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  1. Conan has been growing and attracting new players, which we are very happy about. A couple of things have come up and we need to outline a few rules about the server. Just a note in relation to the server game type, we are making the server PVE. We did have PVE Conflict but we have agreed for the mean time to make it just PVE. In the future when the server grows we might have conflict days where we fight against each other as a community. Have you played on our server yet? If not join us here: https://servers.jrnetwork.net/ All rules / guidelines specific to Conan will be located here and will be available soon: https://jrnetwork.net/help/serverwiki/conan-exiles/ Please note all JR rules apply to every service we run, you can find these rules here: https://jrnetwork.net/guidelines
  2. AS per the Minecraft event, I am releasing the results of who won the competition. I asked members to create a build in creative that brought back memories / meant something to you from JR, there was an hour to complete the task. Results are below! JR will be doing more events like this so keep watch for events like this: #1 Reward: REND + 5000 JR Cash @Cythion Cythion created a build in the memory of his times at JR and he chatted to us also about the fact his kids play on JR. I thought this deserved #1 due to the time and thought put in to it. #2 Reward: 5000 JR Cash @Sophaloo Sophie created a build in the memory of JR's old creative / survival server and it's lovely pixel art. Sophie had met @IAMSNOWMAN therefore she created another pixel art in the memory of this. #3 Reward: 3000 JR Cash @Kayla Baker Caz_Wind created a build that she did when I started properly playing Minecraft instead of just working on the server. This build brought me back to a very nice time on the server where we all enjoyed building together. To see all the other builds and pictures taken from the event look here:
  3. (War Paint crosses face) Welcome fellow adventurers! Barbaric times are ahead of us all, You called? We heard your requests and from this something knew is upon us and we are delighted to announce that Conan Exiles has now been added to our server list which can be connected to via the direct address of " ". A new sub forum is in the works to house all conan related discussion and updates which will be located via the following link"https://jrnetwork.net/forums/forum/394-gaming-servers/" and we currently have added our server rates to our Wiki address which can be located here > "https://jrnetwork.net/help/serverwiki/conan-exiles/". If you guys have any requests for adding to the server let us know and we will take into consideration what is highlighted. Enjoy!
  4. Guest

    Left 4 Dead 2

    Publisher: EA Developer: Valve Players: 1-4 Online: Co-op Release: 17 November Left 4 Dead was one of the best zombie games ever, mostly due to it's great 4 player co-op. But it's sequel looks even better and will probably take number 1 spot of greatest zombie game in this gen of gaming, and maybe even greatest zombie game ever. The core of the game hasn't really changed. It is still based around 4 survivors fighting off endless amounts of zombies, but there is a greater variaty of zombies and they are much more intellagent than before. The game is set in the deep south and there are 4 new survivors to contened against hordes of endless zombies. The boss man is Chef Faliscek and he said he wanted "to make sure that you have this variety of experience, where you have to choose your targets differently". This is why they have intoduced many level specific zombies that behaves differently to the rest. Here are some of them. The Mudman The mudman is one of many level specific zombies introduced to the game. As the name suggests he is made if mud. The mudman is only in the map called Swamp fever. He lays low to the ground to make it hare to see him and he spits in your face to partially blind you. In the water they are a nightmare as they are almost invisable and the only way to see them is by ripples in the water. Fire Resistant zombies These zombies wear fire resistant suits and can be found in New Orleans. Obviously since they are fire resistant, fire won't damage them so your best bet to take them out is by shooting them or by going in swingin with a bat or knife. i'm not too sure but maybe if they are strong, knifing their suit might tear it and then using fire might damage them. if you know it does then please post about it coz i ain't got a scooby doo if it does or not. Charger These guys are farely regular in the game and are huge, pop out of nowhere, pritty quick for their size and give you a good smashing. some good news is that they take little damage and they are a big target. His job is really just to split to team up by rushing in and sending you flying away from the team making you easy pickings for the spitters The Spitters The spitter was created to make life hell for those who got lost from the rest of the team (or those who thought they were the shizzle and went off themselfs to die). Just like the others, it does exactly what it say's on the tin. She spits a sticky, acidic goo at you that slows you down and damages your health the longer you stay in it, forcing you to move. There are more zombies, but valve are keeping it quiet for now, meaning they must be good. Graphics: The graphics are great and it's got a tonne of gore. Fire looks very realistic, not as much as far cry 2 but fairly close. Some zombies are missing bits of their torso and you can see the organs and bones inside. Sound: Each mission has its very own soundtrack to match your surroundings and the intencity of each battle. Gameplay: In Left 4 Dead 2 the co-op looks better than the first. You get very little ammo for the amount of zombies you fight so you must make due with melee weapons to conserve ammo for bigger foes or tight situations. Also zombies have become much smarter and will bring down bridges and buildings to close you in to a corner. Shooting off limbs won't slow them down much (unless it's their legs) as they will keep coming for you. Left 4 Dead 2 looks amazing and I for one will be booking this game and so should you if your a fan of the first L4D, Resident Evil or Dead Rising. Rating: 9.5/10
  5. Hey guys! I'm excited to announce that I've come up with an ambitious idea for a game and map! This game would be a team pvp game, with two teams that fight to the death in a rather large map. One of the two teams would glow (with the glowing effect from 1.9, where they can be seen through walls), so that the other has an advantage in tracking them and taking them out. However, there is a button that can be activated that switched which team is glowing. The button moves around the map, having multiple possible rooms to be in so that teams have to search the map if they are currently glowing, in order to change the game to their advantage. The map would have to be quite huge, currently I am imagining a 1 x 1 km map, with buildings on the outskirts and a dense forest on the inside. There wouldn't be more than 3 vertical floors at any given moment, I imagine the map being rather flat. However, extra floors in the house could be cool, allowing for some rooftop action. Players would stay dead when they get killed, and they would probably start fully geared with possibly a choice of classes. The teams would fight to the death in a search-and-destroy type game. I made a vlog explaining what I've come up with so far! This map will take time to build though, so before exams (6 weeks from now) I'm solely focusing on redstone.
  6. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO first of all, HI! long time no see! to the point skyrim just, what the hell is valve thinking, paid mods!? after all these years when respect and fun were more important than the dirty currency of the capitalism!? seriously it sucks 1/10 #freetheworkshop in other news, all mighty nexus still free, i think thats it, thanks! -Daisuke
  7. Hey guys! So I have a request for anyone who has some extra time and would like to help a bro-man out So my friend is looking for a design for her first tattoo and she asked me for helped, so I thought it'd be best to turn to the talented people I know only as the JR Community! I'd do it myself but I'm not to personally skilled at this type of thing. Her wants for this was either a "water-color flower" (which I guess is a pretty popular type of tattoo) or a Celtic symbol. Personally I was thinking it'd be cool if you could mix these into one image. If any of you were to do this for my friend I would greatly appreciate it! I could even throw a few games your way if you would like. So that's my request, please post below if you are at all interested in taking me up on my offer!
  8. Guest

