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Found 1 result

  1. Guest

    Top Favorite Games

    I know there is an equal topic, but it seemed sort of dead and old. And I need some new games to play, so I made this topic. How-to Post your top five to ten favorite games you have ever played, if you see someone else that have posted it, try to find something that nobody has posted before, you could always recommend another already posted game of course. Optionally add a short and brief description why you like it. And just to add another thing into it, add the games you recommend others to buy and play themselves the most, set up a list or add a simple rank to for example to storyline, game-play, overall impression, originality etc. You don't need all those things to post, simply add whatever you'd like (pictures for example), but try to at least keep your favorite games on it. I'll start. 1. Black and White 2 - Seriously the best game I've ever played, I love how you can play a god, pick up villagers (and throw them around, give them a title, rename them and give them a job) and build whatever you'd like. I usually fall in love with building games, but this game brings in strategy as well, as you fight different enemies to proceed into the map. I like how they give you the alternative of building such a big city and make the enemy migrate or make a giant army and smash them. You have attributes to evil and good. Simpler, your city changes according to how you act; if you're good, your city becomes more bright and godly. If you're evil, your city is all out evil and the ground changes to some kind of volcano terrain. The extension pack is fun as well, giving another (evil) god into the play. Storyline: 7 - There is a lack of storyline, but the developers did well at the "teaching you how to play" part. Storyline isn't what makes up this game, and it is in fact not what would ever make this game fun. Originality: 10 - The first of it's kind (actually the second, if you think about the first game). And I haven't found anything like it at the current time either. Game-play: 10 - The controls is totally perfect, the graphics is amazing and it is totally unbelievable that this game was made it 2005. I wish they added some kind of multiplayer to it though Fun: 10 - The most fun I've ever had except from plants vs. zombies, I am still wasting my time on it today, even thought I first played it five years ago and despite the fact that there isn't more than five maps. Overall: 10 - WOOO! Self-explanation; I like it. 2. Fable 1: The lost chapters - This is by far the best RPG (Role-playing game) I've ever played. After playing it, I simply started finding all other RPG's bad, this game is that good! It puts all other games in a bad spotlight. Making me wonder why no other RPG developers learn from them, and do it the same ways. This game is also made by the creators of Black and White 1 and 2. You make your character and form him or her after how you'd like her or him to be. Seems pretty much like every other RPG, but this game brings it to a totally new aspect. It differs from the road of other RPG's and does it in it's own unique way. The map is giant in my opinion. And if you have played any other fable game, you'll know the drill about buying and owning your own house, marry and have kids. By saying that I'd might make you think this is something like sims, but actually it is not, you got very little to do in your house except from sleeping, be proud and having sex. You fight monsters through the game and the weapons you gain while playing gives you some sort of feeling that you are successful, I am not sure, but if I remember correctly you also talk to doors in this game like in the games after this, fable games I mean. Storyline: 9 - The ending is very typical to games set at the time before weapons was made. It's the only thing I remember, except from the thing that it was AMAZING. Originality: 10 - Those developers is good at making stuff original. At least before Microsoft bought them up. Game-play: 10 - The controls is again; perfect. This company is known to over-do graphics to the extreme. Simplified, they make the graphics as good as they can get it. Fun: 10 - I don't play it currently today, but I would if I still had it in my hands. Overall: 10 - This genre isn't something for me, I sort of went bored of it after a while, but this game did it good. 3. Portal 1/2 - I never had a good relationship with Valve before I played the first portal game. There's nothing special to say about it. I just love GLaDOS, thats all. You need to be into a good storyline and actually have fun solving puzzles to play this game. What I really like about it is how they made GLaDOS, they made the perfect character. I did enjoy the puzzles on the first game better than the ones in the second game, I am not sure why, I think that it was because the second game gave me all of this crap to do and it was simpler than the first game. The first game gave you more tricky stuff to do, it was pretty straight on what to do when you first figured it out, and when you was done, you had to price yourself with a cake for the good job. In my opinion, what makes the second game is that they did the storyline and the feeling of the maps better, the first puzzles shows how aperture have been slowly demolished over time. And both of those games does the flips on storyline really unexpected, you simply can't know what to expect next. Storyline: 10 - Play it yourself, and you'll see why. Originality: 10 - What is more original that portals? Game-play: 10 - Nothing bad about that. Fun: 9 - For the ones liking puzzles, yes, fun as hell. You don't need to like puzzles to like the games, you got a lot to pick about. Overall: 9 - I am not complaining about anything. Really well spent waste of time. 4. Plants vs. Zombies - I first got the impression that this game was for children or something, the graphics is childish, but after watching the ending video and knowing it was the same people making Peggle. I sat of some time to actually get into it and learn how to play. And suddenly, it's the best ******* choice of graphics ******* ever. It is also damn fun, plants vs. zombies throws new stuff onto your every time. Even after completing the game it is a lot left to do, and a lot left to discover! Just... Play the game. Originality and fun: 99 , Godamnholyf***shit, this game wouldn't even need any storyline or basic stuff, it messed by brain up when playing it. I love it to the extreme. Technically that was six games. Done! Hope someone replies :3 I recommend: Total War: Shogun 2, Trine, Aquaria, World of Goo as well.

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