skin/2039/supeh/

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