    Saints Row: The Third

    I started playing the game saints row the third. I have to say that this is one of the most unique sandbox/freeroam games i have played. all the sandbox/freeroam games have a story that makes you start at the bottom of everything and you progress to the top with missions and finally beat the game. BUT , saints row makes you start at the top with luxury cars , millions of dollars and really AWESOME weapons. This kind of a storyline is very fun to play with and i would like to see other game developers doing the same kind of things. Pros You have a lot of money and an hourly city income which allows you to buy weapons and properties very easily. The missions are very good , just on the second mission you have to jump THROUGH a plane and have a gunfight in the sky, then catch your friend. The weapons are really good (well some of them are not really good).like the AR drone which is really helpful in missions that involve gangfights. The overall gameplay is really good too , but there are some flaws which i will be discussing in the cons section Cons The storyline is not very long. The graphics are not very good. Sometimes you may find yourself stuck in a tree or in someone else Some of the guns do not work as they should When you play it for more then half an hour (when you beat the game) you really do not want to continue because there are not much activities in the city __________________________________________________________________________________ PRICE: 49.99 on steam
  9. I was thinking to buy Garry's mod from steam but i don't if it is good.I hope people tell me the good and bad points of the game it would be a lot of help to me.
  10. Guest

    Halo 4

    343 Industries are now the new developers of Halo and many of you may know that Halo 4 has been announced a few months back at E3. As a Halo fan, I am extremely excited to see the return of master chief since the ending of halo 3 and since I heard about it I have been scouring the web for every last detail I could find. (i couldn't find much) But here is what i did find. Cortana will play a larger role. Before Cortana was more of a side-kick than an influential character, but now Cortana will be playing a much larger roll with the knowledge she gathered on the flood when she was on High Charity and over the course of her life as an A.I. They are also making Cortana "more Human" in terms of emotions. Many may already realize that Master Chief is the brawn of the partnership while Cortana was the brains but by making Cortana more emotional the developers are hoping to make more of a bond between the two. Master Chief As many of you may have noticed on the E3 trailer, Master Chiefs armor has changed, and in my opinion, for the better. Master Chief looks more Bad-Ass now, especially with gap of armor missing around his important bits, which kinda say's, "Oh, I know you ain't going to shoot me, because the moment you pull that trigger, your already dead!!! boo yaa". Im unsure if Master Chief ever said "Boo Yaa" in any point of his life, but i think he would be even more bad-ass if he did. Not only his armor is changing but so is his personality (I hope he says "boo yaa"). Frank O'Conner spoke to OXM at E3 and said "There's some story behind his new look... There are specific reasons why he looks the way he does and why some of his behaviours have changed. We'll see in good time." I'm not an expert but who else thinks that he's going to get down and dirty With Cortana.... bowchickabowwow. That's it really. In the whole universe, these are the only details from trustworthy sources I could find. But looking at these details alone you can tell there are going to be some massive changes in the storyline and maybe even gameplay (a shot in that gap will take even the toughest elite down on his knees begging for mercy). Yes, it is sad to see that Bungie is not part of the future of Halo but dot fret, many of the developers have jumped ship and are now working with 343. HAPPY DAYS!!! So what are your views on this and what would you like to see when Mater Chief makes his Epic return to our Xbox 360's and our hearts?
  11. Guest

    Airport Tycoon 3

    Airport Tycoon 3 is a business simulation game released in 2003 where you must build and run a successfull airport near a major city. From an empty plot of land, you must build terminals, parking lots, runways, support structures, and build your own airport empire. The idea of the game is to make money by making contracts with airlines to let them land and providing them services. As airport starts running, you need to negotiate contracts with the various businesses, including airlines, maintenance companies, catering, cargo handlers, concessionaires, parking, taxi, railroad, hotels, gas stations and much more. Thats mostly what you have to do, do i recommend it?, no, Why?, its boring, it has bad graphics, the tutorial its horrible, the interface is hard to understand, you have so few money that you go bankrupt really fast, and it takes ages until an airline sends you an offer and more time to get an airplane to land. And the worst, what the he... is wrong with the time, if you fast forward the game when an airplane is approaching, it takes like a week for the plane to land ?!?!, if you leave it in real time it takes just a couple of hours , there is something seriously wrong there... IGN rated it 4/10, i agree.(3/10) GAME DATA Publisher: Global Star Software Developer: Interactive Vision Demo: Serie: FIFA Manager Genre: Bussiness Simulation, Management Release Date: 25 October 2003 Cost: 19.99 USD Original Name: Air Mogul REQUIREMENTS OS: Windows 98/2000/ME/XP CPU: Unknown, but doesnt require much. VGA: Vga with 32 Mb VRAM RAM: 256 Mb HDD: 600 Mb Direct X: Unknown
  12. Guest

