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  1. Hi Guys, JR Craft is nearly ready for 1.20.1, Currently a world update is underway to update the chunks. All plugins have been updated to support 1.20.1 The server should be fully online in the next hour or so from this message. Thanks!
  2. Just a quick update! The following was done today: Finished full render of map Full chunk update to latest version of map Disabled TNT Disabled creeper block damage, BE WARNED, THEY WILL STILL KILL YOU! Disabled fire spread We hope you will enjoy these updates!
  3. A few updates have been happening as you may have seen recently. I'll run through them quickly so you are aware of everything that has happened: New look: This was supposed to be released some time this year after I had finished development, due to issues with our forum on our old theme I had no choice but to switch to the new look. This new look is still under construction so be aware things may change or be buggy during this time. Mobile: If you noticed mobile was messing around and looked terrible this has been resolved now. Server list: We have removed unused servers on our server list during our tidy up. This also required a reset of player stats. Next time this happens we will not have to reset player stats but unfortunately due to a bug on our servers list / app this was required. Clans: We have changed clubs to become clans. This allows you to create a group / community within our JR community, you can create a blog / news feed / a community discussion / gallery and more. Soon there will be support for paid for clans where community members can purchase a membership to keep your clan running smoothly. Check it out here: https://jrnetwork.net/clubs/ Dev updates on website: These update logs will be posted when ever I get a chance and are public. You can find dev updates on the dev blog listed here: Minecraft updates: I have just enabled dynmap found here: http://quigon.jrnetwork.net:1888/ This is to showcase our communitys progress on the minecraft server. More updates will happen soon to minecraft, we have not forgotten one of our many roots. There will be more information soon, including new prizes, events and more servers. We are JR, we are still standing, we will game on together.
  4. Due to the quick change of theme, (as we were having multiple issues with the old theme been out of date and not compatiable with new code) we have had multiple bug reports submitted with our mobile site. I'm proud to say most bugs with mobile have been resolved now. Before: After: If you see any more bugs please report them to us so we can resolve them as soon as possible ❤️
  5. We are making some major changes to our ARK servers, please understand what we have done is for the best of our servers and to bring new users in to JR. The Island has now changed to Valguero Structures Plus has been removed as 90% of the functionality is now in Vanilla ARK Because of the change with Structures Plus the maps have auto reset, we can not do anything about this Structures Plus was the cause of map resets from what we can see so we have removed it to ensure that this doesn't happen again A script has been handcoded by myself to Auto recover if the map resets due to the mod updater (generally again caused be S+) this will be in place and will monitor our map files to ensure nothing will be lost. We have increased difficulty on all servers The following mods are now installed on all servers: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=730142272 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=870709781 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=821530042 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=754885087 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=793605978 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=751991809 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1184731864 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=916807417 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=711047840 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=736236773 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=895711211 We understand that some of these changes will upset really old players but we need to bring activity back to our ARK servers and we are working hard at this. We are now advertising on sites to bring more users to JR and hopefully with all the changes we have just made it'll create a fun environment back to JR. We will be actively playing and monitoring servers. If you have other suggestions please go to https://suggest.jrnetwork.net/ Any issues please post them at https://arkhub.jrnetwork.net or at #gameserverhelp in our discord channel https://discord.jrnetwork.net
  6. Hi Guys, As of this post: We have chatted with the community and we have been working to create a better server. (AS frosty says, tirelessly through the night) - at this moment we are chatting on discord. A few things to note about the new servers: Clustering - Is in beta but working, Please note if when you transfer and your survivor doesn't show right away give it 30 seconds and try and download again. We have installed the following mods to begin with, we will add mod's through suggestions as previously, BUT we will be going through all bug reports and will be checking better to see if any conflicts exist so we do not have an issue with the map as previously. Structures Plus Death Recovery Mod Taming Sedative Backpack We have also updated our mod pack - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=940316400 Stacking Mod - We have left this out currently due to the fact we can not find a mod without any issues reported. If you can help find a working / better mod let us know Classic Flyers - WE HAVE NOT INSTALLED THIS YET. Due to the following bug reports: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/discussion/895711211/133261369999910543/ If the community still wants to go ahead and install classic flyers please say below, we just don't want to cause any issues to dinos by installing the mod. Please read the bug reports to see if installing it will affect your game experience. Levelling - Is standard currently, a few reasons to this, I do not want to copy our badly designed level structure, if we are editing levels we need to make the levelling structure better and more balanced than before. Dino Levels - Are standard currently due to the fact normal levelling is in place. I'm sure this will change in time GAIA - For the next week or so this is disabled till I can properly review this. We may continue it, we may remove it. Depends what people want. It's a hefty weight to our server resources but I do not mind keeping it but we will be doing the same but adding GAIA on as well as the other mods chosen. SERVER MAINTENANCE & REBOOT - This has now been changed to run at 12 at night and also 12 midday to ensure the servers update mods and have a good restart when necessary We want to provide the most stable experience in ARK and we really hope you understand why we have only selected certain mods to begin with. We will be adding more but at the same time we want to ensure that it doesn't cause us another issue like before.
