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Registration Terms

The rules below are to be followed at all times. These are easy to follow and relate to all of JR Network's services including webhosting.

By using JR Network you have accepted the rules and consequences if a rule is broken.

Inappropriate, illegal Content

Content around JR includes everything you post around JR Network including every service we own under our services, including websites hosted on our servers.

Consequence: First Warning, Temporary Ban, Perma Ban (and if needed country authority contact)

Disallowed Content:

  • Advertising another website, unless using the Google ad-words interface.
  • Donation links, Content requesting real money
  • Selling items that are not virtual
  • Knowingly false or inaccurate
  • Abusive, obscene vulgar or hateful
  • Racial
  • Pornographic or any kind of nudity in any form.
  • Harassing, threatening or proface
  • Invasive of a person's privacy
  • Piracy, Torrenting, Jail-Breaking, Hacking, Copyrighted Content (Including Links)
  • In violation of any law in Europe and the United States of America. (Illegal)
  • Anything we deem not suitable for our services.

Shouting, Flaming, Language, Trolling

When browsing or using JR's services you must remember that:

Shouting (Using capital letters to express anger etc.) is not allowed. For example: TALK TO ME NOW.

Flaming can also known as bashing. In normal circumstances is hostile and insulting interactions between Internet users, often involving the use of profanity. It's not allowed

Language can be used in moderation and can only be used if not against or to insult other members on JR (Including staff). Language which is never allowed includes: Religous slurs, not limited to but including "God Damn" etc.

Trolling is where a person would post insulting, extraneous, or off-topic messages. A troll would also basically feed off the annoyance of a staff member. Again this is not allowed unless an admin gives you permission to troll an existing troll

Website Information

  • You are permitted to have only one account at JR Network, If you have more than one account our tracking system will find out and either your least used account will be deleted or both accounts may be deleted.
  • Bot usage, hacking clients or scripts to aid cheating or spam are not allowed. If used you will get a permanent ban (Including Bot hosting on our servers - Unless approved from Jamie)
  • Members are required to hold equal respect to all members on any of the JR Network services regardless of age, race, colour or religion. If discrimination occurs there will be serious consequences involved. (Including local authority contact)
  • Do not private message Administrators in relation to topics/posts breaking the rules. Use the report link underneath the post in question.
  • Users causing issues on any services by the means of havoc, spam, griefing will be banned.
  • Post in proper English language- avoid texting/T9 language.

Website / Clan Hosting

  • Fair usage policy applies, This equates to 20 GB of Bandwidth. If your service exceeds this limit we will only suspend your site if the site uses over an allotment of over 15 MBps, 10% CPU after notifying that you need to upgrade your service.
  • All JR usage policies apply to JR hosting.
  • This hosting is mean't for gaming and tech websites / clan websites. If you'd like to host any other contact please contact Jamie on the website. If you are using this service for other types of websites you may have your account suspended on review
  • All JR website accounts get reviewed for inappropriate or rule breaking content every 30 days. This is to protect our services and members. If your account is breaking any of our guidelines your account may be subject to suspension or termination
  • On activating clan hosting you are revoking your 14 day refund period.


  • JR Cash is not to be traded for real world currency
  • JR Cash has a real world value of 0.
  • We reserve the right to alter a members balance in anyway appropriate, if we suspect a user has been breaking the rules, hacking or exploiting bugs.

Copyright Notice

You may not copy any of the work hosted by JR Network including (the name JR Network, JR N, "Jamie's Rebellion Network")without the permission of the original author. This includes any content hosted on the domains that use the nameservers: ns1.jrnetwork.net, ns2.jrnetwork.net.

If "you": the individual, business etc, copy content without permission you will be held legally liable for theft and any damages to JR Network caused by copied content. If you have received a take down notice by us due to copyright you are legally required to take down any information that you hold that is copyrighted to JR Network or legal action may be taken

If you know of anyone who may have copied any content from JR Network you are obliged to contact us at: abuse@jrnetwork.net.

JR Network is not responsible in any way, shape or form for any content uploaded on the JR Network services, if you find JR Network to hold copyrighted content or other content breaking our rules contact us directly at abuse@jrnetwork.net

We will handle all complaints / issues equally with the highest discipline.

Any code, material, builds, content, images created within JR services may be used but not limited to the purpose of advertisement, improvement of services or otherwise. We will uphold stated creative commons licences as long as the licence is stated within the entities it protects. https://creativecommons.org/licenses/

Creating Havoc and Miscellaneous Notice

We do not allow users who try to harm JR Network in any way, in the forms of malware, DOS, DDOS and other known attacks. IF you are found to have caused any harm to JR Network it will lead you liable to damages to JR Network and legal action may be taken in accordance to European and U.S law.

JR Network can take down any service or rank addition at any time without notification. This will only be done if the user has broken rules regarding to the service.

JR Network holds the right to not refund any member after 14 days of purchase or from breaking any rule or law on any service provided by JR Network.

If users are found to have paid by fraudulent means to gain access to a product / service from JR the user will be perma banned and if possible local authorities will be contacted.

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