    The Sims 3

    The original The Sims game became something of a phenomenon that was able to pull in devoted PC gamers as well as hundreds of PC users who never thought they would play anything besides their pre-installed Windows Solitaire. When The Sims 2 came along, it added more goodies that it was, once again, hard to want to put this game down. So can the same be said about the franchises third outing? Lets just say that people at home think I'm stuck to my seat permanently.The new game of life. You see, The Sims 3 is bigger and better and darn if it isn't still the same brilliant concept that made us love it in the first place but things in the world of The Sims is definitely not the same either. For starters, you aren't forced to stay within the confines your Sims neighborhood or - thanks to the many expansion packs - a single area such as a university dorm or a nightclub. In this third game, you have an entire town to explore with various areas to drop in and socialize. Starting with the Create A Sim feature, we can see right away that there are a number of new options at your disposal that can be used to create a number of Sims that don't end up looking alike. While the creation options aren't too elaborate, you can still create a Sim that resembles you and the clothing options can now be tweaked to the point that you can come up with your own color schemes and patterns. Thanks to the new EA Download Manager you can install off the disc, you will be able to download even more hair and clothing options later but it will cost you real dollars. The town itself - called Sunset Valley - can be changed as well, demolishing existing homes and building your own to the point of changing the landscape a little. Besides residential neighborhoods, the town includes a number of interesting locales that range from a library to a cafe to interact with other Sims. If you want to drop into a neighbors house you can even if said neighbor lives on the other side of town. You can walk, drive or even bike your way to various places such as the park or the beach.The ability to travel to other places not only allows you to break away from being trapped in a house or one specific area but it is also used to interact with other Sims as well as meet your Sims life goals. Your Sims have different personalities you can pick in the creation feature so you can make a Sim an irresistible ladies man or you can even make your Sim a creative genius. Depending on a personality, your Sim develops certain skills by performing different tasks. For example, if you have an artistic Sim you may want to have your Sim paint pictures until one work really develops into a real work of art and turning your Sim into a bona fide artist. If your Sim is having trouble developing skills they can always take classes.Do you think it's better Sims 2 or Sims 3???
  13. damsch12

    Metro 2033

    Metro 2033 is a post-apocalyptic game based on the novel Metro 2033 by the russian author Dmitry Glukhovsky, the story is told from the perspective of a boy named Artyom inside Moscow metro tunnels, were he was raised. Under the frozen and ruined Moscow in dirty overcrowded stations and its dark and sinister tunnels where only a small light is your best friend, looking for scraps, scavenging, fighting against mutants, horrible beasts and other humans, where mankind struggles to survive, is that the story takes place. Strange phenomenons and sounds are usual, darkness is all around you and so is death. Ocasionally Artyom goes to the surface to complete misions and get ammo, but up there things do not get any better, they might even get worse. The city is desolated and destroyed, completely buried under the snow, and the air cannot be breathe because of the radiation, a gas mask is needed at all time. To make things even harder the only instruments to find your way in the tunnels is a compass and light that you have to recharge to get its full intensity. The game is long and intriguing, it will keep you alert at all times, its full of dramatic and tense moments. Grim scenes, torn out bodies, blood al around, dark places, fast moving enemies, shadows and a sense of desperation help to create the prefect environment that captures you with a sense of doom. Darkness can also be your allied to sneak past your enemies while you watch them with your night vision googles and kill the silently, the lightning of the game becames very important in the game. You might also overhear some interesting conversations that add content to the story. Across your path you will find several human outposts but not all are friendly, you will find bandit and military settlements, turning to violence and war to resolve their ideological differences or simply desperation. Combat can be challenging, but you have a good set of weapons at your disposal that vary from powerful prewar weapons and ammo wich are really rare and valuable, to postwar improvised weapons that provide interesting alterantives. The gameplay is solid and precise, it will make things a simpler, but sometimes even when you are not making any noise they enemies will be alerted anyway, this cuts down a point from gameplay. (9/10) Textures, models and animations sometimes suffer a few odd glitches, but none of this problem really have an adverse effect on the game. The grim tone does a great job to cover some textures that could be better. But overall the graphics are great. (8/10) You will encounter pretty competent enemies that will be very agressive and will try to kill you no matter what, the figths are intense and fast. (8/10) The sounds are awesome, high quality, they get you into the situations, and did not found any problems with them. (10/10) Metro 2033 is a great shooter with an awesome story, dramatic moments and intense fight sequences. Despite some problems and taking it as a whole the game will capture you, you will fell compelled to keep playing it and explore every corner of the game. It is worthwhile, it has an immersive world that those who are brave will find it entertaining and fresh. (9/10) GAME DATA Platform: XBOX 360, PC Developer: 4A Games Publisher: THQ Release Date: March 16, 2010 Genre: Action, First-Person Shooter. ESRB: M for Mature(Use of Drugs, Sexual Themes, Strong Language, Violence, Blood) Modes: Single player Site: http://www.Metro2033Game.com Cost: 29,99 USD MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS SO: Windows XP, Vista, o 7 Procesador: CPU Intel Dual Core Memoria: 1 GB RAM Gráficos: GeForce 8800, GeForce GT220 or superior, or compatible DirectX®: DirectX 9.0c RECOMMENDED REQUIREMENTS Procesador: Intel Core Quad or Dual Core +3.0 GHz Memoria: 2 GB RAM Gráficos: GeForce GTX 260 or superior, or compatible DirectX®: DirectX 10 or superior OPTIMAL REQUIREMENTS Procesador: CPU Intel Core i7 Memoria: 8 GB RAM or more Gráficos: GeForce GTX 480 y 470 or compatible DirectX®: DirectX 11 Metro 2033 uses hardware and video cards compatible with nVidia 3D Vision. To play Metro 2033 in 3D you need: nVidia GeForce GTX 275 or superior 120Hz monitor(or superior) nVidia 3D Vision kit SO: Microsoft Windows Vista o Windows 7 TRAILER VIDEO GAMEPLAY VIDEO
  14. Guest

