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Found 3 results

  1. Guest

    Ford Racing: Off Road

    This is a racing game where you can drive all kind of Ford off road vehicles, Ford 4x4 SUV's, Land Rover's and Range Rover's. Like most of the racing games, you have several race options to choose, the Quick Race where you get in and go, the Career mode, the Tournament, the Arcade and the Multiplayer. In Career mode, you have a Career Map, Garage, and then Showroom. In the Career Map the game details your current progress. Only the first race in the map its unlocked, so you have to start there. You get in and the game gives you a description of the race and the prizes. But before starting you need a car, so you have to go to the showroom to buy your car. You dont have much money at start, so you can only buy 1 of the 2 first models. You are given $6000 to buy a Ranger Truck or a Defender SUV. Each vehicle has three stats: Acceleration, Speed, and Handling. There is absolutely no difference in the starting stats between these vehicles, just the price. Now that you have a vehicle, its time to race, to be able to advence in the career mode, and unlock other races, you have to end first, there is no other place. There are not much differences between the Career Mode and the Tournament Mode. You get a little more money to start, allowing you to pick 4 different models. The process is identical to Career Mode. The races are longer in the Tournament. The Arcade mode allows you to race a course backwards. You can unlock several types of races. This ties in directly with the Multiplayer. The multiplayer allows for a split screen or two player game. You have a ton of games you can unlock in the Arcade. The Multiplayer Mode only offers you three different games. The game offers no challenge just go forward, there is no need to break to make a turn, just hit the walls and you will bounce back into the track. You can make 90 degrees turns in an SUV at 140 KPH and not flip. You will have to compete against AI vehicles that are the same model, but they are able to just out-accelerate you in the wide open, while you are driving at 200 KPH. The races are very predictable and the AI its pretty dumb when it comes to defend their place. It is also impossible to make an opponent spin th AI cars are glued to the ground. For a 2008 game, the graphics are pretty lame, low quality, it looks like a 90's game, you can only see some scratches in the car, no damage, there is only a damage meter. The gameplay its not the best, the cars sometimes are hard to control and drive, the worst its that you can't adjust the driving keys to your own style, you have to use the arrow keys, and there is no option to change it. The car sound effects are awfull, simply awfull. This could have been a great game, its not entirely bad, but most of the gamers wont like this game, I do not recommend to buy it. (4/10) GAMEPLAY VIDEO GAME INFO Developer: Razorworks Publisher: Strategy First Release Date: 23 september 2008 Genre: Racing Players: 1-2 Platforms: PC/PSP/PS2/WII Cost: 19.99 USD MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS CPU: P4 2.0 Ghz RAM: 512 Mb HDD: 500 Mb VGA: 128 Mb video Card
  2. IgbarX

    Super Steve Racing!

    Alright, I had a great idea a while ago, and I'm finally putting it into action! Using the zepplin mod, you can blimps and planes right? You can also make ships and elevators, correct? Why not a car? Or a bike? Or an ATV? Well, this custom map is a racing map! With tons of tracks and vechiles, you can race with your friends, time yourself, and have loads of fun! I only have 1 track so far, an NPC village. I also have an opening to the whole place, and thanks to the new super flat world option, I can make it more easily! This is all I have so far.
  3. Guest

    Smashing toys 1.04

    How can I describe it? Its a racing game similar to Mario Kart, but instead of Mario Kart characters you have toys; each with their own distinctive vehicle. Choose your toy race, earn points, and gain stat points for your toy. Its not a great game, but it can provide some hours of fun (until you get bored, really bored). It posseses a single player and a multi player mode. In the single player mode you unlock races and weapons by gaining points. The game contains the follow weapons: mines (Explode on contact), dynamite (Explode after 3 seconds), bubble (keeps the rival or you floating into the air for some time), the missile (search for a target and hit it hard), PEM (slows down the rival near you), shield (protects you from getting damaged for a certain amount of time), and more. The toys receive damage during the race and become slower and more difficult to control. The graphics Not a big deal, pretty simple 3D graphics. They kind of look like toy story cars, mixed with some 2d graphics (not too good). The circuits are difficult to see were to go, so most of the time you either end up out of the circuit or crashing into a wall. It has some glitches. (5/10). The sounds Pretty normal, but there is some annoying sounds during the race (6/10) The Gameplay Maybe the worst part of the game, the toys are really hard to control, and they become more and more difficult if they get damaged. What I found really annoying was the bouncing effect on the walls; they spin really easy. Sometimes you get stuck, and the circuits are complicated, it is frustrating. The menus Probably the best of the game, clean, simple and nice. (7/10) Conclusion Do I recommend it?, no, it can turn a really boring and frustrating game, if you want a game like this i recommend Mario Kart (There is another game like this, and it was pretty good, but i do not remember its name, if i found it ill make a review). (5/10) Game Data Published by: Independent Developed by: Leon Brothers Genre: Racing Action Release Date: April 22, 2009 Cost: $19.99 Demo: http://newftp.logitheque.telechargement.fr/s/SmashingToysDemo_sf_ef.exe Requirements Minimum: CPU: Athlon XP / 64 3000+ or Pentium IV 1.8 GHz RAM: 256 MB VGA: 3D accelerated GeForce with 128MB or equivalent, with DirectX9.0c OS: Win XP/Vista 32 bit HDD: 2GB + free space for DirectX9.0c Sound: DirectX 9.0c Compatible Sound Card Recommended: RAM: 512 MB VGA: GeForce 8800 GTS or equivalent, with DirectX9.0c Integrated Video Cards not supported

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