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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, my name is GoldArk and I would like to ask if we can add these mods into the Ragnarok Server: Upgrade Station XP Potion Mod Item Stacker Mod Meat Spoiler Also, was wondering if we can boost the wild dino level higher. Thanks for listening to my message and notice.
  2. Well hello there friends. this has caught my attention as i learned about it today (well, finally bother to read about it) the Net Neutrality, you probably remember the nefarious SOPA and PIPA bills the US Gov't tried to pull up a while ago, and now there is a new enemy. I wont get into much detail about it but there is a site where you can learn about this whole thing you use the internet just like me, we all love the internet and the internet loves us back in the way of entertainment, be a good soldier and fight for the land of cats and cheeseburgers save it from the corporations hands and their monopolies there is a reason why they are illegal.
  3. Guest

    Reapers - Base News

    IF YOU'RE A REAPER PLEASE READ! Now, I know Reapers are just a faction, but to many it's more then that. So, I'll cut to the chase, the base, it's gone to He- I mean gone to Nether. The place is completely trash, (except the 5th floor) because of something I do not know, I think it was a rollback mistake. So, yesterday night (for me anyway) some of us reapers decided on a new base after all the griefs and damage. If you want to check the progress on the new base so far, which isn't much, you can go to /warp Reapers2 So, you may ask yourself, 'what about the old base?' Well, we ask you take your stuff outa there, it will forever be open, and you are free to live in it. But, the leaders of the faction are going to be stripping the place of what we made, as in, the hallway arches and carpets. We are also removing all signs and anything else that is removable placed by us. We suggest you do the same to your rooms in the base. So what are we doing with the new base? What makes it better than the current one? Well, we are thinking of bring some old Reaper stuff to now. As in, a skyway, a bridge connecting multiple mountains together, hanging at near building limit. Along the sides, I hope to have shops ONLY, this way, we have 1 place for all shops. Another neat thing added is defence, we need some gaurd towers, and maybe some military stuff for show. This will make the base nicer and everything. Next, new ranks! Im thinking that each rank have actual privilages over others. I haven't quite thought of a new for the ranks, so feel free to leave suggestions!!!! The lowest rank will be forced to have homes in the smallest mountain, with rooms already made. You are allowed to decorate it, even change the materials of the walls and floor. The next rank will be able to live in the nicer mountain, make your own room (with limits on size). The final earnable rank will be really special, you'll be allowed to have a home on the large vally space available, it can be any size, but it must be a able to fit in the space that has been choosen. Ok, I lied about earnable rank, THIS is the last one. This one, you can have a job around the base, you don't get payed (what a shame) but you get TONS of privilages, such as secret rooms and everything! It will be the best rank possible. How are you suppose to earn the next rank? To earn the next rank, you must do a few easy things! Come to meetings and give suggestions Own a small business(get to that in a sec) Have a nice room Own a shop etc So, how do you "Own a small business" ? The small business is a section in the vally made JUST for business! When I say businesses, I mean different from shops. A business can count as a restraunt, bar, pub, Casinos, etc. Some last second notes! Ok, griefing will NOT be tolerated! You grief, you're outa this faction! You're BANNED, unless I unban you from the faction.(You'll also get a warning on the server, so don't grief ANYWHERE at all, but grief us, YOU'RE BANNED!) P.S: If the grief is big enough, you're banned from the server aswell Also, I MIGHT reset the faction, as-in, disban it, then recreate to re-establish people for new ranks