  7. AS per the Minecraft event, I am releasing the results of who won the competition. I asked members to create a build in creative that brought back memories / meant something to you from JR, there was an hour to complete the task. Results are below! JR will be doing more events like this so keep watch for events like this: #1 Reward: REND + 5000 JR Cash @Cythion Cythion created a build in the memory of his times at JR and he chatted to us also about the fact his kids play on JR. I thought this deserved #1 due to the time and thought put in to it. #2 Reward: 5000 JR Cash @Sophaloo Sophie created a build in the memory of JR's old creative / survival server and it's lovely pixel art. Sophie had met @IAMSNOWMAN therefore she created another pixel art in the memory of this. #3 Reward: 3000 JR Cash @Kayla Baker Caz_Wind created a build that she did when I started properly playing Minecraft instead of just working on the server. This build brought me back to a very nice time on the server where we all enjoyed building together. To see all the other builds and pictures taken from the event look here:
  8. We are beta testing our new servers list and ranking system. Please note levels are not final and may change, experience & cash may be reset at the end of this beta test. We will be conducting a full release of this new system in the coming few weeks, keep watch for it as an event may be released with it! This build fixes many bugs that you may have seen, including the dodgy player list. Please note we can not fix the bug caused by ghosting player names caused by ARK and we are still trying to get player names back from the JC3 server so things are not support with that as of yet. For more information about this new system please see the easy to read docs here: We will be doing a full release soon but we want to squash any other bugs I may have not found yet. If you find any bugs while using this system please report them in the #websitehelp chat on our discord. https://discord.jrnetwork.net/ I really hope you like this update. Don't forget to use these new features you must sign in to JR with your steam / minecraft ID. For more information on how to do this please follow this quick guide. Currently: Frank T Hack is the Most Valuable Player?! To knock him off the podium you have to beat his online time or get more kills in TF2, CS:GO. MVP is currently ranked on the amount of experience a player holds! He could be beaten at any point and soon there will be EXP / CASH events at JR! Expect one when the full release comes out!
  9. (War Paint crosses face) Welcome fellow adventurers! Barbaric times are ahead of us all, You called? We heard your requests and from this something knew is upon us and we are delighted to announce that Conan Exiles has now been added to our server list which can be connected to via the direct address of " ". A new sub forum is in the works to house all conan related discussion and updates which will be located via the following link"https://jrnetwork.net/forums/forum/394-gaming-servers/" and we currently have added our server rates to our Wiki address which can be located here > "https://jrnetwork.net/help/serverwiki/conan-exiles/". If you guys have any requests for adding to the server let us know and we will take into consideration what is highlighted. Enjoy!
  10. As discussed on discord in the next few days we are looking to have a community event. Please post your thoughts here and post on the poll on the game that we should play as a community. A date will be scheduled that suits all after we choose the game
  11. Hi guys, I'm always looking to improve the services we run. Whether adding more servers or working with the community to better our existing ones. I'd like to know a few things from you guys. We have a lot of members come and also go, which is saddening as sometimes after members leave I find out that they leave because either something is not on our server (s) or something is not working right. Instead of notifying me users are just leaving and that really is bad for a growing community like JR. I need to know if something is wrong, if something needs to change. I always work with the community to make things work better, just talk to me We always have a place for suggesting ideas and you can do so here @ https://suggest.jrnetwork.net/ We always have a place for getting help too: https://jrnetwork.net/help/help-center/ Either way, please spend a few minutes to help us answer these questions. You can use the template below if wanted. What would make JR Better? What do you feel is wasted at JR? What servers do you use? What servers do you want? Any other thoughts you may have?
