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Found 11 results

  1. so, you know how above your pic <----- there is a little title such as "member" or "advance member" and some people have different ones? well how do they do that!? i literally tried to search where to and i guess im too blind to see? idk send halp plz. thanks - Daisuke
  2. Well hello dear reader, as you might had realized I am back after a little break and after finding my true self [insert very dramatically meditation background ... ZEN style!] i have decided to once again re-start the youtube career (for those who didn't know i used to have a youtube channel and i was kinda sorta popular (yet awfully terrible because at the time i didn't know much of video editing nor audio video production) and by mistake i deleted that channel ... the comments made me popular, not my videos) anyways, to the point, im asking YOU dear reader to drop your URL of your youtube channel so it can be featured in the end screen of the videos i am soon to make (of course with the help of other personal friends of mine) also willing to do partnerships play along with you etc etc thanks -Daisuke.
  3. so i need some help to get certain power ups and yadda yadda yadda, http://bit.ly/1nftOCD if you dont have the game and wish to help me there is a link to download the game (both Andriod and IOS compatible) if you already have it still help me! whenever you manage to battle in stage 7 (Japan) you will be able to put a code (8avw1) you get 10k XP (which you really need it) and yeeee help a bro out plz!
  4. Daisuke

    AQW anybody?

    hey there guys! i was wondering if any of you guys plays AQW, normally i play it when i have nothing better to do .-. anybody?
  5. Well hello there friends. this has caught my attention as i learned about it today (well, finally bother to read about it) the Net Neutrality, you probably remember the nefarious SOPA and PIPA bills the US Gov't tried to pull up a while ago, and now there is a new enemy. I wont get into much detail about it but there is a site where you can learn about this whole thing https://www.battleforthenet.com/ you use the internet just like me, we all love the internet and the internet loves us back in the way of entertainment, be a good soldier and fight for the land of cats and cheeseburgers save it from the corporations hands and their monopolies there is a reason why they are illegal.
  6. Hey guys! imma make this short and sweet well just short im having problems coming up with ideas for photography, paintings , and music at the moment i cant draw, i cant get the beat, i cant even find a good angle to capture so im open to suggestions to enhance my creativeness >inb4 blame it on #2spooky4u thanks.
  7. Daisuke

    The world cup.

    Hello guys, I wanted to talk about how the world cup is developing and give my personal opinion on my home country team, Spain Ill be honest with you guys we... sucked ... big time my most sincere respects for the team of the Netherlands and everybody that comes from there. but to me loosing 5 - 1 is almost as good as knowing that i failed my last year of school by 0.01% it hurts! but enough about me about Brazil though didn't have to struggle against Croatia but the struggle was real against Mexico That game was too stressing congratulations Mexico, you changed my mind about you! the goalie of the Mexican team ... what can i say? he is a human wall (why isn't he playing for Barcelona?) Brazil tried his best, i bet they did, but they couldnt now we all know that Central European countries futbol is better even England struggled against Italy (maybe because Italy had chuck norris as captain) and Germany just destroy Portugal (which made me laugh) now i leave you guys with a question. who do you think would be the world's cup champion? my money goes to The Netherlands so far .
  8. http://youtu.be/eU7T82a382s please tell me what you think and if you liked the video or at least made you laugh share it around
  9. Hey guys! i need your help, me and my friend got into this bet of who can get more fan signs and i need YOUR help, if you could, make a fan sign of my name (Alex) or Daisuke works too lol, the top 3 will be featured and 1st place will win a vintage team fortress 2 weapon! let the competition begin!
  10. Daisuke


    Lets be honest here guys if you dont know about tumblr you haven't live at all in the last year and a half to 2 years it seems like tumblr is one of the biggest laugh companies in this world without lying, it always makes me laugh It's truly a place where i have found many screw up people like me and i love it i got my fandom i got some friends i even got some notes well thats the hard part and im always trying to become tumblr famous after i decided that being facebook famous wasnt the same i joined the dark side that has no cencorship thank you based god and just wish to maybe one day, get tumblr friends more i have one dude who loves my blog on tumblr and i dont blame him his blog is awesome too but sometimes i wish i could boost my entries so more people can see them so i hope you guys dont mind if i share my self on this entry http://raozd.tumblr.com/ you should follow me for reasons good reasons question! why do you or you dont have a tumblr?
  11. Daisuke

    Netflix shows

    So i was watching my favorite show on netflix late at night (duh) with a nice cup of coffee and so i start to watch this people that just felt in love *insert manly fangirl here* and they just broke up ... i just dont get why they do that is awful! they were in LOVE! LET THEM LOVE EACH OTHER and its the kind of shows that makes you stay all night because they're so good, they are so good in fact that you cant hold it literally, you cant i was watching House M.D. by the way question! what is your favorite Netflix show?

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