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Found 5 results

  1. Hello there . As you can probably deduce from the title, I would like to suggest that the "Citizen +" group/rank be returned. Here are the following reasons: Encourages users to post in the forums thus enriching the community with different types of discussions. If this is to be re-implemented, the activity on the forums will vastly improve many aspects including the financial problems that the server I believe is currently suffering from. (As indicated on some posts made by Jamie.). SEO. The further activity on the forums will rank the server up on the search engines (Most importantly Google.) due to the increase of content that would be displayed if this is to be re-implemented. This will then increase the number of guests and tourists the servers receive. This will keep the members that are currently dedicated to the forum and the servers content thus resulting in them staying on the server and not leaving. However, I believe there was a reason (reasons) for this group/rank to be removed. I believe it was because of the amount of spam/random posts made in topics so users can purposely increase their post-count. @Peter has once mentioned in a : "The higher we raise the post requirement, the more a user will post and its not always necessarily "crap", I've seen a lot of quality posts by one particular user, but that's just one so we still have the crap factor. As for spam, when a post is deleted, the post count does not actually decrease so we may have to go into the admin panel and alter the post count value from there, but that's a bit drastic. However, if there was an option to decrease the post count before the post is deleted, say for example a spam option (decreases post count) and a normal delete then that could work easier for staff." I am wondering if what he has stated above could still be implemented. That way staff can take down the unnecessary "spam" posts made to increase a post-count and still keep this rank. As for the post requirement, I believe it should be 150 posts as it was once made. However, a high post-count (In my opinion) isn't the only that displays the activity of the I member. That's why I think that people chosen to be Citizen + should be picked by staff. A person worthy of this rank should be a person with: A high Post-Count. Votes for the server thus displaying dedication. ^ For this reason I believe this should be cancelled then. The amount of time he is seen on the servers. Shows activity on the TS3 (TeamSpeak) server! You might be asking why I am suggesting this. TeamSpeak is a great way for a community to simple communicate. So, people that are active there display dedication to the community. Join date. I believe 2-3 months is enough (In my opinion). Keep in mind that I am not mentioning this so I CAN get citizen +. I am simply stating it as it can speed up the activity. As most people know, JR's activity has been quite slow lately. As a result, I believe that this rank is good to facilitate the activity and help JR continue to grow.
  2. I was thinking we should rename the Rejected forums because it is too blunt of a name and too negative of a connotation. I'd say it may go as far as put down members if they believe they have posted a satisfying suggestion. I suggest that we rename it to Declined because I feel it is a more accurate opposite to Accepted and of course has a less blunt connotation to it.
  3. From time to time we get spam bots spamming our forums, blogs and status updates. It's quite obvious they are spam bots so I ban them without hesitation, but let's not discuss the conventions of banning here. Anyway, this processing of banning the "member" involves: Nagivating to Staff -> Admin Panel -> Logging in -> Searching for the member -> Finally banning the member It's not as tedious as I make it out to be considering that these spambots appear every once in a while, but I thought it'd be nice if there was a "Ban member" button that appears to staff on each member's profile just to make life that much easier
  4. When a member of staff closes a topic and provides a reason the system will display it a the form of a post. The problem is that this same message is displayed even when a user locks their own topics so I suggest that this is posted instead of the above. Now this is not too much of a problem, but it is quite misleading and I have disabled the functionality for users to lock their own topics until this is fixed which I think should be quite simple
  5. Peter and I have talked about this a bit on Skype, and I think with the redesign, and the growing focus on Minecraft, rather than reviews/tutorials/etc, this would be a good time to pursue it. I suppose this could also be seen as "Merge Article Managers into User Managers; Rename." The Problem User Managers The point of User Managers is to, well, manage users. However, I've discussed with Peter that this position is either a) too narrow (e.g., their jobs/what to do) or isn't being used (other staff doing the job anyway, which isn't a bad thing, but just redundant). Article Managers This one is pretty obvious really. The original point of Article Managers was to manage the flow of incoming articles. There are many problems with this one. Not only are there a very small number of articles incoming, but they're never approved by Article Managers, they're just posted. Also, JR Network is less-and-less content and more-and-more of a gaming server/forum audience. This makes Article Managers hugely out of date. The Solution Merge them into "Forum Moderators." Forum Moderators approve topics, activate users, do small fixes to posts when the HTML/BBCode decides to be lazy, things of that sort. This cuts down on the redundant groups, and allows for better Forum operation. I suspect that as we focus more on game servers (I fully expect the TF2 Server to grow, now that the game is free, btw), I believe posting articles to the main site is wholly finished, if it hasn't been dying out for the last two years. I also suggest that "Forum Moderators" and "Minecraft Moderator/Admin" be a separate group altogether (that way the Forum and the Minecraft staff can send group-wide messages without involving people who are irrelevant to the situation, this would usually be the case with Minecraft Staff involving the forum staff, as I suspect that a decent portion of the MC Staff would be Moderators on the forums as well.). This however, isn't being presented/addressed in this particular post, and is thus in grey. Also, you may have suggestions on this, so please share below.