  12. JR is currently rebooting it's ARK servers to update Capitalism and relevant mods to Capitalism. We will be adding new mods to JR ARK soon, Any changes were voted here: The following is the log of things updated in this update. Update of 09.05.2018 ~ 13:30 Currency PropsTable PlayerTrader ResearchTable NPCTrader AdminTable BountyHunter We hope you continue to enjoy our ARK Services
  13. JR Craft Classic JR is currently undergoing massive changes, which we hope will bring a new lease of life into the server. Jamie and the rest of the JR Staff team have been working to bring you a new server, Classic. It will host one of the old worlds we used to have on JR (arguably the best one we've had). The hope is this will bring back in some of you older members, whilst at the same time be just another added feature for newer members. The map is the exact same one it used to be so should still contain all your old builds. To join, connect to play.jrcraft.net and use the command /server classic . The server is equipped with many familiar plugins that we've used in the past, including clans, chestshop, and more! Unfortunately we were unable to recover homes but we do have a dynmap up to help you find any old builds. We hope to add many new features as well. Premium We are committed to making this a success and hope some of you can support us! We are currently in the process of improving the premium rank for the server for those of you wanting to support us. Currently as a premium member you get these perks: /flyspeed /setwarp - give other players easy access to your shops and buildings. /back - so you don't lose items/xp on death. /vanish Create signs with colours. /clan create - create your own clan. Create hats /god Chat in colour (using colour codes &1, &2 ect) /tp We hope to expand these perks in the future and are always open to new suggestions for perks. So please let us know if you have any suggestions! If you wish to support us you can purchase premium here. Suggestions If you have any feedback please feel free to leave a comment or contact one of the team and we'll definitely make sure to respond it. If you have any suggestions, please tell us! It all really helps Kind Regards, JR Staff Team
  14. Hello, I would like to thank you for joining our community and taking your time to read this guide that will help you understand everything JR. The Home Page Section 1 is the navigation bar, this is global around all of JR's website. This will be your main tool to navigate to the different sections of the website. On the navigation bar you will be able to find our global search bar, from here you can search for anything on the website! Section 2 is the user control area. The create option allows for you to quickly add new content to the site, from here you are able to quickly post new topics and blog entries along with images and videos to the gallery! The bell shaped icon serves as your notifications icon, click on this for an overview of your most recent notifications. The next icon the letter serves as your personal messenger, use this to communicate with other JR members. You can compose new messages as well as read them from the drop down that appears. The warning triangle only appears for staff members, so you don't need to worry about it. Next up we have the user profile, clicking on the profile image will take you to your profile, however clicking on your name will provide you with a drop down menu. From this menu you can access an overview of your content, you can also edit your profile from here and log out when needed. Section 3 is the global site controls, "mark this site as read" will mark every item of content on the website as you having seen it. The new content button will show you any content which you are yet to see. The "More" dropdown menu will provide you with more options to access a list of staff members and easily view status updates made by other members. Section 4 the widgets section. These widgets provide you the user with a quick overview of what is currently going on at JR. While these do slightly change across the site they do keep a similar layout. Section 5A shows the images related to the latest news articles which have been posted, these show in the order that the news articles were posted with the newest being first. Clicking on these images will take you directly to the news article it relates to. Section 5B shows the latest articles with teaser paragraphs, however this shows the most recently edited articles as opposed to the ones with the most recent publish date. Section 6 shows the global announcements across JR, this changes position slightly across the site however it doesn't get in the way of the other content on the site. The News Page Section 1 on this page shows the global content which was mentioned above in the home page part of this guide. Section 2 breaks down the articles into the categories which they were posted in. This allows for you to filter down the previous articles so you can read up on past events quickly. The Rewards Page Section 1 is the global content which has been covered in the home page section of this topic. Section 2 on the Rewards page the widgets are slightly different to the rest of the website, they show who are the top posters with a weekly, montly and yearly overview. This allows the top posters to keep track of their progress to see if they stand a chance at wining any of the prizes on offer Section 3 is the main content on the page, this provides the information on how to win and what you can win as a prize. You get to pick the prize from the prize pool if you win. More to be added when I return from holiday (11th August)
