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Found 3 results

  1. I couldn't find a topic like this (well at least an active one what-so-ever) so I decided to make one. So basically here you can post some nice screenshots from any video game. Here's mine: Garry's Mod
  2. Guest

    Ciao! :) - Hi from Italy!

    Hello, everyone! I'm a 17 years old girl. I found JrNetwork's beautiful Minecraft server and decided to sign up. Since I liked how this community looked, too, here I am with this presentation. Uhm, what can I say... Well. I love foreign languages, reading, drawing, spending time playing on my Mac and my PC (sometimes on my NDS, but I've got other consoles too), surfing the net, playing my guitars and listening to music; I especially love listening to heavy metal, punk rock and similars. Not that any of you care about this, but a presentation is a presentation. I hope you'll forgive some grammar mistakes, as I'm Italian. Feel free to make me notice them, I don't mind at all. I think I've read somewhere that the server is French or something... Am I correct? Cause I'd love a chance to improve my French, if anyone here speaks it. Great job with the community, keep it up. Ciao!
  3. Guest

    Hello Everyone

    Hello Everyone! It has been quite a long time since I've posted anything, a month ago I posted a short bit on how good BF3 is (it still is), but I haven't posted anything really big in a long time. In fact, I sort of crawled under a rock. Truth is, I've been incredibly busy. I now go to school, and work (weekdays and weekends), and I am also in the process of developing three-to-five websites (two of which are on/off things). But, one of the cool things about work is, I get to buy a bunch of cool stuff. In the last week, I bought a 32GB iPod Touch, and an older Macbook (Macbook2,1, old but /very/ nice, and almost new in condition). I'm quite excited about the Macbook. I wanted to share some things I plan to buy for it: 4GB of RAM (currently it only has 1GB) STM Alley Shoulder Bag $300 of software: OS Lion Coda Transmit Snippet Sparrow Growl Expresso (undecided) CodeUp GoldenRatio Simplifier (simplistic music) So, in the next few weeks, after I take care of some car trouble (broken seat belt, and oil changes), I'll be buying a lot of crap. Anyway, I was hoping to possibly post here perhaps once a week, or thereabouts, if I find the time. I just wanted to do a quick update, this really doen't belong anywhere specifically. Oh, and Jamie, I got your PM, but I forgot to respond to it. Also, my Skype has changed. My profile should be updated shortly, it is now Thomas.Bates.Mac (because of course everything else is taken).

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