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  1. @Chris, @N3RV3 & myself have been busy working around JR to resolve a few issues with our minecraft server JRCraft. We have been running JRCraft since 2011 and as an on going commitment to our community we will be pushing more frequent updates and new features. (watch this space). Recent Updates Updated to 1.19.2. Updated plugins. Fixed reports plugin. Fixed god mode and multiple homes for premium users. Updated message of the day. Fixed libs disguises. Updated information at https://jrcraft.net Additional Info Recent update has killed every chat plugin for modded / bukkit minecraft servers. We will update ours when possible. PVP Toggle has broken due to this update, again this will be updated when possible
  2. Depending on your rank you will receive the following permissions on JRCraft! You can sign up for free to get Citizen permissions or purchase a subscription to JRPremium to get premium rewards (You can purchase Premium here: https://jrnetwork.net/subscriptions/). When you sign up to JR ensure your Minecraft username is in your profile settings as permissions are applied automatically when you login to the server. Tourist Permissions (Default rank) Basic build permissions Basic chat permissions /home & /sethome Use /suicide if stuck Use /spawn Use /rtp Activate/Deactivate pvp mode with /pvp Use /staff to see online staff Request staff help with /helpop Report issues with /report Citizen Permissions (Registered at jrnetwork.net) Everything above and the following: Create claims View your money with /bal or /money Transfer money to other players with /pay Create Chest Shops (For more info go to /warp help) Set up to 3 homes Keep exp upon death Jobs - /jobs mcMMO - /mcmmo help Teleport to other players with /tpa or /tpahere Disable teleport requests with /tptoggle (excluding staff) Warp to different locations with /warp View other warps with /warps Access to /kit tools Mention other players by typing their name Access to marriage with /marry Color signs Other commands /me /getpos /depth JRPremium (Acquired when you become a donator here: https://jrnetwork.net/subscriptions/) Everything above and the following: Unlimited claim blocks Set up to 99 homes Ability to fly Keep inventory upon death Join the server when it's full Access to /kit notch and /kit premium Set warps with /setwarp Create yourself a nickname with /nick Create chatgroups with /group Command List: /fly /fly speed /back /compass /enderchest /extinguish /feed /firework /group /hat /heal /jump /nick /repair /ptime /setwarp /speed /vanish /workbench or /craft /tp and /tphere and /tppos
  3. New Features: You can now revive players by holding shift when they get damaged Bees, Bees, Bees - Right click a bee and a GUI will show with new information and abilities ! Friends system. Do you have a friend? Then add him using /friends Mobs now have levels. Gone are your basic mobs! BEWARE they can be dangerous! Fixed the following issues: Chat not functioning correctly, we have switched from MultiChat to VentureChat due to our server setup Fixed issue with messaging, you can now PM other players as normal MobHealth not showing correctly. Fixed broken things within the mob arena Changed mob arena classes slightly Moved friends head in the inventory area 9 so you can manage your friends. Disabled mobrewards message while playing in mobarena spamming you saying you cant get mob rewards in mobarena Changed chat colors to white for normal global chat
  4. We have installed and fixed a few things that will make playing on the server easier! Updates: - Mob's now show health status above them - Home's now has a GUI to see all your homes - Sleeping system changed to Smoothsleep as the betterbed plugin doesn't work as well - You can now mention players with @ - Reports can now be made using /report Also if you have a minute, please vote for us here: https://minebrowse.com/server/771 It will really help us gain more users in the long run
  5. Big update today guys, hope you enjoy it please see the following update log: - Fixed issues with our website / permissions bridge - Changed permissions system to group manager - Removed BungeePEXBridge - Removed NPC Auctions - Removed user access to worldguard, this is in favour of griefprevention. - Removed message on join how did you find the server due to a bug. - Changed Player list - Removed [survival] from messages. We only run survival currently so silly having this here - Disabled dynmap worldguard as not really used especially now we have disabled user access to worldguard - Installed farm limiter to reduce mob clusters causing lag - Updated economy plugin - Removed job hunter - Added Mobhunter plugin - Added Holographic displays and modified spawn - Added PVPArena to duel a fellow user type /duel. To spectate use /warp PVPArena (This arena was created by old time members on a previous map, it's based on a halo map ) - Added moreores: Kelp Ore: This ore smelts into kelp, which can then be cooked, providing a food source underground. Petrified Wood: This ore smelts into oak wood, so players will have a way of gaining wood while underground. Experience