  15. Good morning / afternoon or even evening to all fellow JR'ians so without the introduction of my name is Frosty, how are you (insert reader name here), what are you doing today, play any new games recently, awesome how was your dinner last night, did you sleep well and all that lada dadda stuff - I being my mischievous and overly excited!!!! little snowman that I am would like to stir up a little excitement for a developing (note it says developing) idea here within JR Network. Let’s start off by mentioning that our community (yes that is all of you people, yes you right there, I see how you're tilting your head in confusion, or maybe now shaking it in disappointment for being so silly) is amazing let’s be honest without stroking any egos, our member base are loyal, honest and dedicated, we strive to further expand how we operate within the community as a hold, we began to ask ourselves the question "what can we do to show that we appreciate our members, how can we say thank you for the past, present and future memories?" So okay? Okay Even in itself that is a great question, but it's not enough to work with the way we want to do, so let’s think deeper.... hmm... any idea's ladies and gents?... nope need more time okay... (time passes) Ahaha!! We got it, you're going to love this, take notes! this will be good "how can we create something for the members and say our own little thank you by making their time in our community more personal and more enjoyable to suit their own hobbies and gaming experiences" Now we feel like we're onto a good thought, so we stuck our heads together deep within the unknown areas of JR's mind (known as JR Staff skype discussion, Or just JRSSD for short) and have come to a decision that within the coming weeks we will start to give back through events, competitions and mere give always (socially called Freebies) no strings attached you stick around you get rewarded, you're new here you may also get a reward, there may be multiple up for offers all depends what we have. We will always try to reach out to all corners of our community and give prizes of different reason We will be giving back to the community that has carried us, built us to be what we are and even in doing this we will never be able to show our appreciation to its fullest as a team Lets mention a tiny little bit about what Gifts can vary between - short answer - anything and everything within budget such as · Steam Games · Console Games · Audio books · Merchandise · Discounts · Beta Codes and much more to be decided ​ We will hold polls now and then with gifting options and community can assist with the decisions too I hope you're all as excited as we are to be bringing new Idea's forward and look forward to many more years here at JR Network Sinceriously The JR Staff Team
  16. Jamie


    Techihub is a one stop website for all your tech news, we find an article we post it, or you contribute it and we approve it. Please take 2 minutes to have a look at the next JR Network team website, we hope you will like it and keep following it Regards, Jamie
  17. Hello everyone, Due to recent events our rating on the site mywot.com have dropped and we urgently need to get our ratings back up to their normal standings. We would really appreciate if you guys could help us out and and rate us on there. Comments are also greatly appreciated Link: http://www.mywot.com/en/scorecard/jrnetwork.net You can login using Facebook, or simply just create an account, only takes a few seconds. Thank you, The JR-Team.
  18. Hey guys, I'd just like to advise you all that NLTekkit has been fully removed. This decision was made around 3 weeks ago by most of the admin team and as a majority vote we have fully removed the service. Some people may ask why? - It's a waste of resources, time and man power - It's buggy, in so many respects it just not worth the time +1 to my first statement. - There is no point developing tekkit plugins as Tekkit is still running on 1.2.5 .... 1.2.5, it's out of date and most of the plugins in it have just been thrown together. - We have never supported client modified server, unless minecraft can download the specific mod on it's own and install it (Wait for the mod api) we will never have a client side modified server. It's just too much hell to deal with. - JRCraft is more stable, less resource hungry and works way better than Tekkit will ever. - JRCraft has never had as many issues as Tekkit has because we have our own developers. Tekkit while yes we can have our own plugin developers.. Let's just say the Tekkit dev team are arseholes. (Mind my bad language here) They don't seem to support users, even when you try to get support and they seem to push bugs to one side and not bother fixing them. (As far as we have seen) - Tekkit never had many players really join. Apart from when we first released it and due to tekkits incompatibly with everything we were griefied and screwed up the arse. Simple as. Feed the beast possibility? Currently no. We still stand by our 4th statement above: - We have never supported client modified server, unless minecraft can download the specific mod on it's own and install it (Wait for the mod api) we will never have a client side modified server. It's just too much hell to deal with. As soon as the mod API comes out, we will be developing our own ingame blocks and game structure and be creating something more unique. We hope if you are a tekkit user you will understand why we have undertook the decision to close the tekkit server.