    Gears of War 2

    From: Epic Genre: 3rd person shooter Rating: 10 out of 10 Entire cities are sinking, swallowed by a new threat from below. Soon humanity will have nothing to defend. Only one option remains: an all out attack on the Locust Horde. Gears of War 2 is based six months after the lightmass bombing in Gears of War 1. Use enemies as shields, fight chainsaw duels and discover new enemies like tickers, bloodmounts, kulaks, fellas with flamethrowers, and a really big fish. There are many new weapons too like the Hammerburst Assault Rifle, Gorgon Pistol, Ink Grenades, Flamethrowers and heavy weapons like the Mulcher and Mortar. One bad thing about the game is there are no Berserkers because either they died out like the skrill or the makers could not be bothered putting them in, but to take their place are the brumaks, lots and lots of brumaks. It's the perfect sequel to a great game. I love killing things and in this game there's lots of killing to do. Yay
  15. damsch12

    The Punisher

    The Punisher... the best way to describe it?, violent, sadistic, bloody... You play as Frank Castle, an ex-marine who witnessed his family's murder at the hands of drug dealers. Sworn to punish all criminals, he goes to war against the underworld. The game takes place several years into the Punisher's vigilante career and features some of the Punisher's greatest enemies, including Bullseye and The Russian. With an really accurate character model, extreme amount of violence, and a story written by Garth Ennis and Jimmy Palmiotti, this game is as authentic as The Punisher comics. The Punisher is a simple game with 16 missions and a huge number of different weapons to choose from, where you just have to go through the entire level killing everyone that gets in your path. You can have 2 weapons at the same time, crouch behind items or grab bad guys and use them as cover while you shoot the rest of his buddies. The game also offers spots in the environment where you can find some creative ways for The Punisher to get information out of the bad guys or simply kill them in a funny and bloody way. You have to be carefull while interrogating, bad guys have a breaking point but if you push them too hard you might kill them by accident. It also offers more than 100 inventive ways to kill the bad guys, these murders cycle randomly while you play the game and depend on the type of weapon, when you get close to an enemy you can perform a quick kill and see one of these. This include throwing your gun at your enemy and finish him with your knife, sticking your knives in the enemies head(in several different ways), grab the enemy head from behind and knock him down, kick the enemy from behind and shoot him in the floor, and more, a lot more... These are very funny and violent. If you find yourself in trouble you can became enraged and cause quite a mess, as you kill and interrogate the rage meter fills up, at any time you can get The Punisher to go enraged, this turns the screen black and white, he wields his knives and starts moving quickly, this allows you to provide head-popping deaths and savage stabbings. The more you kill, the longer you stay enraged and the more you heal. This game wouldnt be funny if the visual do not keep up, fortunately the game provides really good graphics, the models are perfect, the killing animations are really detailed and extreme, you will be shocked and amused with them, the more extreme they are, the more detailed they seem to be. You will actually spend more time trying to see all the ways to kill than trying to complete the missions. The game has an excellent gameplay, with a wide variety of weapons, killing movements and freedom to interrogate(if you wish to), that is accompanied by excellent and detailed graphics(for a 2005 game), and a great voice acting, this is a game you must try, this is not a new game it was released a while ago but you will have a lot of fun. (9/10) GAME DATA Platform: PC, PS2, Xbox Developer: Volition Publisher: THQ Release Date: January 18, 2005 Genre: Action, third-person shooter. ESRB: M for Mature(Blood and Gore, Drug Reference, Intense Violence) Modes: Single player Languages: ENG Cost: 39,99 USD MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS OS: Win All CPU: 1 GHz or Pentium III 1 GHz RAM: 128 MB VGA: 64 MB HDD: 2000 MB OTHER: 100% DirectX 8 compatible sound card RECOMMENDED REQUIREMENTS OS: Win All CPU: 2 GHz Intel Pentium 4 or equivalent RAM: 256 MB VGA: nVidia GeForce 4 or ATI Radeon 8500 or equivalent with 128MB of VRAM HDD: 2000 MB OTHER: 100% DirectX 8 compatible sound card NOTE: do not open the spoilers below if you intend to play the game. QUICK KILLS IMAGES QUICK KILLS VIDEO SPECIAL INTERROGATIONS/KILLS IMAGES SPECIAL INTERROGATIONS/KILLS VIDEO BEST QUOTES OF THE GAME
  16. Here is a great game to play with atleast 3 friends! 1 player is in the center, he/she closes his/her eyes and counts to atleast 10 while other players are running around him/her. After counting to atleast 10, the person in the center says "STOP!" and the other players stop and around the center. Still, with his/her eyes closed he/she tags the player to his/her left and then the person they tag is in the center. Remember, no cheating!
  17. Guest

    Need For Speed: Undercover

    To be honest I don't like this game. There is more acting than actual racing and both are pretty crap. The graphics are no improvement from Pro Street and doing up a car, you'll probably have a heart attack at the age of 80 before the rims are on and after that there's a half hour of loading. I'll finish here because it is so crap talking about it more might make me blow my last brain cell. One more thing if you are considering buying it blow your brains out cause your going to end up doing it anyway. Well either that or buy midnight club: LA which is super sweet I must say. I give it 2 out of 10, mainly because of all the great things they said were in it and barely any of them actually true mainly the promise of an IMPROVEMENT. A hole heap of cow dung, (you know what I mean) and that's being nice. God don't buy this game.
  18. Guest