Ore: Drops 1 - 4 experience orbs. (Minimum and maximum experience orbs are configurable) Random Ore: Drops coal, gold ore, iron ore, 1 - 10 redstone, or a diamond. Potion Ore: Splashes a random potion when broken. The more harmful potions are disabled, but that can be configured. Health Ore: Combing four of these creates a Medkit. Medkit: Can be used on a mob or another player to heal them 6 health points. (Amount of health is configurable) Liquid Ore: This ore smelts into Liquid Ingots. Liquid Ingot: Surround a turtle shell with these in the crafting menu to create a Scuba Helmet. Can be used to make Noncombustible boots, Dolphin Pants, and Chestplate of the Drowned Scuba Helmet: Allows its wearer to breathe underwater for 20 seconds. (Time is configurable) OTHER ITEMS: Chestplate of the Drowned: A chestplate that provides haste for 10 seconds when the player goes underwater. The duration can be changed in the config. Crafted from Liquid Ingots Dolphin Pants: Leggings that provide dolphin's grace for 20 seconds when the player goes underwater. The duration can be changed in the config. Crafted from Liquid Ingots Noncombustible Boots: Boots that provide fire resistance for a total of 65 seconds, 1 second at a time. The time can be multiplied in the config. Crafted from Liquid Ingots
  6. Just a quick update! The following was done today: Finished full render of map Full chunk update to latest version of map Disabled TNT Disabled creeper block damage, BE WARNED, THEY WILL STILL KILL YOU! Disabled fire spread We hope you will enjoy these updates!
  7. Hi everyone, following the release of minecraft 1.13 I think it is best to let everyone know what is going on with updating JRCraft to minecraft 1.13. This update is one massive update, it is the same as minecraft going from version 1.8 to 1.12 in one update (basically all updates between 1.8 and 1.12 being released as one mega update). It contains a lot of changes to the game and the game server, which requires a lot of effort from the guys working on Spigot. What do we know already? Spigot has some early builds available for 1.13 but we aren't going to use these as they are experimental and more for plugin developers to update their plugins and for developers in the community to help write the code for the server software 1.13 changes the way some plugins have to interact with the server, as a result we may see some plugins not be updated for a long while All plugins will likely break due to this update (we can update the important ones ourselves if the need arises, or look for alternatives to what we already use) Block IDs are no longer being used by Spigot to closely mirror vanilla minecraft, while developers have known about this since December 2017 and work has been on going for this block rework in Spigot for 4 years, so before bukkit was shut down I believe. What's going to happen to X plugin? At the moment we are more concerned with the main plugins we use to help administer the server and provide grief protections. While there will certainly be a ban plugin, block logging plugin of some description for 1.13 we have a preference to just update the ones we already have in place. I expect World Guard & World Edit to be updated as soon as we get a stable build for spigot 1.13. LWC will likely be fine as it is already using the way to deal with blocks. My main concern lies with the plugins we use to sync ranks between the server and the forum and logblock. As these are some of the most important plugins we have. We are hoping that these plugins do get updated, or we may resort to try and update them ourselves, especially the plugin that links the forum to the server as that is how all permissions are handled. We will try to keep as many plugins as we can, ones that cannot be kept will be replaced with ones that have equal or better functionality. Unless we get an update for it, this might be the end of the stargate plugin 😕 (due to the changes in block handling) Also as a sidenote, dynmap is currently not coming back because it eats disk space worse than chrome eats RAM. Do you have a timeframe? Currently we do not, we will update the server at the earliest time when it is safe to do so. This will ensure that we can provide the best experience to our players. We know it's a pain of a process to go through, but every server is going through a similar thing right now all we can do for the time being is wait for the stuff we need to be updated. We may look into running a testing server for our premium members so they can help test the stability of the server once an update has been released and the functionality of plugins if they do not receive updates
  8. Hi guys, this is the update everyone has all be waiting for, the update to official 1.8 here at JRNetwork. I have updated survival to full 1.8 so you can now start to play with the new features! Creative will be soon to follow as soon as I get the time to update it. See you there! : play.jrcraft.net Regards, Frank. IMPORTANT - If you are unable to build in a region you were able to before please contact a member of staff. WorldGuard didn't transfer over flags, members, or owners of regions.