  19. - Slot limit toned down to 50 slots, will open up the taps when we see a need. (our max is 1000) - Herobrine will be around *You can kill him but beware, he is hard* - Giants spawn in different places around the map - New users will get a first join kit - Premium members get to have kits with /kk command - Using MCBans now due to the needed protection - mcMMO is back, all users can use abilites and skills (apart from tourists) (Only in RPG world) - Users can't just farm mobs for easy level upgrades any more. You have to do that yourself now. - Online users board at spawn - Huge new world - Lottery is back - Minecraft update Coming soon, unlocks every day / week: - More quests every day are added to follow on, more information will be posted shortly about where to find quests - Weekly events for different things - More areas that are built by the building team containing quests - Dragon travel areas to new quest locations - More prizes such as games on steam, Xbox, PS3 and more! - More features for our RPG world and more Also just because we are beast and you read this all, post a comment with your minecraft username below and you will get 5 diamonds (once only) (tonight only) Also we are about to have a fireworks show! Come on and join us.
  20. Hey guys, So a lot of work was put in for this release, the staff team have been working with me on this for around a month. We want to know, was it worth it? Please leave a vote in the poll and a comment on what you think. -- There will be more to come, but some side features are disabled while we still continue to develop them! Hope you enjoy the new site, Regards, Jamie
  21. I will be working on the website today and tomorrow, simplifying somethings as well as adding a better staff page for users to see the staff team. Have a good day, Jamie
  22. What are we doing to resolve the issue's that happened today and to improve how we run JR? We have renewed and re-installed the old server that was been used for JRCraft originally. We are moving all the steam servers to this server currently. This will remove load off our website server meaning that if we have a steam server issue it won't have an impact on the website as well. We are changing our http daemon to nginx from apache which is better in terms of security and stability. - DONE We are checking our servers for any security flaws and patching anything that looks out of the ordinary - DONE We will be training certain staff members to be incident support units, These units will be alerted if an incident occurs and will be trained in bringing JR online if a major incident like this occurs again and when I am not available We are sorting out our budget to handle the other server, changing the standard currency used to purchase memberships on JR to euro's and currently it looks as JR will have to pay over 299 Euros a month to keep all our servers running. Unfortunately due to the growth of JR, we will be contacting some users that we gave free hosting to in the past and informing them that we can not handle their accounts any more unless they pay for the space. Sorting out a better failover and cloud system with our own resources to delegate server load to different servers located in strategic different locations around the world. Sorting out an admin backend to view all server events across all JR servers to make sure everything is running as normal. Bringing more staff on to the staff team at the JR website Adding in server performance features to the backend of the JR website. - DONE JR is determined to stay running and keep everyone happy. I am putting in personal funding into JR to keep everyone happy. I hate to ask but if you ever can please don't be afraid or think twice about donating to JR. We appreciate everything that users do to keep us running. Keep us running by funding us and more bigger things will come soon. We hope you didn't get affected to bad during today's event's Regards, Jamie
  23. Enjoy, Jamie
  24. Software JR will be re configuring it's server software for the new server so we run way better, I have never released much information on our software but I will today! Since JR is a big server and requires most of it's RAM and CPU for Minecraft so we run a custom based linux distro which is partially based upon Debian, since Debian is one of the lightest and stable operating systems. JR will be running of course the latest Java 7 build. We can't release much more information about our server setup for minecraft but at least you know partially . Map and Server Backups Since the hardware allows JR will be doing map backups every day and plugin backups every 2 days. The JRCraft Survival Map I have decided with a lot of the staff last night that we will indeed be replacing our 15 GB survival map this update for a couple of reasons: - It's crowded - It's running out of ores - 1.3 Has new ores - It's huge and there isn't any areas for new users I want to keep my build! Don't reset the map. We have already decided to reset the map, it's happening. For instructions on keeping your structures please read: on how to submit the form to transfer your builds. Right well I have had numerous complaints that users want the old survival world to stay. While I don't think it would be the best idea, trying to keep everyone happy I have decided that the old JR survival world IS going to stay and not been reset. Why? and What's going to happen? JR will be separating the old survival and removing a couple of features from it as it would mess up the whole server if we didn't - No economy in old survival - No item sharing in different worlds - Mob arena and War will be moved to a mini games world with all the new