    NFS: Pro Street

    It can't be easy to be a game developer in charge of releasing a new game in a series every year. People don't want the same game over and over, yet they're unhappy if the game strays too far from the established formula. EA deserves credit for trying something different with Need for Speed ProStreet, but the new direction of the series fails to live up to the level of the previous games. There's still a solid racing experience here, and the online component of the Xbox 360 is quite good; but the game's premise is uninteresting and the in-game advertising is over the top. In the end, ProStreet is just another decent but uninspired racing game. The racing is solid, but it's nothing special.Unlike the last two Need for Speed games, which told the story of an underground street racer through campy yet entertaining cutscenes, ProStreet follows the legal street racing career of Ryan Cooper. The game still uses cutscenes to try to instill some story into the proceedings--something about Ryan getting dissed by a big-time street racer--but it's uninteresting thanks to terrible voice acting and unlikable characters. Ignoring the story, it's your goal to head to different events, dominate them, challenge the best of the best, and then take on Ryo, the man who disrespected you after your first race. Thanks to the sheer number of race days you'll need to win, it will take a long time to get to Ryo. Each race day consists of a number of different events. Most of these will be familiar to anyone who's played previous Need for Speed games. Grip races are standard races with eight cars on the track, and your goal is to finish first. Other events have you trying to get the fastest time or highest speed through checkpoints, or the best time out of your class of cars. Drift racing is back, but has been revamped and is actually fun this time around since you don't lose all your points for going off the track. You'll also be doing a lot of drag racing. It's fun for a bit, but gets old quickly thanks in no small part to the preceding minigame in which you have to heat up your tires--it's lame, and you have to do it before each of the three rounds. While there's no shortage of events, there isn't a whole lot of variety. Many of them feel the same--you just want to go fast. This makes the game grow old quickly, a problem when there are so many events to slog through before you reach the end. The game also grows tiresome because the action on the track just isn't that exciting. Some of the later cars you unlock, like the Lamborghini and Zonda, are superfast, but for the first 50 races you'll be racing some rather pedestrian vehicles. Since you're on a track there are no shortcuts, so many of the courses end up feeling the same, especially since a "new" course is just an old one with a few different turns. Most importantly, there are no cops. Getting chased by the five-0 was easily the best part of the last few games, so its omission here is huge. Damage plays a more pronounced role this time around; you'll have to repair damaged cars, but you always have enough damage-repair markers to take care of things. You won't even need these markers on the Wii and PlayStation 2--you really have to slam into something incredibly hard to register even a slight amount of damage. This is understandable on the Wii because the default controls aren't very good. Holding the Wii Remote flat in your hands and tilting it up and down to steer works OK most of the time, but sometimes, particularly on tight turns, the game doesn't recognize your movement, so your car will straighten out and usually end up in a wall. Now that everything's on the up and up, there are no cops to be found.While you always want to win a race day, that's not your only goal. You'll need to dominate as many race days as possible to unlock new events. After each race you're awarded points based on where you placed, how fast you finished, and how much damage you took. If your combined score for all the events breaks the old record, you've dominated the race day and you're awarded with a prize like cash or parts for your ride. You don't always have to race perfectly, but you'll have to win most of the events to dominate. This is made difficult because you can bring only a few cars into each race day--one for each event--so if your car can't hang with the other rides, you're in trouble. All is not lost, though. Like in other NFS games, you can purchase new cars or upgrade your ride to improve performance. And like in the last game, you can sculpt certain aspects of your cars' bodies to make them more aerodynamic. This time you even get to use a wind tunnel. It looks cool, but it's not that useful. Nor are all the visual customization options, because it seems that you can't use your rides online. The tool for putting on decals and vinyls is similar to what is found in Forza 2, but not quite as deep. PlayStation 2 and Wii owners are missing out on ProStreet's best feature: its online component. On the Xbox 360 you can create your own race day by picking a location, race types, and even what cars can participate. You can then play these race days online in ranked and unranked matches. There was some lag and the racing was a bit choppy, but it was still fun--you can really build up some good rivalries by racing the same people in multiple events during an online race day. Though not everyone gets in on the online fun, all four consoles get a piece of the avalanche of advertising that permeates the game. Sure, races in real life are heavily sponsored, but ProStreet takes it too far--there's nary a stretch of track where there's not some sort of advertisement for motor oil or car insurance. It doesn't seem possible, but 360 owners get to enjoy even more advertising thanks to dynamic ads that will be downloaded when you start the game up for the first time. Even better, some of the achievements are sponsored by a car insurance company. It's too bad that the cost of the game and the ridiculous amount of advertising isn't making EA enough money--on the Xbox 360 you can use real cash to unlock cars and upgrades. It costs $25 to unlock every car and upgrade. Every single time you go to buy a car, you're asked if you want to use in-game cash or Microsoft points. You don't even need to have unlocked a car to be able to purchase it with Microsoft points, which is really unfair since you can use that unlocked car to zoom right to the top of the leaderboards on the early courses. It shouldn't be surprising that PlayStation 2 and Wii owners also come up on the short end of the stick with regards to the visuals; it isn't a good-looking game on either system, though the Wii does support progressive scan. The cars look OK, but there's a lot of aliasing, particularly on the tracks, which are so jaggy that it's tough to see where you're going when you're driving at high speeds. The PS3 and 360 versions look very nice--particularly their cars, which look fantastic. They look great when they're shiny and new, but they look even better when they're all smashed up. It hurts your wallet when you total a car, but it sure is entertaining to watch the windshield shatter, the bumper fall to the ground, and the hood peel away like a sardine can lid. As mentioned earlier, the game doesn't give off a tremendous sense of speed most of the time. This is partially because you'll spend a lot of time driving slower cars, but also because the frame rate isn't very fast and is frequently choppy. Everyone gets in on the terrible career menu, which is ugly and difficult to navigate. Most of the cars here are the same cars from the last few games. ProStreet's audio isn't very good. This is mostly the fault of the game's announcers, who are poorly voiced, have a terrible script, yell into the microphone, insist on calling you by your full name every time they refer to you (which is hundreds of times over the course of the game), and basically do everything they can to get on your nerves. The cars sound OK, but there's not a whole lot of variety to the engine noise. The music isn't anything exciting, either, and you'll hear the same songs dozens and dozens of times over the course of the fairly lengthy career. What it all boils down to is that without the story, cop chases, and open world of the last two Need for Speed games, ProStreet is just another racing game. Other than a nice online mode on the 360 and PS3, its only truly distinguishing feature is its amount of advertising, which makes an already uninspired game feel even more soulless. RATING:7/10 POST YOUR RATING.
  19. In case any among you are not yet aware, there is a new game that is going to be released on Steam tomorrow (September 14th; link is to the app page on Steam), and it is (in my opinion) brilliantly amazing! Its called "FTL: Faster Than Light", and it is a space game in which you command a ship. Instead of the average 'fighter' style spaceship game however, FTL does a nice job of making it seem more like a game of SimCity. TotalBiscuit has done a play-through (see video below) and simultaneous review of FTL, and he says that it "feels like a game of XCOM at times (the original, not the remake)". Basically you are carrying data that is vital to the remaining Federation fleet. You have to make it past a bunch of galaxies to deliver this data safely, and the Rebels are in constant pursuit from behind you (so you can't take your time and explore every sector to the max). Each time you warp to a new sector you meet a random encounter; its sort of like D&D in that each encounter is slightly randomized and when (read: IF) you win each battle, you gain a bit of 'scrap', which can be used a currency and use that to purchase upgrades for your ship (from a menu, only for things like power and performance) and equipment (such as new weapons) when you come across shops. I personally will be looking to buy this as soon as I'm able (it only costs $10 USD), but I am a sucker for games like this (XCOM or SimCity based games)... XD UPDATE: The game will be on sale at 7am September 14th, EST. Technically today for me, but it may/may not be depending on where you live. :3 Also, it says here that the game will cost $9.99 USD on Steam, GOG.Com, and their website (depending on how you would like to purchase it), and that there will be a 10% discount for the first week that it is out! (I do not know if the quote of $9.99 USD includes this discount and it will go up later, or if it will only be ~$8.99 USD for the first week and then be $9.99 USD after; I only know it says there will be a discount for the first week)
  20. Guest