  9. Hey everyone! Some of you may know me, but I highly doubt it >.>. Well anyone, made a video, and really want to continue. You guys may remember I did one already but I didn't expect to stay with this server too long, but dam, I just can't stop coming back. So here it is! Episode 1. Feedback is lovely. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eSZSfIDwRDE&feature=youtu.be Also, if anyone can make a nice background design or whatever for the videos...for the thumbnails, I would be so thankful. I don't know how those professionals do it >.>... But hey, I TRIED. xD
  10. Hey guys, just installed a horse protection plugin to the server, should be good to go. To protect you must have: Tamed horse Saddle How to protect: Right click the horse with the saddle and it will let you know when you have protected it. Now your horse is protected, it will be given an ID, that you will use to referance when Tp'ing etc. Use /horse id <identifier> <new-identifier> if you want to change identifier. Example: /horse id 5 myhorse. NOTE: setting the new ID may or may not work, if it doesn't it will be fixed soon! , so if you forget the identifier just use /horse list to see a list of identifiers for the horses you own You can teleport horse to your position by using /horse tp <identifier>. Example: /horse tp myhorse Finally to list all your owned horses use /horse list Below are the rest of the the commands for referance: /horse: List all commands /horse list: List owned horses /horse members <identifier>: list members of horse /horse tp <identifier>: teleport horse to your position /horse id <identifier> <new-identifier>: change horse identifier /horse addmember <identifier> <player>: add member to horse /horse delmember <identifier> <player>: remove member from horse There are also other commands for this plugin which we have not added permissions for yet as we still need to test them. The only limit to this plugin is the amount of horses you can protect; here is a list of all the groups and amount of horses they can protect: Tourist : 1 Citizen : 3 JR Premium: 20 Any questions just post below, happy protecting! Any Issues please submit a bug report here
  11. I have made a review for JRcraft at the famous site PlantMinecraft.com to support the server, it's best if you diamond this review as much as possible so we can increase in traffic! http://www.planetminecraft.com/blog/server-review-jrcraft/ Also post a nice comment and share on facebook and twitter! If you don't have a PMC account, MAKE ONE! It takes moments and a few seconds to verify! Thanks, -Math
  12. I need help I recently was playing JRCRAFT RPG and I was going to go offline so I protected the stuff not knowing how to I did something to protect it and I now cant break nor get in my chests.. I want it to be fixed if possible asap please so I can play more on JRCRAFT RPG!
  13. That's it! Enjoy your free premium Jamie
  14. Just made a new hunger games map guys. Its a small 6 player map i made up from the top of my head hope you will enjoy it, its a snow themed arena with a few hidden chests if you look in the right place, there is even one hidden place with two chests in it if you find it
  15. Well guys, after i left for a while and came back again i really found the new Jr craft really freaking awesome! but i couldn't just leave the old survival QwQ too many good times and good friends (some of them decided to move on and forget ... ) but the thing is that there are so many good memories on the old survival and i wanted to share some of them with y'all and maybe y'all want to share something as well and with this picture is one of the many of my favorite memories xD (can somebody take that sign tho!?)
