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Found 9 results

  1. Important mods and changes

    Hello, my name is GoldArk and I would like to ask if we can add these mods into the Ragnarok Server: Upgrade Station XP Potion Mod Item Stacker Mod Meat Spoiler Also, was wondering if we can boost the wild dino level higher. Thanks for listening to my message and notice.
  2. Favourite YouTube Channel

    So I assume everyone here uses Youtube for one reason or another. But what channels do you like the most? Do you use it for music? Maybe Fails are your thing? Or maybe a hobbie orientated channel? I enjoy Cinemasins and HowItShouldHaveEnded the most but I'm sure you have your own hidden YouTube channel that you're dying to share with the community!
  3. A great game!

    Here is a great game to play with atleast 3 friends! 1 player is in the center, he/she closes his/her eyes and counts to atleast 10 while other players are running around him/her. After counting to atleast 10, the person in the center says "STOP!" and the other players stop and around the center. Still, with his/her eyes closed he/she tags the player to his/her left and then the person they tag is in the center. Remember, no cheating!
  4. Hey guys, i'm sure iv made a topic About this awhile back but i'm doing it again . Ever find yourself playin MC an Getting Bored of the Music it has? MC has cool music and i'd never say otherwise but I know i always find myself Turning on my Ipod or Pandora an playin my own tunes. I'm makin this topic because i'm sick of my own tunes and want something else to listen to. I want somthing to listen to! List all of your music here. I'll do tha same.
  5. Well lately there have been many fun things in minecraft, what's a funny image you've seen? here's one I like, it's pretty awesome in my opinion =p
  6. RULES! The person below/above you will decide to kiss you. Here are possibility's you can say... EW!!! NO I WONT Go Ahead, I'm Ready! maybe... but not now.... Example: [Lttf] Would you kiss me? [Random] Sure I would! Want to Kiss Me? [Peter] No Way!! And So on. (Sorry if this has been copied)
  7. Super Steve Racing!

    Alright, I had a great idea a while ago, and I'm finally putting it into action! Using the zepplin mod, you can blimps and planes right? You can also make ships and elevators, correct? Why not a car? Or a bike? Or an ATV? Well, this custom map is a racing map! With tons of tracks and vechiles, you can race with your friends, time yourself, and have loads of fun! I only have 1 track so far, an NPC village. I also have an opening to the whole place, and thanks to the new super flat world option, I can make it more easily! This is all I have so far.
  8. Bump-Fest

    lets make this the most commented thread ever, just type bump and bump the posts up! rules- no insults, no autotypers, just type bump over and over. Keep on trollin bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bumpbump bump bump bump bumpertybump
  9. Hi guys! It's your neighborhood friendly Mining Guild Master, Passerbyguy! I have an announcement to make. I believe that hard work and major building really increase server popularity. I am pleased to announce that the Great Pyramid of Giza will be completed either today or tomorrow. After which, I am planning (have to talk to jamie first) about probably the most epic build that JR Network has ever seen. As of right now I am estimating that it will take about 750,000+ blocks to make this amazing feature. The project: The amazing great wall of China. The world's largest man made wall in the world that divides countries. I will be requesting help on this project as it will take about a month to complete. After completion, I will post this project on PlanetMinecraft, Youtube, and any other source that will help improve JRNetwork's popularity among Minecraft players. If you wish to participate in this epic build, please leave me your in-game name and any potential time consuming activities that you might be partaking in this month (school and work excluded) I really do hope that I can bring this server together with this project and hope all will get involved. Thank you for taking the time to read.

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