    Skyward Sword for Wii

    Okay, no one had posted in this forum, which I found sad, and decided to fix I still remember when nintendo was the top game producer... back in the N64 and gameboy days! Anyway, to skyward sword... Skyloft/Character Intro: You are a knight-in-training at skyloft knight academy, skyloft being a floating island above the clouds where everyone is bound to a "loftwing" a giant bird they can ride around and use to fly to various smaller islands (almost like the boat in windwaker). The birds cannot fly below the clouds though, so for the most part, the main character's rare "red loftwing" is completely useless as far as I've gone (still haven't beat it yet) although flying is pretty dang fun The introduction story is kind of long but... Plot: Big, ugly, evil monsters popped up out of the ground and the "Goddess" and her followers banish them to who-knows-where and she dissapears after creating skyloft for her followers. Then, the monsters start coming back and Link starts having odd dreams, and finds out he is one of 2 chosen ones, the other being his friend Zelda (suprise ) So after becoming a full knight (find your kidnapped loftwing, win a flying competition, piece of cake) you and Zelda go flying around, and as usual, Zelda gets kidnapped... but this time by a tornado, causing her to fall below the cloud line. Link returns to skyloft and eventually finds a hidden room in a giant statue of the Goddess (basically this game's temple of time) where you pull out the Goddess' sword with a magic helper in it called Fi (acts robot-like... this game's Na'vi or Edna). After learning how to use the sword you get the ruby tablet, which creates a hole in the clouds, where Link can dive off his skywing to reach the first area, a forest (classic!). Once there, Link learns that a person named Ghirahim is after Zelda, and from there, you follow Zelda around as she moves from place to place, aided by a mysterious woman named Impa (to anyone who played Ocarina of Time, name should mean something ) Now for my favorite part... Gameplay: The biggest and most obvious feature of the game... dynamic swordplay. With Wii Motion Plus the wii can sense where you are pointing, how you swing the sword, even how the sword is held in your hand (rotation wise). Fighting relies on striking in the right direction, most monsters being able to guard in multiple directions at a time, so making sure the remote stays calibrated is important (con there). Stamine is also a key factor, allowing you to run, climb, do spin attacks, etc. If it runs out you're basically incapacitated until it recharges, but sprinting allows much faster travel around the map and being able to run up walls is just beastly. Next, a lot of gameplay is brought over from previous games, and I don't mean the trademark bow, slingshot, bombs, etc (which are also there), but it bring the flying/exploring component from windwaker, the collectibles from Twilight Princess, and many more other connections can be found. The temple are a lot easier than of course Ocarina of Time, but they are very creative, with each temple playing to it's item (the item you find at the temple) and bosses that each have their weaknesses, so I still find the game enjoyable, more than challenging (could just be that I'm not 6 years old playing this game ) As for the review part.... Pros: Creative storyline Zelda Game (auto pro there) Dynamic Swordplay Comes with free 25th anniversary soundtrack (classical) Creative temples Fully orchestrated sounds (hard to find these days) Unique blend of previous games Cons: Wii Motion plus is required (don't be me and forget that when buying it) Wii controller needs to be re-calibrated every once in a while to keep sword attacks accurate! Temples aren't very difficult/challenging (to me at least) Start off with 6 hearts (3 made game much more challenging at the start) Not really a free-roaming game (explorable area is very limited) My rating would be a solid 9, it's still a really fun game and I recommend it to anyone who has a Wii or just likes the Zelda franchise. Feel free to post your ratings or pros/cons (in your opinion), also my first review so if you want me to add anything feel free to tell me.
  21. Guest