  16. Hey guys! I've been playing a bit more recently (before my winter holidays that happen in March, durr) and I built a spleef arena! I know everyone on the Admin team has probably had enough of so many arenas and everything being made, yet I do know that some people would like a multi-story round spleef arena. So, with the help of world edit in the Premium world (BTW I love that world ), I built this! Hope it can be considered as a spleef arena, if not, I'm still proud of my build. To get to it, just go through the Premium portal. It's the only build for now (by the way Citizens you can go through the portal and into the world you just can't build). I know @Jamie has to confirm this kind of stuff, so I've tagged you.
  17. so i was surffing the internet and i found this video and its like some addons for the RPG , dont judge it right now, watch the video and tell me what y'all think , give it a chance and even tho i know this is most likely to be rejected i still think it would be a nice addon for RPG or new world
  18. hi guys, the last couple of days me and some friends worked on a new TDM map and we want to add it to the warhub. here are some screenshots Btw the warp is /warp desertbuild
  19. Hey guys, im back after so long! sorry, i had been experimenting with modding and textures, but to the main point, since some old updates to the server i havent been able to get into it & gave me a error msg saying that i wasnt on the white list, so my concern is that if this is happening to anybody else or just me ... its was getting annoying and now i havent try but ill wait until the update for 1.5 to the server
  20. Who has JRCraft videos on youtube? I would like to join other servers to talk about the videos so they can see what JRCraft is like! No, not advertising, just showing them another awesome server called JRCraft!
  21. well guys i had been informed (by unofficial video game sites of facebook) that mojang is working on adding a voice option what can let us speak by a mic instead of typing ... now even if that is real or not what do you think about the idea of a mic on minecraft? please consider these facts, not only kids plays, not only teens plays there are rules and some people can get annoying, please tell me what you think about this idea
  22. Hey guys it's Minedr here i'm just letting you know that my new potion shop has officially opened my stock is limited at the moment and the shop chest aren't written yet but it is there at /warp medshop just message me when you will be on and i'll try to work something out..... Ingredients are needed if you supply me with some either 1/3 of potions made or 1/3 selling price your choice Will do potions by request just message me what you want ingredients may need to be delivered hope to see you soon!!
  23. Hey guys, Recently us as a staff team have seen complaints about the Herobrine plugin and the RPG Loot Inventory plugin. We are now asking for the community input on whether they want these 2 plugins removed. Can you please vote in the poll above. Regards, The JRTeam *Editted by Armdys, wrong whether ... And can't use the 'editted by' button*
  24. Hello JR, In a bid to continue the success we had with the Wipeout Contest, the Events Team brings to you the Winter Building competition! The theme for the competition will be winter. This can be anything related to winter such as snow men, Christmas and any other related holidays. Guidelines & Rules This event will go on from 2 December, 2012 to 28 December, 2012. No entries will be entertained after 28 December, 2012 (00:00 GMT). You may not violate any of JR's rules in your project. Your build cannot be smaller than 10x10 however it can be as big as you may choose it to be. You may have a maximum of two people in a group, without the prizes being shared. You may not steal a build from any other player or copy a build from another player. It must be as original as possible. Your build can be on any of JR's servers in any world. The world you build it in will not effect your chances of winning. Please follow the format below when entering: Tips Take your time with your project. You have till the 28th, so don't rush it. Ask Helpers or a premium member if you would like a warp to be set. If none are available, Moderators or above will make one for you. If you require lava or water placing in creative, ask a Helper or above and they should be able to do it for you. Prizes First place: 1 month Premium & 20,000 coins & Dota 2 & FTL Second place: 20,000 coins & Dota 2 Third place: 15,000 coins Submit your entry below. This topic is for entries only - do not post anything else. EDIT: This topic will automatically lock at 12:00am on the 28th (tommorrow), since that will be the deadline for applications - make sure you post your entry here before that happens if you want to enter!
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