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Found 5 results

  1. We are beta testing our new servers list and ranking system. Please note levels are not final and may change, experience & cash may be reset at the end of this beta test. We will be conducting a full release of this new system in the coming few weeks, keep watch for it as an event may be released with it! This build fixes many bugs that you may have seen, including the dodgy player list. Please note we can not fix the bug caused by ghosting player names caused by ARK and we are still trying to get player names back from the JC3 server so things are not support with that as of yet. For more information about this new system please see the easy to read docs here: We will be doing a full release soon but we want to squash any other bugs I may have not found yet. If you find any bugs while using this system please report them in the #websitehelp chat on our discord. I really hope you like this update. Don't forget to use these new features you must sign in to JR with your steam / minecraft ID. For more information on how to do this please follow this quick guide. Currently: Frank T Hack is the Most Valuable Player?! To knock him off the podium you have to beat his online time or get more kills in TF2, CS:GO. MVP is currently ranked on the amount of experience a player holds! He could be beaten at any point and soon there will be EXP / CASH events at JR! Expect one when the full release comes out!
  2. Hey guys, I have decided to just make this thread / blog about why I don't get much time to talk. Please don't rage, take offence or cause arguments and just take this in and understand it. Why do I say I'm busy, Why don't I reply some times and Why do I just disappear... I have had some recent hateful emails and skype messages complaining that I do nothing on JR. So let me explain a couple of things: Firstly, I do ALL of the behind the scenes stuff, well 99% of it. I get help sometimes from Ant and Calystos, but most of the time its me. What you see here now on JR, is a result of my templating, custom coding, configuration etc. If I didn't ignore users and take the time to do this JR would be dead. Secondly, I do listen to the community all the time, JR is community driven. I may not reply, but hell I listen. I watch every topic, post and reply on the site, I have a dedicated window open all the time watching and waiting for new comments around JR. Thirdly, At JR we have nearly 8000 members, You must understand to manage a website with this amount of members and resulting traffic causes a heavy workload, I'm currently at the moment trying to recruit more staff, bring in more ideas to make things easier for us all. I don't have time to point everyone in the right direction. Sometimes I do have the time and I will when I do. But most of the time, I don't so please don't complain if I don't reply to small messages on where to find this and that. It's self explanatory and the staff are here for a reason. Lastly, At JR, for some reason I'm expected to know and reply to everything and everyone. I login to JR and I get 15 - 20 small questions that you can find firstly on the Wiki at at help commands such as /gettingstarted - /warp howto and members on the site, seriously, the questions most people ask are simple, You need to start looking it up around the documentation we provide. Also! You do know we have staff right?! Helpers, Minecraft Grief Police, Moderators and Admins are here for a reason, to deal with the community and put less pressure on me right around JR. Ask a member of staff for help and not me, Then I will get less workload and I will have time to have a bit of fun and actually join in more. Minecraft Related: I have been complained at many times that I don't get much time to do ingame work, or help in the Minecraft server. Please note there are tons of reasons why! Here is just some of them 1) I care for the community, I like to see it flourish and I make the server the best I can make it, I'm constantly updating plugins, configuring different things so they don't cause conflicts, issues and lag. It's always in my best interest to keep the community happy with the stability of our Minecraft server. 2) People say I forget the MC community. I don't. I constantly make sure the server is up all of the time. There are times where yes I can't reply to messages, skype calls, and / or different forms of contacting me. 3) I'm always innovating and saying to my self, how can I make MC better on JR. I have bought a new server specially for it, I have configured most things amazingly, but again there are updates to install each day and with most updates there is a ton of reconfiguration or tweaks so the plugin runs better. 4) I'm not here to work on small things such as how to use commands, rollback griefs, If I have time I will help you, If I don't reply I'm away or seriously busy with different things on the server. Another thing I'd like to add: Some users have been complaining that I get annoyed easily. Well yes, I do, but remember, I have to make sure JR earns 250 + euro per month to pay for servers and software. There is so much stress on me to make things work. Also some users have been complaining that they hate servers which there are donation ranks on the server. Listen, donations is the only way JR is been able to be funded, You go and get 4 servers, have all the software we have and then run minecraft for free fully, without any income and donations. I'd like to see you manage. Remember when you buy that Gold Membership at That the money each month goes to pay our enormous server costs. Look, I'm not saying don't contact me, I'm always happy to reply to everyone I can, but if I don't reply remember. Don't Rage, Don't Complain and Wait. I do ignore people who constantly ask for me, for good reason. I will reply eventually, You can email me at at any time and wait for an answer, but please look around for help if its simple stuff, Don't think that I'm the only person that can sort it. I hope you can understand why I have posted this.
  3. Guest

    Server Money

    Hey guys, I have reset every ones money for the following reasons: 1) There was a major exploit with users selling stuff in creative, this was really exploited and made people have thousands upon thousands of pounds. 2) All the prices in the shop are really cheap and you don't need millions. If your going to rage and get angry about it, All I can say is grow up and leave because its a bit of play money after all. The last time we did this we got a couple of horrible emails. If people are going to exploit things we have to fix it. This is fixing the recent exploits. Plus there will be a couple of new things added to the money system soon We hope you understand why we have done this, Regards, Jamie
  4. Right as of now a turn of events. We can not allow the shop exploits to continue. So we have reduced the price of bowls and some other items which allowed many users to get a lot of money. This has got out of hand and everyone is taking advantage of the exploit. It's time to remember this is not freebuild its a survival server with a big amount of projects, we are not going to stop you getting money to build projects with but we are finding a better way than using exploits which allow you to get millions within 10 minutes. Awww come on, I need the money... Don't worry we have some cool stuff in mind Well 1 the user based shops are changing to chest shops in the next hour more info will be added on the wiki. We are not, stopping you make money but at the moment the cat is out of the bag with the exploited bowls. We are going to look in to the jobs system and make it better so you can make some money We are installing a lottery system soon so you can put some money towards a big wad of cash Me, tawny and Dcrown have come up with a fantastic idea that you may like (kept secret till we talk to the staff about it) Whats happening with the server? Well we at JR Network think that its a bit unfair that people can make millions in a couple of minutes. But we do want to encourage growth of the server and be reasonable to users. We want to help with your projects we are just coming up with a controlled method that will be easy to understand and easy to get help with We do not ever, want to take away your fun, We just want everyone to have fun with out using exploited items. Will I get punished if I used the Bowl or other exploits? No, we are not going to punish you guys since we were made aware of it, but we will as we have said be finding ways that are more inventive than just exploiting a shop *bug* as such. This will make it more fun and more entertaining in the long run. We are here for you guys, not for our profit. We actually don't have any profit from what we do. We fund it back into the website. Our aim in our website is to have the best community we have. That's why we want to hear how you feel, if you have ideas etc. As for the updates I have been updating a lot of the plugins as there has been major changes with them We will be updating craftbukkit to a fixed version for the chests today, hopefully normal chests will work properly again, If they do we will be putting a price on virtual chests now. Hope you understand why we have had to change this. Regards, Your friendly neighborhood Jamie
  5. Guest

    What do you think?

    Hey guys, Since we are changing a lot round such as the forum, the changes to the site etc. We are wanting some feedback on how it looks. Do you like it, Do you hate it? Give us your opinon here! (For bugs please post them in the bug tracker!) Regards, Jamie I would like to say to the players from norway that on behalf of JR we are deeply sorry if you were effected in yesterdays events. We hope you are safe.