    Is one of the first computer games that i played, and is one of my favorite games. I Don't really know why, maybe because its a unusual game. Borderlands is a role playing shooter game sort of like a comic book in my point of view. It takes place in the future, on a planet called Pandora (my first thought about the game was, Pandora like the planet from Avatar?). In the game you get to pick one of four different characters each with there own special abilities. In the Story line you are a treasure hunter looking for the supposed "Vault". You are one of the many treasure hunters on Pandora, and along your search for the vault you have a lot of adventures. The game also has elemental weapons with fire damage, explosive, shock damage, and corrosive damage effects on some guns. It has a great story line. I know i'm most likely not the best at describing the game, but i try not to ruin it for anyone interested. But, there is some humor in the story line and even after you beat it, it resets and everything gets harder(you keep your stuff). There are also expansion packs to it, but i suggest if your going to buy it, buy the game of the year edition. Overall i give borderlands a 8/10 because its a awesome game but the graphics can be bad at different parts of the game. There has been talk that Borderlands 2 will come out sometime between April 2012- March 2013. When i read about it i was confused. I would think that the second one would be something about to find what was in the vault, but no its like 20 years in the future from the first game with a whole new set of charachters. But apparently the characters from the first game will be in it but not as main characters. Hopefully when it comes out it will have better security then the first, there was way to much modding at least for the xbox version and i like to play games like that legitly. It is also supposed to have alot new creatures and different things. System requirements for the Xbox360: 4MB to save the game, HDTV 720p/1080p
  22. Guest

    Sonic The Hedgehog 4

    "Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I is a continuation of the original line of Sonic games for the SEGA Genesis. Ports of the first two Sonic games in that series are already on the App Store, but they are poor representations of the classic games. But do not let disappointment over those iffy ports deter you from trying out Sonic 4, which fixes most of the problems with vastly improved controls and speed. Plus, this is an all-new adventure with fresh stages, sights, and sounds." - IGN Link to full review http://wireless.ign.com/articles/112/1126803p1.html Well I got this game a couple of days ago... Not to great, I was expecting more, the graphics could be better and the gameplay could be better too, also, Sonic moves incredibly slow D= I would give this game a 5/10.. It's fun for about 5 minutes, any fan of the old Sonic Games should NOT buy this. Erm haha welll thats just what I thought, what did you think about this game? And if you haven't played it are you going to buy it??
  23. Guest

    Powder Toy

    Powder toy is a sandbox game created by HARDWIRE. Powder Toy is were there is no limits to imagination. This small download for pc and (recently) mac, gets you to use your mind for something that can be explosively, unbelievably, satisfying-ly cool. The controls for this game are real basic, because it's just your mouse. With the mouse you just click on an element on the side of the screen and then just in the centre were the element will be placed. It doesn't matter which elements you choose and when, where and why you placed them, it's all to your hearts content. With 150 elements and more to choose from, there is a whole lot of discovering ahead of you. As you become more familiar with the elements, you then accustom your keyboard into the mix. This game also has different kinds of features like changing the display like the 'fire display' which puts emphasis on objects on fire and 'alternate velocity display'. There is also a pressure and temperature feature which put more depth into when one element reacts with another. Just to other features there are heat simulation, ambient heat simulation, newtonian gravity, water equalisation test and fullscreen. For more depth in the game visit the simulation gallery. This shows other users latest creations. You may think you might be good, but they know what there doing! An example is this this guy created a launch able rocket, with cars and helicopters, were the best I can do is make a flame thrower! Powder Toy is more than other science and physics sandbox games. It is more than just watching stuff explode, this can be a serious creativity application that allows you to build machines, independent environments and art. You can think of yourself as a god, with powers that can never end! Screenshot: System Requirements: Mac: Intel Mac OS X (10.6) Windows: Windows XP/Vista/7 Linux: 32 Bit Rating: 7.5/10 Downloads: Mac: Sta.sh Download (Trusted)(Not working) Windows: Powder Toy Download (Trusted) Linux: Powder Toy Download (Trusted)
  24. Guest

    La Noire

    Genre: 3rd person shooter Developer: RockStar Games Publisher: RockStar Games Platform: Xbox 360, PS3 Release Date: L.A Noire is an interactive detective story set in the classic noir period of the late 1940s. L.A. Noire blends action, detection and complex storytelling and draws players into an open-ended challenge to solve a series of gruesome murders. Set in a perfectly recreated Los Angeles before freeways, with a post-war backdrop of corruption, drugs and jazz, L.A. Noire will truly blend cinema and gaming. Game Trailer A good mix between the Godfather and GTA4 Most revolutionary game of our time, Suppose to change the gaming industry for ever. LA Noire is Oblivion on steroids, if you ever played oblivion you probably got sick of talking to people cause there were only so many voices, so many story's, you eventually got sick cause you heard the same thing over and over again. In LA Noire on the other Every person you run into walking down the streets, driving there cars, at food stands everything has there own story and there own voice actor. Rockstar says they will also have periodic Story updates Via Xbox live or PSN.
  25. Guest