arenas we are building There will still be a new survival world which we will be asking users to build in and we will still transfer projects over from the old world to the new world as the new world has more ores, items etc. The new survival world will still incooperate /warp jrzone as the spawn and will have all the latest features. While you are still in the old world transferring things this way will be more easy for members and hey you may decide to play in the new world when you see the new features. But of course if you just want to play in the old world, feel free! It'll stay open till users stop playing in it. JR is here to make users happy not upset users. WE at JR are doing this specially for you, no other server would do this but just remove it and not give a damn, WE -> I give a damn, I hope you stick around and have more fun at JR than ever before! Please be aware: Items, chests and inventories will not be transferred to the new world for a couple of reasons: If this happens the new map economy will be screwed up fully and it'll ruin the fun new economy we have lined up. Right now everyone has diamonds and they screw the economy, with the new system you won't be able to get everything right away it'll be more rewarding and challenging. New spawn: With the new map will come the new spawn, which will be /warp JRZone (Take a look right now Within spawn will be a 500*500 protection around JRZone, outside the JRZone grounds there will be houses and some nice information within them, NPC's will be found around JRZone giving interesting vital information. First join spawn: We will be making a new first join spawn that wont include a quiz making it easy for users to read the rules. Plugins Economy: Will be reset, giving users 100 coins static pricing will be added to the mall and we will re launch the mall with 5,000,000 coins. The static pricing will be highly tuned so it won't be glitchable. Voting: To make voting more exciting we will be starting to trace users who vote each month and users will have the chance (If they vote the most amount of times a month to earn Gold Membership for a two week period). Users who vote everyday will earn 100 coins for every vote, if you vote on all three sites it will be giving you 300 coins. Mob arena: We will be resetting the mob arena and building a new arena for users to play in, the old one is dark dingy and unused. War: We have had some exciting battles within war we are going to excite things with a big mix up of new arenas. Online Status plugin: JR will be having an online status page *status.jrcraft.net* to show the current system load and status of JRCraft. Weather: Weather will be switched on in survival Additional fun silly plugins! JR Craft will have more fun little silly plugins that keep us entertained Other World Changes RPG: A new RPG world with a story line will be released shortly after JRCraft 2.0 is released Hardcore: Hardcore will be reset so more griefing can occur Nether and Ender: Will be reset as well. Keep watching this post for information on JRCraft V2.0 for more information as it'll be updated here. - Rebel24 Enjoy!
  25. Jamie

    JR Updates

    Planned changes - Top menu redesign and menu update, it's horribly out of date and needs a lot of tweaking to get it as dynamic as I want it. It wont take long but during this process the site will go down as the dynamic menu controls the whole site and users won't be able to browse well - A table to show differences between platinum and other ranks Updated Changes On the Minecraft server today! - Re coded some permissions to make the server run better - Generated the PlatinumWorld Creative (Gold + Platinum + Members only) - Added plugins for platinum use only - Fixed some small bugs Platinum Membership Ok what the hell is it? Don't worry ! It's only another membership, with a ton of additional features, this membership is to show you the real elite JR Members! And is $15 $10 a month (10$ Lifetime price if your purchase this week) -> Till next week. THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN AGAIN! LAUNCH PRICE ONLY. So what's so special We have done website hosting so we sat down and said, why don't we make something awesome that users will use to show off their skills and maybe even to learn some more! So now when you purchase platinum you also get a FFFFREEE clan website in the plan! OMG ! You got a clan at JR? Say the bronys, SWAG? Well now if you get platinum you also get setup a website specially for you. It's an automated process that creates a clone of our default *Really Simple* clan website which you can edit to your hearts content!!!! You can also edit and change the site software! Users currently get 150 MB diskspace (Currently) but this will be upgraded in the future. All users get 1 SQL database and unlimited bandwidth and if your a geek that is pretty awesome to get Especially since JR runs on the best dedicated servers money can buy! ---- This is a beta service, if bugs occur please visit support within your client area. ----- You also can get a couple of additional features within Minecraft: - Platinum Creative World Access - All Gold Features - Mobile Chest - Mobile Workbench Platinum members also get BETA access a week before public release when available to our: - Tekkit Server - RPG map - Anything new we release Also a big thank you from @xemnes for taking his time to do the new JR Medals that represent platinum and gold memberships We are so happy to be providing a new service and to be feeding you the community with amazing additions to JR, JR Craft and all of our other services! --- Regards, The Rebel Jamie
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