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Found 12 results

  1. The Minecraft Server will finally be getting the long awaited update in order to be up to date with the possibility to add a new plugin or two. The event will be starting @ 8pm (GMT+0) In order to celebrate we will be doing an event. Simple yet fun, a couple small challenges with the opportunity to get to know each other. Apart from all of that, the top 3 will also be getting in game rewards to help them start off their adventure. Don't forget to rsvp if you'll be joining us. We look forward to getting to know you guys and have a laugh together. If you've got any suggestions, feel free to let us know.
  2. To start off the week, we will be doing an event for Realm Royale. Time is 8pm (GMT+0) For those that don't know anything about the game, this is a free game and can be downloaded on Steam. It's a battle royale game, where you can pick different classes to start off. We will be making use of custom servers so that it'll mostly be private for our laughter and enjoyment especially for those who are still new to the game, including myself. Anyone interested to join us, don't forget to download the game and rsvp, everyone is welcome and we hope that you'll join the staff for this event. If anyone has any difficulties in regards to the time or any ideas to improve the event, feel free to let us know. Thanks, NerveMLT
  3. I would like to thank all those who joined in for the event. It was definitely a blast. All that craziness, confusion and laughter, I'm definitely going to be looking for more of that. Now as promised I did say that the best would get rewarded, as such I'd like to announce that the winner for this event is @Drake,Spyshit06. Played well with every single class, both offensively & defensively, was capable of pushing forward and assisting his team, while having fun with the rest of us. The Award given for this event was Megaman Legacy Edition. Thanks again & Congrats.
  4. until
    Figured we'd start off with a simple event on Team Fortress 2. Who ever is interested feel free to join. Will be doing a couple of matches. The player who does the best in the matches played (Overall) will be rewarded.
  5. Hello Everyone! First of all I'd like to thank Jamie and the rest of the staff for this opportunity and their support. I'd like to start off by saying that if anyone ever needs help with anything or sees me online, feel free to introduce yourself. I don't mind the company at all. Now to get to the point, I plan to start creating events on a regular basis where the winner gets to be rewarded. I can assure you that the reward will be decent and something useful, but most importantly, my aim is to make the events relaxing yet fun, where we can all just join a server have a laugh, joke around and make the best of the time we'd have during that event. Keep in mind that in order to get this going I will need as much feedback as possible. So I'm going to ask you to let me know which server you'd like to see an event happen on. Any ideas will also be welcomed and appreciated. I currently have some plans for events on both Conan Exiles & Ark however if anyone is more interested to see events on other servers please let me know so that we can start working on them and get this going on, With your feedback and support I'll be doing my best to get an event happening once every week if possible. Also for those interested, I'll probably be recording/streaming the events in case anyone misses the events and would like to see what happened. Thank you & hope to see you guys in game soon!
  6. AS per the Minecraft event, I am releasing the results of who won the competition. I asked members to create a build in creative that brought back memories / meant something to you from JR, there was an hour to complete the task. Results are below! JR will be doing more events like this so keep watch for events like this: #1 Reward: REND + 5000 JR Cash @Cythion Cythion created a build in the memory of his times at JR and he chatted to us also about the fact his kids play on JR. I thought this deserved #1 due to the time and thought put in to it. #2 Reward: 5000 JR Cash @Sophaloo Sophie created a build in the memory of JR's old creative / survival server and it's lovely pixel art. Sophie had met @IAMSNOWMAN therefore she created another pixel art in the memory of this. #3 Reward: 3000 JR Cash @Kayla Baker Caz_Wind created a build that she did when I started properly playing Minecraft instead of just working on the server. This build brought me back to a very nice time on the server where we all enjoyed building together. To see all the other builds and pictures taken from the event look here:
  7. As discussed on discord in the next few days we are looking to have a community event. Please post your thoughts here and post on the poll on the game that we should play as a community. A date will be scheduled that suits all after we choose the game
  8. Hello everyone! Its time for another event on Jrnetwork! It will be a "Photography" event inside minecraft! To participate in this event, you must build something inside minecraft, and take a SCREENSHOT of it! The player with the best screenshot will be the winner! This event will last for 7 days! Ending the 9th January! Prizes: 1: 5day VIP, 5000 Ingame Cash. 2: 5000 Ingame Cash. 3: 2500 Ingame Cash. RULES: - You can build the project exactly where you want to! (Use creative for free materials, you can go here by using /warp Creative ) -It must be a NEW project. Any old will NOT be considered! -You are only allowed to have ONE screenshot for your projects! If you give us more than one then ONLY the first screenshot will be considered! So don't bother giving us more than one! -ANY edited pictures (Paint/photoshop/gimp etc) will NOT be considered! Other than that you are free to do as you wish! (Using a texturepack is a good idea, its the photograph ONLY that will be considered, NOT the ingame project!) I got a screenshot! How do i give it to you!? 1: Go to http://www.mediafire.com/ 2: Find your screenshot, and drag it into the "Drag files here to start uploading". 3: After finishing the upload, press "Copy link" and send it to me in a private message! (Click HERE to go to my profile) -Admin Qudubz
  9. Guest