    A lot of games make a big deal out of player choice, but few in recent memory offer so many intricate, meaningful ways of approaching any given situation. You fulfill or dash the spiritual hopes of an idyllic society, side with slavers or their slaves, and decide the fate of more than one city over the course of your postapocalyptic journey through the Washington, DC wasteland. Your actions have far-reaching consequences that affect not just the world around you but also the way you play, and it's this freedom that makes Fallout 3 worth playing--and replaying. It's deep and mesmerizing, and though not as staggeringly broad as the developer's previous games, it's more focused and vividly realized. Welcome to the wasteland. This focus is obvious from the first hour of the game, in which character creation and story exposition are beautifully woven together. It's an introduction best experienced on your own rather than described in detail here, but it does set up Fallout 3's framework. It's the year 2277, and you and your father are residents of Vault 101, one of many such constructs that shelter the earth's population from the dangers of postnuclear destruction. When dad escapes the vault without so much as a goodbye, you go off in search of him, only to find yourself snagged in a political and scientific tug of war that lets you change the course of the future. As you make your way through the decaying remnants of the District and its surrounding areas (you'll visit Arlington, Chevy Chase, and other suburban locales), you encounter passive-aggressive ghouls, a bumbling scientist, and an old Fallout friend named Harold who has, well, a lot on his mind. Another highlight is a diminutive collective of Lord of the Flies-esque refugees who reluctantly welcome you into their society, assuming that you play your cards right. The city is also one of Fallout 3's stars. It's a somber world out there, in which a crumbling Washington Monument stands watch over murky green puddles and lurching beasts called mirelurks. You'll discover new quests and characters while exploring, of course, but traversing the city is rewarding on its own, whether you decide to explore the back rooms of a cola factory or approach the heavily guarded steps of the Capitol building. In fact, though occasional silly asides and amusing dialogue provide some humorous respite, it's more serious than previous Fallout games. It even occasionally feels a bit stiff and sterile, thus diminishing the sense of emotional connection that would give some late-game decisions more poignancy. Additionally, the franchise's black humor is present but not nearly as prevalent, though Fallout 3 is still keenly aware of its roots. The haughty pseudogovernment called the Enclave and the freedom fighters known as the Brotherhood of Steel are still powerful forces, and the main story centers around concepts and objectives that Fallout purists will be familiar with. Although some of that trademark Bethesda brittleness hangs in the air, the mature dialogue (it's a bit unnerving but wholly authentic the first time you hear 8-year-olds muttering expletives) and pockets of backstory make for a compelling trek. There are more tidbits than you could possibly discover on a single play-through. For example, a skill perk (more on these later) will enable you to extract information from a lady of the evening, information that in turn sheds new light on a few characters--and lets you complete a story quest in an unexpected way. A mission to find a self-realized android may initiate a fascinating look at a futuristic Underground Railroad, but a little side gossiping might let you lie your way to quest completion. There aren't as many quests as you may expect, but their complexity can be astonishing. Just be sure to explore them fully before pushing the story forward: Once it ends, the game is over, which means that you'll need to revert to an earlier saved game if you intend to explore once you finishe the main quest. Thus choices are ruled only by your own sense of propriety and the impending results. For every "bad" decision you make (break into someone's room, sacrifice a soldier to save your own hide), your karma goes down; if you do something "good" (find a home for an orphan, give water to a beggar), your karma goes up. These situations trigger more consequences: Dialogue choices open up, others close off, and your reputation will delight some while antagonizing others. For example, a mutant with a heart of gold will join you as a party member, but only if your karma is high enough, whereas a brigand requires you to be on the heartless side. Even in the last moments of the game, you are making important choices that will be recounted to you during the ending scene, similar to the endings in the previous Fallout games. There are loads of different ending sequences depending on how you completed various quests, and the way they are patched together into a cohesive epilogue is pretty clever. Fallout 3 remains true to the series character development system, using a similar system of attributes, skills, and perks, including the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. system from previous games for your attributes, such as strength, perception, and endurance. From there, you can specialize in a number of skills, from heavy weapons and lock-picking to item repairing and terminal hacking. You will further invest in these skills each time you level, and you'll also choose an additional perk. Perks offer a number of varied enhancements that can be both incredibly helpful and a bit creepy. You could go for the ladykiller perk, which opens up dialogue options with some women and makes others easier to slay. Or the cannibal perk, which lets you feed off of fallen enemies to regain health at the risk of grossing out anyone who glimpses this particularly nasty habit. Not all of them are so dramatic, but they're important aspects of character development that can create fascinating new options. The VATS system makes for some awesome-looking battles.Although you can play from an odd-looking third-person perspective (your avatar looks like he or she is skating over the terrain), Fallout 3 is best played from a first-person view. Where combat is concerned, you will play much of the game as if it is a first-person shooter, though awkwardly slow movement and camera speeds mean that you'll never confuse it for a true FPS. Armed with any number of ranged and melee weapons, you can bash and shoot attacking dogs and random raiders in a traditional manner. Yet even with its slight clunkiness, combat is satisfying. Shotguns (including the awesome sawed-off variant) have a lot of oomph, plasma rifles leave behind a nice pile of goo, and hammering a mutant's head with the giant and cumbersome supersledge feels momentously brutal. Just be prepared to maintain these implements of death: Weapons and armor will gradually lose effectiveness and need repairing. You can take them to a specialist for fixing, but you can also repair them yourself, as long as you have another of the same item. It's heartbreaking to break a favored weapon while fending off supermutants, but it reinforces the notion that everything you do in Fallout 3, even shooting your laser pistol, has consequences. These aspects keep Fallout 3 from being a run-and-gun affair, and you shouldn't expect to play it as one. This is because the most satisfying and gory moments of battle are products of the Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System, or VATS. This system is a throwback to the action-point system of previous Fallout games, in that it lets you pause the action, spend action points by targeting a specific limb on your enemy, and watch the bloody results unfold in slow motion. You aren't guaranteed a hit, though you can see how likely you are to strike any given limb and how much damage your attack might do. But landing a hit in VATS is immensely gratifying: The camera swoops in for a dramatic view, your bullet will zoom toward its target, and your foe's head might burst in a shocking explosion of blood and brains. Or perhaps you will blow his limb completely off, sending an arm flying into the distance--or launch his entire body into oblivion. RATING:8/10 POST YOUR RATING
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