    New Event!

    Hello everyone! I have just setup a new event in the creative world. You must build a statue, sculpture or similar. There is lots of plots at the event place, just choose one and build! But please try to make it really nice! The best project will be placed at our NEW survival spawn in a NEW world! And you will also get a good amount of cash! You can go there by using /warp Event1 There is more details about it at the spawn location. -Qudubz
  10. Hey guys! New Event! This Event is too make a pixel art that represents a game you like! e.g Halo, Call of Duty, Final Fantasy etc. The pixel art can be anything that represents the game. Rules and Prizes follow as the last event. Click here to view the last event. Here are the rules and prizes: Rules: Teams of two max Griefing means banning These must be impressive tourist attractions. The more imaginative the better., Prizes: First prize is VIP (or extensions to existing VIP) for 3 months and £100,000 (split between winning team) Second prize is VIP (or extensions to existing VIP) for 1 months and £30,000 (split between winning team) Third prize VIP (or extensions to existing VIP) for 2 weeks and £10,000 (split between winning team) We will put a stargate to the area when the event begins, hopefully it will begin at around 5-6pm GMT Thanks!
  11. Hey guys!! Finally! The winners of the Texture pack and Event! Thanks for everybody who took part in both competitions! Lets start off with the winner to the Texture pack! Posted by mr.infinity~ (dduon14) Download Here Congratulations dduon14, you will have: 1 - the texture pack featured as the official JR Network texture pack. 2 - 6 months of free VIP 3 - 10,000 pounds for the shop! To view the other texture packs that have been entered, go here Now for the Event Winners! In first place: k3v_o & txmanofgod2006 with The Lighthouse Of Alexandria In second place: Kayread & Wolves1117274 with The Zoo In third place: Qudubz with The Opera House Prizes for Events First prize - is VIP (or extensions to existing VIP) for 3 months and £100,000 (split between winning team) Second prize - is VIP (or extensions to existing VIP) for 1 months and £30,000 (split between winning team) Third prize - VIP (or extensions to existing VIP) for 2 weeks and £10,000 (split between winning team) Prizes will be given at some point tomorrow (probably when I wake up ) If you do not have any need for VIP, you may request to give it to someone else who is on the server. Thanks again to everybody who took part!
  12. Guest

    Todays Event Starts Soon

    A new event starts at midnight. Build the best tourist attraction in the events world and win fantastic prizes and the awe of your minecraft comrades! Rules: Teams of two max Griefing means banning These must be impressive tourist attractions. The more imaginative the better. Event starts at 12pm GMT +0 on 31/07/11 and finishes at 9pm GMT +0 on 01/08/2011 Prizes: First prize is VIP (or extensions to existing VIP) for 3 months and £100,000 (split between winning team) Second prize is VIP (or extensions to existing VIP) for 1 months and £30,000 (split between winning team) Third prize VIP (or extensions to existing VIP) for 2 weeks and £10,000 (split between winning team) When the event starts there will be a stargate warp to it, go to /warp warphut, build anywhere on the grass by the spawnpoint. The avenues between the grass walls will become roads, so bear that in mind when designing.

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